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In my case:

Not working for dual ISO, yet.
I worked with 2 files from about 500 mb each one.

WHat I have to expect? A frame darkness and other one brightness?

It's not stable. If you add other file when the program is converting a preview task , collapsed (I have a Mac Pro 2012). When you press in and out appear to work very slow.

This my result of course, maybe it's a minor problem.

Thanks, is a good idea!!!! go foward!
Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to fix it. Damn bugs!

Great app!

Is there any chance we could get multithread/multicore support? I see dcraw is only using about 85% of one core... this could really scream if it converted multiple frames on separate instances of dcraw.

Will try the dual-ISO support right away and report back.

I'm not really sure how to do that. Will look into it.

Please try the new version, link in the first post.

Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
« on: August 01, 2013, 09:25:45 AM »
When you are zoomed in 5x you record in crop mode which is 3x. The quality is great but the problem is that you can't see the actual framing. You see 5x but record 3x. With tragiclantern you can get a hacked low fps grayscale preview.

@KahL Well done. Great job! Hope you win the contest.

You can select multiple files and drag them to the output queue or doubleclick.

I'll try and fix the bugs soon.

@ PllayIt
Thanks for the info, should be easy to fix. I'll post when the next version's up.

I'm on Mountain Lion 64 Bit (10.8.4).

I get these errors when starting the app:

span error - I click OK


An exception of class NilObjectException was not handled.  The application must shut down.

I never even get in to the GUI.
That's useful, thanks. I'll try and fix it when I have time.

Dual ISO processing doesn't seem to be working  :'(
I can't test it (no 5d3), there seems to be some problem with the latest raw2dng because file joining doesn't work either at the moment. When they update I#ll update.

It doesn't let me do anything, this message appears:

Sorry about the ugly error, it only works on 64 bit systems, what version of MacOsX are you on?

@ derkiki

Works just fine. the only problem i found is the fact i can´t change the frame rate on the proxies, to match the frame rate on the raw files.

Big thanks

The proxies for the RAW files are set to the frame rate of the RAW files by default.

Thanks for developing this tool. I am also glad to see you have implimented the IN/OUT points (and preview) ;).

It was working when I tried it (previous version). Then for some reason I got the following error:

An exception of class NilObjectException was not handled. The application must shut down.

I am pretty sure this is something that can easily be solved and I know that the program can work on my machine because I have already run it but at the moment it just won't work.

What's going on?

Thanks again and thanks in advance for any help with this.

Sorry about that, I'll look into it. What OS X version are you on?

You can now preview RAW files and DNG sequences. Set in and out points, before conversion.
Newest raw2dng with HDR for 5D3 and stripe correction.

ML Topic:

Spanning not working yet because of problems with raw2dng.

Hope you like it,

thanks, i finallly got it to compile.

Wow nice App!
I like it to have a Preview of the raw file before converting. Even if its only a still image. Can you implement the ability to scroll through the file to see not only the first Pic? That would be great!

Thanks a lot!

I'll try!

Concerning black stripes: I'm updating to a new raw2dng, will post when done.

Cool thx. Mac dev has been lagging a bit.

Can you update it incorporating A1ex's dual ISO hack-

I'd like to update it. Can you point me to a compiled binary of the newest raw2dng for mac? I'm still fighting with my compiler setup.

Son of Batch is an app I made which uses raw2dng,dcraw and ffmpeg to batch process Magic Lantern .RAW files. It does dngs, backups and proxies. It shows a preview frame of the RAW files for easier selection. No file spanning yet. It's not perfect and early alpha, but I hope it's useful. Mac OS X (10.6.8 + up) only unfortunately.
I'd like to hear your feedback and bug reports.
Huge thanks to the Magic Lantern team.
Big Update: You can preview RAW files and DNG sequences and set In+Out points!
Spanning will be added, RAW2DNG seems to have problems with it right now.
Please give me some feedback!
UPDATE, many bugs fixed!
Usage: drag one or more files from the source list to the output queue or doubleclick files in the source. Then set in an out points.
You can select a file in the output queue and click on the right half of the info. This lets you change white balance and fps (fps can only be changed for DNG sequences, not RAW files).
Have fun!


New Version 7/30:

New Link:

--check out our t-shirts on

Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
« on: June 11, 2013, 02:54:43 PM »
Audio stuff is all in there.. mic is not hooked up.. audio is ak4646. I was going to make it beep next... but battery died. i'll have to use AA's.

720P encoder mode is in there too but not sure if the video mode works... will have to try in C mode.

Great news!

Raw Video / Re: 550D raw video recording port official thread
« on: May 25, 2013, 02:22:29 AM »
Thanks 11174!!

@moscow you have to use the raw2dng app for mac linux or win.

@1% Can you explain how to do that pls?
Allocatemem shows 2033K

Works, thanks!!
To change res, goto movie mode + change resolution in canon menu. Don't know how to change fps.

Great, thanks.

The nightly build of this night is great! no more dead/hot pixels on my DNG! Great work, big THX!

I've compiled the raw burst for the 550D, I've 19 Frames max @ 1734X1156, but I'm not a Dev, so It's possible I've make some mistake ;)

Hi Atrakt,
could you post your compile with burst for the 550D please? I don't know how to compile.
Thanks a lot.
+ Fantastic work everyone!

Could someone please post the 550D binary with burst enabled. I'm too dumb to compile.

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