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Hardware and Accessories / Re: Why use Sescom cable with 5D II / ML2.3
« on: January 08, 2013, 04:31:31 PM »
hi i dont have same camera as your but ...

in my opinion when u got HeadPhones Out Put u can use any  cable u like to use.. but it must be just regular small jack ( depend of input in some times its another type of plug )...

ofcourse cables are very very importand :) ,, biger better :D  ,,

i just check out that sescom cable and i dont see anything what can make this cable special...

double stereo out put jack ? no problem..u can eazly buy similar lookn cable and it wil lworks... but if u can control some audio setings with  sescom cable its another story.. but if this cable is only for put sound out ..u dont need this sescom cable... ;) ,,, u want good cable ?  look for same lookn cable but in AudioPhiles shops i guarate you  u will take More quality More less noize and Muche more Expensive xD  cable.. but sound what u record will be UNCompartable to sound with regular cable..

so.. u can use regular cable (like Sescom ) and u get noize or weird stuff in sound  cus cable is low quality.. or u go Pro and u buy AudioPhile Cable..
that Sescom cable like on first looks its nothing special and in my opinion price  5$ will be overpaid for it ;)

The light reflection in the river @ 0:19-0:21 was one of those moments where you're "At just the right place and at just the right time". 

ok locationand timing is maybe importand but still..
long time ago some person told me these words.....

...its possible to take singel shot of old empty dirty fridge and shot will be worth  1milion$ ...

its same possible  to kill the perfect Shot with Perfect Location and Perfect Camera..

General Chat / Re: Tonight (3-4 Jan):First Meteor Shower
« on: January 07, 2013, 11:19:42 PM »

Quadrantids Create Year's First Meteor Shower, hope to be a good night to use MagicLantern :)

Happy New Year to all,
Ribeiro Santos

check this out ;)  :

there is  alot place around the web good for check..i alsow sugesting some cool astronomical program.. i use now SkyMap 10 and 11

General Help Q&A / Re: Color Sheme in LiveScreenDisplay
« on: January 07, 2013, 10:56:38 PM »
i try :)

but im not specialist in newbe :D

u can take that colours like pedestrian crossing on street,,, red like warning yelow like be ready  and green like u are ready to go ..

its can mean
Red -- your setings can be wrong and finaly shot will be weird.
yelow -- your setings are almost ok but still u need to be carefull cus something can have ..hmm.. to muchenoize or something..
green -- your setings looks sensable :D  and your shot can look ok..

accuracy i thing mean light.. but im not realy sure..  im sure there issomewhere on this server pdf files with explenations  to everything what is in ML

Edit :

u looks like havelittle problems with White Balance :

check this out :

As the title says, I have Magic Lantern installed on one card (8GB CF) in my 5D MKII. I want to copy it to another card but keep the same menu changes intact on the new card, so switching between cards is seamless. Can this be done with ML 2.3 and if so how?

u can find in ML folders called Setings and copy it on ur pc hdd  .. but its good after u instal first time ML copy that folder so  u will have original Deflaut setgins .. and later i thing u can just replace folders  where u got another ML setings..

or check it here :;topicseen#new

General Development / Re: 600D Photo info display, new layout
« on: January 07, 2013, 10:39:27 PM »
how u guys load  to ML that New interface look ?

Share Your Videos / Re: Sunset and stars timelepse
« on: January 07, 2013, 10:17:17 PM »
im from that place now around 200 km in stright line..

i got some shots  from gemini nights ;) . but i dont thing they good enought  for showing them ;/ //

driftwood xD ..nice i use once my lighter for keep tripod not moving down .( i was have blocked all `hands` and still lame plastic make some moves even was all blocked )

Share Your Videos / Re: HDR Video test - high dynamic range
« on: January 07, 2013, 10:05:12 PM »
why i have fealing like the letters on end got better quality than your shots ?.. its cus peoples dont knwo how to use it or what ? its not first video..

when i was use HDR and video or and with fps override i was geting fickering movie like one frame lose in all single second . i was try make copy of file on another track and make 50% visible on to layer but it jsut make movie play slower..but this is not this waht i trying to say ..

i was succesfull record short movie with all tis stuff on .. ok movie was full of frames jumps aka flickering but quality in this waht was visible was just <cenzored> wow but flickering.. ok.. i was use this tool wrong and i not sepnd enought time for learn hwo edit  tis after recording... this waht i was saying is peoples dont knwo how to setup this stuff

Share Your Videos / Re: Wellington Point Bulb Ramped Sunset
« on: January 07, 2013, 09:53:12 PM »
Nice TL :) those moving rocks are little crabs :)

If your after spare batteries, try here:

$6nz for my replacement batteries (600D) so I bought 2 of them. I am getting around 8-900 shots on one battery, the cheap ones perform exactly like the Canon ones.

yea.. my Canon battery (1120 mAh ) works longer than my.. weird battery pack  what have 2500 mAh per battery.. now after several charges those  2500 mAh batterys charging fomr 0 to 100% in some 25 minutes  xDD..its last time when i buy batterys on ebay .. on my canon 1120 mAh i was able take something around 1000 jpgs..

Share Your Videos / Re: Sunset and stars timelepse
« on: January 07, 2013, 09:43:21 PM »
34 kmm its cool :) .. in past i was spend hungreds of hours in deep cold forests in my country telecope and my zenith winter is most clean sky ,, none hot air disturbrances ..  now i shoting stars from almost city center what is like shoting portrait for some one but from under water.. still cool..but auras of lights from ground pissing me off... and changes in temperature ... ok its possible but ,,,  i planing tripp to what like i found out can be little expensie ..

but my top  problem now its tripod..its one piss of plastic..i need something like tripod from telescope ..on this one  igot i have shacking ..someone will say it ok andit not affecting photo ..but i like to zoom photos and look on them in 100% so i see there my tripod move + my shot..

edit :

 ushot more meteors than i shot in meteor shower night :DD

Share Your Videos / Re: Wellington Point Bulb Ramped Sunset
« on: January 07, 2013, 08:13:44 PM »
I thought I put the freshly charged battery in and managed about 405 frames before battery went flat. I'll get around to trying my hand at panning and zooming once I get ML down pat a bit more I think.

nice one :) ... i wonder what happend  with rocks  on wet sand .. O_o .. what moving there ?  Rocks :O ;P

edit :

u saying on YT  aboute batterys...:/ .. what u got and how long u can use single one ? .. iwas found soem cool thing on ebay..its soem portable power cost around 70 gb pounds and it can powerup your camera i thing for  more than 12 hours..but i need double check before i buy it....

I am very pleased how well the FPS Override of Paris/Eiffel Tower turned out in the beginning especially  "optimize for: low light" which was used at the end during some of  the dance montage. I was also impressed with the "Crooked Path 3.0"  picture profile thanks to the greater dynamic range and nice warm skin tone attributes, color grading was very efficient. I will be using this profile (Crooked Path 3.0) for more weddings to come!

Canon T3i (ML 2.3)  (Picture profile: crooked path 3.0)
Tokina 11-16mm 2.8
Pentax smc-m 50mm 1.4

nothing personal but i thing its waste of data on server.. opinion dont need always be good..cus its its good to saying  full true ..mostly..

this movie is good but for youtube..or some family memory album.. i dont want to be bad guy but tis movie is LOW..very low

one thing what i like its  light reflected  inwater at 0:19 FPS override..

in most moments u have  none sharpnes .. screan sometimes looks like someone droop glass of milk on it..iwatcing it with out music cuz i dont thing u  made frames .. and MY EYES ~~!!!!! ... what Frames per second u got after edyting..cus tis is defenytly NOT 25/s,, muche lower.. for me its soem 17-14..nothing more..

like for now i got my best scene starts at 2:01 and it stops at 2:04

Share Your Videos / Re: Sunset and stars timelepse
« on: January 07, 2013, 07:47:57 PM »
nice cosmos .. how far from nearest city u was when u shot stars ?

General Help Q&A / Re: Using Canon WB presets in Movie mode
« on: January 07, 2013, 07:26:17 PM »
Canon T2i (550D).  No preset WBs when I press Q.  Can change format, file size, picture style, etc.
There's nothing on the Canon menus, except custom WB, as long as I'm in movie mode.
I just wanted to be able to select Tungsten, or Shade, or things like that.

i dont knwo muche aboute ML and Video Mode but in my T3i when i use Video and i need to WB i can use simple file (Cr2)and make balance with file.. igot ready one 99% withe cr2 File )and is protected... or balance WB with what is most power tool in Magic Lantern  by clicking Info Button on the camera body top on left fomr ISO button..after click Inof u will see on screan stuff  ISO-Kelw after next click Info button Brightnes-something and after next click shuterspeed-and something... so  u got 3 diferente setings to corect ..but when u stay on ISO and Kelw  just push SET button and prepare soem full white object front of lens and u are ready to go..

edit :

but  with that  options icant change shuter speed in Video mode ..ok i can i got seting for this i got it but it acting like blocked.. i have only 1/24 shuter speed in video mode and i ca nchange it betwen only 1/25and 1/24 ... but when i switching all stuff to canon setings only i got way and its not blocked to seletct another values...last waht i remember it was 50

General Help Q&A / Re: WB questions
« on: January 05, 2013, 09:39:58 PM »
SH is a unix/linux shell script. It shouldn't be present for every RAW file, but maybe for every HDR bracket you take. It basically can be executed to automatically generate an HDR image from the bracketed images you shot using a tool called enfuse. You'll need to use a tool like Cygwin to be able to execute .SH scripts under Windows though.

I think there's the option to turn them off from the HDR sub-menu since most probably you won't be using them.

:D thx. so i was little wright.. i got this file only after hdr bracketing with ML .. and if this is this what u say i want to use it :) .. loks liek this will be my first step in t oscripts what i like but dont understand .

General Help Q&A / Re: WB questions
« on: January 05, 2013, 08:55:56 PM »
Adobe Camera Raw and LightRoom share the same processing engine, so your impression should be just an impression or the different workflow you use with PS, since Lightroom has a more forced workflow. But LightRoom is good for catalogin and do basic edit/develop of RAW, before opening them in PS. With LR i open only the best images in PS that requires more precise work on them before printing, in LR i can edit RAW quickly with multi file editing at once or copy and paste edits, and so on. so it's good for help me selecting, manage and preview images that when choose will finish in PS.

I think you should see RAW like undeveloped film, tiff/jpg like a developed film. One of the biggest advantage of RAW vs film is that you can have "infinite" develop results instead of just one. Most people think that digital is faster because they don't even know RAW, develop time are similar IMHO with digital or with film for professional result. Maybe printing is faster in digital photography.
You should not consider to not shot in RAW because it's more work than with jpg, better learn how to have a good raw workflow that will suit your needs, for me LR was ideal, Aperture for example is not really good for how i manage my pics, even if it's pretty similar to LR.

OT: your link under the nick is going other your post making them harder to read, can you keep only the one in sign maybe?

sure i just forgot to remove that link i past it in to many places  ,,,

i can do all stuff on Ps with dng file what i can do in LR with future i planing take somehow lastes PS for load stright raw file to PS with out converting..
Lr is cool like u say cus  u can apply all changes to all selected images .but this what i can see its not always tis wat i like to see after sync ..
some shots haveanother exposure ( time lapse ) even setings on camera are not changed light outside is changing ..i was have fewtimes situation in LightRoom .. i was have time lapse shots  ( sun Rise ) i not use iso switchng .just intervalumeter from Magic Lantern photos was taken with same seting but LightRoom sean them like with another exposure only cus britnes was changed  on frames..not seting in single shot .
i pick warning abotue this but ehehe.. i dont realy want spending 10 hours for corecting it in all single frame..
i can ignore this warning in LR but results will be flickering screan....
i must say i stuck with this..not sure how to make it not flickering iso. when light is `still`  everything is cool..
but this is not some big trouble :D ,, i can always use SonyVegas and d osame stuff what LR can ;) ...

i got something more here.. when i shoting RAW with Magic Lantern i got my shots + some extra file ( is created always after or before ML starting make sequence  of shots ) ... tis file its :   SH File (.SH)
im not realy sure how i can use it ..i was thng maybe this is some type of Setings what i used for shot and with this file i dont need making deep editing jsut use  SH File (.SH) file and all setings waht i use in shots + results are savedin this file so i can load it in edytor and  lol ..but i cant load it :D.. im not realy sure what this file is for..its some script form ML what i can use in lol scriptloader or someting ?

Feature Requests / Re: HDR VIDEO and isoA isoB isoC.......
« on: January 05, 2013, 05:48:26 PM »
All, and they work also on 1.0.1 since on 600D there are no significative differences in those 2 firmware, only localizations fixes (didn't already told you that...uh?)  ;D

well :/ my english is not my best side lol ..looks like i sean it but i not sean :/

but im after usung camera wit out LM .:( :/ ... i made jsut one test.. when i switch all stuff to video mode and i check how iso will switch when i start changing light i was so suprized...
ISO switch with grate Fade no jump  just cool soft fade from some 100 to 800 ..that was precizly this wat i was ask by tis post but in Time Lapse and ISO swiching no Video HDR..

General Help Q&A / Re: WB questions
« on: January 05, 2013, 05:31:07 PM »
What film will you use at night? daylight or tungsten?
If WB is giving you problem why just don't ignore it and go only with the old 5200 or 3200 + filters?  ;)

shooting RAW (of course) I usually have it in auto except for difficult or extreme light quality, in those cases (like for example when street light have orange cast, for fog probably) I used to take a shoot of a white paper in front of the subject and then use it as picture for custom WB on my 600D before ML, now it's a job that do Uni WB for me :D

filmy ? i was always use 800 or 400 kodak..but i not pick any extra film from frezers cus they are t oexpensive...alsow i was never use filters on lens.. i thing of some  filter what will corect chromaticaberation or it will just remove it before i take shot.. ialsow dont realy like lenses with alot glases in side.. and i hate Zoom .. prefere more prime lenses but once more they are t oexpensive for me..

now i use manual WB ..if i can doing WB in old style what is shot in day white surface this what makes camera know how looks wite color..i got now in camera one cr2 full light photo what i use sometimes to make WB with  photo..this last way is usefull but im not fully sure if this what i see on lcd screan is realy withe or it looks like white...well.. like for now is ok

Shooting RAW and using CameraRAW can allow you to WB in post, in case of issue/error while shooting. It makes wonders.

i just realize someting about RAW.. when i shoting RAW i just Must use edytor..RAW hmm.before i was ting its jsut Next Photo format but is not.its  jsut data ..and i need to use some edytor when i shoting raw`s,,   but now wit that DNG  converter i pick another way..i dont realy thing i will use LightRoom any more.. i fee liek tis soft doing soemthing wrong with not sure yet what but when igot this fealing i just stop using it.PS is enough


Windows 7
Canon 550/T2i + Magic Lantern
Editing App:
Adobe Premiere CS 6
Color Grading App:
Adobe SpeedGrade CS 6
VFX app:
Adobe After Effects CS 6
Maxon Cinema 4d
Mocha Pro
Composing App:
Adobe Audition CS 6
Nuendo 4

realy ?

Share Your Videos / Re: Amnesia Short Film
« on: January 01, 2013, 01:02:49 PM »
i thing its boring ..showing nothing even the frames swiching .. patetic music what is  used inthis days in all movies..only cus piano..

but congratl succesfull post ur work with camera,,

General Help Q&A / Re: WB questions
« on: December 29, 2012, 06:47:15 PM »
Check the number in ML menu once you did the WB. Then apply it manually when you can't, like at night.
I don't bother as I always color grade in post or adjust everything, but you can adjust it manually "by-the-eye", to your taste.

on my camera good balance its i thing some 5500 k or 6500k ..
my problem is weird cus i love editing but i dont realy liek editing still shots..its no problem for me edit it  but i just get my first digital camera and i was expecting to have little more  from dslr cameras ;) .. i thing now i need biger sensor 22 inch taking not muche light i was thing it  will..
u guys call it full frame cameras ~ :D

General Help Q&A / Re: WB questions
« on: December 29, 2012, 06:30:49 PM »

always i making  another WB after i change location..but not always ican make WB at night ..

Feature Requests / Re: HDR VIDEO and isoA isoB isoC.......
« on: December 29, 2012, 05:38:15 PM »
Enable gradual exposure (available in nightly builds only) and see if that is good enough for you  ;)

i realy thing  aboute back to nightly bulid..
there is version of NightlyBulid what can works on 1.0.2 fir ?

General Help Q&A / Re: HDMI-ETHERNET adapter for remote liveview...
« on: December 29, 2012, 05:34:37 PM »
Hello everyone!
I was wondering if we could ever use an HDMI-ETHERNET adapter like this
to send canon's HDMI output directly inside the LAPTOP Ethernet IN, and then decode the VIDEO LIVE STREAMING with a software like VLC.

All this could maybe permit us to use our laptop as external monitor without the need of an HDMI video card, or the use of the LOW FPS usb tethering shooting software.
Nikon D4 already have something similar..

It's just a wrong idea or it could be done?

Thank you,

i  can streaming Video from my camera on my desktop pc or laptop with Canon EOS Utility.. but i  cant  save it or rec  on hdd in pc..( with photos this stuff is eazy and allready possible  ) .. so if i can have real time Preview of my video from Camera on my computer screan but Canon software what i use not allowing me to save video data on hdd in DesktoPc only on memory card  i thing it its very possible to save this data with out hdmi pciEx card stright on hdd from pc...just matter of ``lie`` software,,or use some not suported software for caputring screan..there must be way for save it with some third part software..

General Help Q&A / WB questions
« on: December 29, 2012, 05:18:02 PM »
i just wonder if i made WB at home and i turnoff camera i need after camera startup make another WB ? or camera remember WB setings..?

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