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General Help Q&A / Magic Lantern with full 12 tab HOT..BUT HOW !?
« on: December 02, 2012, 04:12:26 PM »
hello im new not mean newbe

i got big expirence with light and im analog  user T3i for ..

i got question ..i asked few times but no one can answer for  hmm..i was thought simple one..

i use now 2.3v ML  and it Powering UP soo High Canon cameras....

but in my ML 2.3v i got only 9 tabs with Out some seting what i can see in  ( imnot realy sure what exactly version this is cus all these tutorials or review videos  got one name 2.3 )  review  videos

i dont have Audio TAB ..i dont have External Audio ...i dont have so many another setings howi can get them there ?

i know abotue Menue button so i clickng it..still igot 9 Tabs...i can hide some ML setings in single TAB but i i cant hide TABS so its mean i dont have Hiden Tabs on ML 2.3 v..

i dont have Audio Tab and  few more...

how i can get  version with 12 tabs ?i got bugs on ML 2.3 v and u guys said its stable version...
well..bug its not my point here.. cus is one and not make big problem...

i use 2.3 v Magic Lantern and i dont want to be taken like some chidlish crying kid who Dont know  how to get 12 tab ML
i just need it cus i love experiments with light and Magic Lantern opening door to universe..

but if this 12 tab`s ML is avilable only for friends of ML makers or soem cool friends maybe some one give me know so i stop asking or trying to find it..

Hardware and Accessories / Re: Sescom audio monitoring on the 550D
« on: December 02, 2012, 03:42:57 PM »
'external stereo'.

i dont have this seting in ML 2.3V..

i have only one Audio option in ML ,,, AudioMeters ON or OFf nothing more.

im not sure why this is so big secret...why i dont have all setings what u guys showing at  tutorials or own promo video..

im here few days and i ask same question abotue few times..HEllo ??

how  i can get lastest version ? 2.3 rc1 or rc2 ?

Share Your Photos / Re: ideal weather conditions with minimal iso and ML
« on: December 02, 2012, 12:23:01 AM »

i like these pastels colours but i wll  give them just little more light ;)

Share Your Photos / Re: Long Exposure
« on: December 01, 2012, 10:53:32 PM »
dude u are master..

i got coool  cosmic event for u...

From 8 th  december  till 21  where most active night will be at 14th december u will be able to see  ( all earth ) Gemini Meteor Shower..

one of the bigest in one year scale.. just  focus in Gemini Constelation and Open Shuter ,,btu u knwo what u needto do  ;)

its 60 to 160 Meteors drop in earth Atmosfere per Hour.. so imagine how it can looks with cool lens..

i love ur Orion Photo

Share Your Photos / Re: HDR Thank to ML
« on: November 30, 2012, 05:37:45 PM »
:) coool perspective

Share Your Photos / Re: hi
« on: November 30, 2012, 04:28:18 PM »
You should still have warranty. You have at least a year or two according to law, depending your country. What worries me is that some shops / sellers might see this as a minor thing and not replace your camera, but at the very least they should have it looked at.

ML shouldn't be a problem since it's not something permanent (it's just a firmware add-on). Just uninstall it before sending it using this simple procedure (don't just delete the files from the card!):

well..i knwo what u mean..i simple delete files ( all ).my way looks like this :

1.remove card fomr Canon .
2. put card to reader
3.Format Card BUT.. but select Original Deflaut Buffer size for Card u use in ..laptop or PC card reader
4.put card to camera and format it with Canon

when u make these steps u dont need remove battery and u never pick situation like.. u will not stuck when u tunrit on..

ok guys..i just upload two photos..

one is before swab first i use Francis Method with manul cleaning ..

this is shot :

there is something weird on this photo..looks like DeviantArt Clean all Noize from Photo .. when i view same shot on my PC i can see noize ..cus its makedwith high iso.. and u can see here alot with points what i cant see on file stright from my PC view..

ok here is next Shot ...
its after few Fransic cleaning method + small swab  dry cleaning ...

here u can see same deviantArt photo corection.. (noize is gone ) but it replace to alot small withe points what i dont thing its more dead  pixels on sensor..or im wrong ?
one Red Dot gone :) ..oneleft + one white point ..ithing its dust so nothing what is hard to remove ..

Share Your Photos / Re: hi
« on: November 30, 2012, 03:48:02 PM »
There is a method for clearing dead pixels on some Canon models that you might find online. I believe that doing a manual sensor cleaning through the menu (as if you were physically cleaning it) can somehow fix dead pixels. Is it crazy or unheard of to have 2 dead pixels on a brand new camera? No. Would I personally return the camera? Probably. In normal use this will have no real effect. It is easy enough to fix those 2 pixels in post if you need to print or post at full res but almost any use is going to involve downsampling.

As for the menu you are correct. There are less tabs in 2.3 than in previous versions but the same number of options.

like quote before i going to donate u guys in love to have that full version even is less stable ..
abotue sensor cleaning..i use this Half Auto Method ... and later some small swab dry thing ...
that method with open shuter not fix dead points on make it  looks liitle more bright ..still dots stay on ..
i use later some small swab.. i touche gently places where i  sean that dead places...
 :DD ... i killed one Dead Pixel :) is gone. im not sure for how long..or maybe its depend of my camera setings and and and or or..ect ect..
i dont realy like to doing this stuff with swab again..cus i know how optic is sensitive..i use telescope and analogs alot years and once i was try to clean Telescope Main  mirror... LOL with Washing Liquid  O_o ... bad..very bad..
i i tuche just little.. and i killd protection on mirror..

i doing alot things  in graphic 2D ... this red nasty dots are not Extream Problem. cus i can remove it in Photoshop in 0.000000001 second ... but my motto of making photos is like :...`` Make photo and make it looks perfect with OUT EDITING or Extra software ``...

so with this dot is loosing little sense..

i will try post full resolution by uploading my  shots to DeviantArt ..yes this is best choice..DA dont change quality or resolution..

,,,one more thing..

after cleaning with swab i was lost one red dot but i pick one more White one :/// ... i knwo why cus dot changing places  on photos and still is smae shape.. looks like small swab left some tihng in side .. not problem this is .eazy to remove  it s .. not eazy as  dead pixels.

Share Your Photos / Re: hi
« on: November 30, 2012, 03:32:36 PM »
Hey there!

Regarding the dead pixels, I suggest you contact your seller and get a replacement since it's still under warranty.

When it comes to ML, I suggest you only use the current stable release (ML v2.3) rather than release candidates (RC) due to more stability and bugs solved (there's a reason why it's called current stable release ;)). It's available from the Download page here:

hi...i got that  2.3V .. in moon-day  i going to donate these guys ...two reasons..they are more than Pro and ML 2.3RC1 or RC2 ...

im not sure if waranty including me.. i taked camera fomr Ebay :/ .. seler dont send  waranty card..he said he will ..but it smell like those TWO Red Big Bad Dots .. :/ ... ( at least i got  two more stars on photo :DD )  :/  .. )

and i instaled ML so i dont thing even i pick waranty card they refuse it  i  thing...

Share Your Photos / hi
« on: November 30, 2012, 03:11:49 AM »
hi there sry for not perfect english


 I bought canon T3i .. one website was note ... NEW ...
few hours ago i shot my few first digital photos :D ..before all my life i used analogs.. but no more money for films :S ..

i shot few dark sky photos for check noize and how it can look ..but i found on photos two weird  red dots..:/ ..looks like dead pixels..

i got question ...this is regular margin of mistake in sensor production or this is some big bad red dots what ca nmean this is not new camera ?..

i add few shots..i cant upload full res so tinypic resize my photos ..look on left midle down side of photo... close to moon..there is two red dots there but one is less visible with zoom out..

these shots are after first hands concact with camera so no setings or soem coolnes are on..i use ML 2.3 V ... is cool but more i like 2.3 RC1 cus more setings in menue... in 2.3 v i got only 9 tabs but in 2.3 RC1 i saw more :)))))) more fun inside ..

how ican get that more new version ? 2.3 RC1 or that lastest 2.3 RC2 ?

and i want back to my first question..

what u guys thing abotue this  two dead pixels..?

Edit :

i just saw rule what say no full size adds..ok..i just put links with out previw..

Edit :
i thing i found out why i got only 9 tabs.. version 2.3V got 9 and version 2.3 CR1 and CR@ got more ...corect me if am wrong pls :/

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