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General Help Q&A / How to use Histogram? bug?
June 03, 2013, 04:49:50 AM
Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I feel like my histogram readings are always way off

I usually expose most of my well lit scenes by pushing the exposure as high as it can go without clipping the highlights but this doesn't always seem to have consistent results

for example:
there was a pretty mean fire north of LA that went right past my house yesterday and I busted out the cameras to take some shots
testing out my new viewfinder I shot some stills using the onscreen histogram
the histogram was saying that i could really push the exposure before clipping but I could tell I was clipping..sure enough when I got the footage on the computer the highlights were clipped

and then I noticed that the histogram wasn't analyzing the entire scene but just the top half of the screen
this was on the T2i with the latest RAW test build as of yesterday

the other time this happened was on a shoot with he 5D Mark 3, getting proper exposure I was looking at the histogram to see how badly a window in the background was clipping, as the sun went down the lighting changed so I bumped up the ISO to notice a weird thing I went up in ISO the window stopped clipping...

160 clip
200 no clip
250 no clip
320 clip

i believe that was the 5d3 may 24th raw build

I use manual lenses and tried with exposure override on and off and switching raw histogram on and off but I just cant help but feel like im doing something wrong  :(
Aside from the magenta cast problem and the intense artifacts in the t2i build the silent picture feature is to do time lapses without adding actuations

but I was wondering if there was any way to use Silent Picture mode with a long exposure
it seems to only work at like 1/30ish regardless of how long the shutter is set to

I understand that there is a limitation in the feature because it is just pulling information from the sensor but if someone could fill me in that would be nice   :D
Feature Requests / Video/Audio Sync Beep
January 02, 2013, 03:25:40 PM
I noticed that the nightly builds have a magic lantern beep in the menu for testing purposes
(I think this is also there in the 7D and 5D MK3 alpha)

Would It be possible to enable some kind of video feature that emits a quick beep sequence at the beginning of video recordings to take the place of a clap board/slate?

What are you thoughts?
maybe the beep wouldn't be sufficient in being a sync but maybe a fast enough and loud enough beep would do the trick
this would really help with run-n-gun one man shows where syncing with an audio recorder might otherwise be troublesome