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on my mac i have tried to format the sdcard with the macboot.class app but got a permission denied error..
what can i do now?
and which option is the right one in that prog.

thx. sw
thank you, i have tried it and got an error with macboot.class -> permission denied..

so what should i do now?
so is raw video with 5dmk3 really possible without external recorder?

please: can anyone provide a link with a firmware for testing this.?

would be great, i have never compiled a firmware and have no idea what to do??

thx. swinxx.
2 questions:

1. what is the 16:9 bar for anamorphic preview for?
2. is it possible to define a card (cf/sd) for saving video? now i had the problem that when i shoot video i always have to define it at the beginning of the shoot. when i turn the camera off/on, the default is the cf.. i want the default to be sd..  is that possible to save it somewhere?

thx sw
- 16:9 bars for anamorphic preview

what is this for.. ?
i am a little confused.. cause anamorph has nothing to do with 16:9?

greets. swinxx
yes,.. anamorph preview would be great.
great alex.
dim function is perfect for my situation :)

sharpness function for focus is great too..
after 5 minutes of testing i found out that the focus function does not work when anamorphic preview is activated..
is that correct?

greets. re
hello alex,

i mean, that the image will be unsqueezed like the anamorph 1:2..
iscoramas have a squeeze factor of 1.5

thank you.
greeets. rene

perhaps its also possible to implement some preview for 1.5 crop factor :) as for usage with an iscorama lens..

thank you.. that firmware looks really promising.