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"In the Canon optical wireless system, flash settings and triggering pulses are sent by pulsed optical light from master units to slave units. This allows a control range of up to around 12m, but it is dependent on a line-of-sight connection between the master and slave unit."

As I understand, every Rebel with a pop-up flash can be firmware upgraded to have commander mode.
Feature Requests / Re: 600d flash featues
January 08, 2013, 05:58:10 PM
Sorry for intruding with my 550D.

Is there any way to set the time of FEL ?
Everytime I shoot the photo, after 2 sec, all data in the viewfinder vanish, and when I recall them back  by half-pressing shutter button, then FEL (*) is gone.

On-camera flash control would shure be a solution for this.
Is there a non-TTL flash mode for any Rebels in ML?