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This should work for 5d2, double buffering enabled:

extract the MODULES directory into /ML/ on your card

Downloaded this and installed as per instructed, keep getting a message on power up "Scripts dir missing" and WAS getting another about an improper power off, but that seems to have rectified itself...

Just grabbed a few frames at 1880 x 720 (the highest I can go with my 8GB 30MB/s Sandisk) and a h.264 for comparison, neither has had any kind of work done. For some reason the RAW files come into AE at 30 FPS even though I'd had FPS set to 24 in camera and I have no idea if I dropped any frames.

I'm still finding my way with ML in general and have zero to offer in terms of coding, but I'm happy to be a lab rat and I'll continue testing in between slamming F5 and pinching myself. A month ago I was hoping you guys would crack the HDMI out and was actually looking forward to shelling out for a 10 bit recorder and a V mount power solution and cables and and and... now I only have to wait for my 1000x cards to drop through the door.

Thank you to all who have contributed to this amazing community. Expect a contribution from me when you reopen the donations.

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