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Share Your Videos / 10 hours Snowfall in 10 seconds - Timelaspe
« on: February 12, 2013, 09:01:52 PM »
Hi guys,

here I am with my first timelapse...

I wanted to use the bulb ramp but i could not get work... it stayed as longer as 10 minutes saying me "too dark..blablabla".

At 5am a street lamp switched on -_-.. very bad one...

hope you like

Hello everybody,

I'd like to show you my workflow working with After Effects and HDR video. I worked out a little bit as all the tutorial that I saw did not answer me to some question like as "I don't want to have that ghosting effects whether I move my camera, so I create my own workflow...

Here's the English one (I'm sorry for my English, but with the images I think you can let it done)

Questo invece รจ in Italiano...

bye everyone
thanks for watching...

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