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I spelled it wrong, It,s leper :)
Well, It,s not a good thing ;)
well, if it means "fool that doesn't understand coding"... that's me!

Here comes another mac lepper;).
I,m on a mac OS X 10.6.8 and I can,t get wine bottler workwith the exe. I also can,t get the script to work in terminal. Don,t really know what I,m doing here. Is there any smart solution how to make the conversion an a mac and that doesn,t involve complicated programming instructions?
Thanks everyone

lol what is a lepper?

Click and hold the mouse button on the raw file (ex. M0000000.RAW), move it on the top of the raw2dng.exe icon and release the mouse button. It should start making .dng files immediately. Make sure you have both the program and raw video file in a folder and not your desktop since it'll produce hundreds of files.
I wish it were this simple for mac users :sigh:

I've been sitting at my computer for the last 6+ hours straight trying to figure out how to turn the raw file into DNG's and nothing is working out for me.

Working with a mac.
I got it one time but for some reason, none of the steps that I've taken can get me there again.

You wouldn't drag it into the terminal.  Assuming that it's in your Downloads folder, you'd go into Terminal and run this:

Code: [Select]
cd ~/Downloads
chmod +x ./raw2dng

To use it on a file in another folder, go to terminal and do something like this:
Code: [Select]
cd /Path/To/Folder
~/Downloads/raw2dng M00000000.RAW

It says "illegal instruction" when I try that. I put the raw2dng file in my downloads just to try it this way.

I've been stopping recording by pulling up the ML menu and hitting "stop" in the same place where I hit "start."  You could try that.  I'd also strongly suggest using something other than an SD card on a 5D3.  A 400x-600x CF card is going to write a lot faster.  I'm not sure that the SD card slot in the 5D3 can keep up with 720x1280.

Yea, I know it can't. But the first video I tried. It lost ALOT less frames.

You wouldn't drag it into the terminal.  Assuming that it's in your Downloads folder, you'd go into Terminal and run this:

Code: [Select]
cd ~/Downloads
chmod +x ./raw2dng

To use it on a file in another folder, go to terminal and do something like this:
Code: [Select]
cd /Path/To/Folder
~/Downloads/raw2dng M00000000.RAW

What eventually worked for me was, right clicking M00000000.RAW and selecting "open with" then opening with the raw2dng and it went to work for me.

Ok, I figured it out...

But now, my SD card isn't working.
I tried shooting at 720 and it started but it was missing a bunch of frames so I wanted to cancel it. I did so by flipping the video switch to camera on my 5d3. Then I took my sd and put it in my laptop and it didn't read it. Placed it back into the camera and the camera read it so I did a format on my camera. Put it back into my laptop and it still isn't reading it. Restarted the computer and did a format of the card(in camera) still nothing. Any ideas?

Compiled on mountain lion, use in terminal.

I opened up terminal, dragged and dropped the raw2dng file in and clicked enter.
it said "permission denied"

am I supposed to do something different?

Works great for me in CrossOver. "Programs - Run Command" drop in the raw2dng.exe, then the .RAW file. Spits out a stream of DNGs.
first, I open crossover then I click "install windows software"
I choose "other application"
I then select "raw2dng.exe"
I let it install into the bottleneck.
Then I click 'programs-run command'
under "use bottle" it says 'raw2dng'
I drag my raw file into the space thats open that says "command"
then I click "run"

when I do that it says "there is no windows program configured to open this type of file"

Compiled on mountain lion, use in terminal.
How do I use it in terminal?
When I download and double click the file, terminal pops up... what then?

Is everyone here running windows OS?
I still cant seem to figure out how to use this raw2dng on my mac. I've tried the 'wine' as well as 'crossover' and I just can't seem to get things together.

Has anyone here went to sleep yet?
I haven't lol

use the linux version in terminal, dont' use the windows version ;)
Easier said than done hahaha
sooooooo lost

anyone got 'raw2dng' working while using a mac?
I am using a mac. downloaded the raw2dng.exe file posted in this thread.
Tried running raw2dng.exe in both 'wine' and 'crossover' and I can't seem to get this figured out.
Anyone successfully converting their files using a mac system?

The Raw2DNG converter is only available for windows(I'm currently running a mac)?

Lourenco, you are wonderful. Now I can't wait to get home!
And to buy 1,000x card


Thank you so very much!!!
All I do is replace the autoexec.bin file, with the one currently on my card

PS. This is built today, right? With all of the new findings?

Anyone care to upload the files(autoexec.bin) for the 5D3 and send me a link?
Would be greatly appreciated

I want to check out these new findings so bad on my 5d3, but my lack of knowledge in compiling source code...

Great work team!

Oh ok. That's what I wasn't understanding. Because I don't recall seeing 5d3 in the list for the April 30th build. And I keep seeing that things in the change log about the 5d3. Excuse my confusion.

Already answered a lot of times.
I read that. That's how I figured out how to install the nightly build. But I've got the April 30th one. When I replace the files with the updated nightly and put that autoexec.bin that YOU posted back on the card, it simply just gives me the april 30th build again. I was thinking I'd be able to update to the May 8th nightly.

So, I have the april 30th nightly build on my 5d3 camera. I tried downloading the newest nightly build(may 8th I believe) and replacing the autoexec.bin file currently on my memory card with the one from this new, updated nightly build. My camera will simply NOT boot. Anyone know what the problem is? I noticed that the nightly build doesn't have '5d3' in the name, but neither did the parole 30th build(that's currently installed and working on my camera). Shouldn't it be as simple as replacing the autoexec.bin file on the card?

General Help Q&A / Autoexec.bin?
« on: May 08, 2013, 06:02:27 AM »
Is there anyone who is willing to upload the autoexec.bin with the newest nightly build(may 8th) for the 5d3?
I've tried using the older nightly build with the 5d3 fir that Alex posted and it won't boot. I've also tried using the fir from this nightly build with the old autoexec.bin that Alex posted and it does boot, but it states that it's still only the April 30th ML.
I noticed that they've added a couple of things over the last 8 days and would like to try out the newest nightly build, but it states that it's  for the other cameras(5d3 not listed).

I noticed that the newest nightly build is the 5th of may.
I formatted my card and compiled the nightly build from scratch again, but am I supposed to use the 5d3 fir file found ion the first page of, or the fir file found in the new nightly build(may 5th) although it says 1100d?

when I used the fir found on the other thread... everything works fine, but at the bottom when I boot up my camera, it says april 30th.

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