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I posted this alongside something else and I think everyone missed it...

Just checking, STILL no audio with FPS override?
To dump stuff straight from USB as opposed to pulling the card out and having a card reader.


ALSO: Just checking back in a few weeks later.  Sound still not working with FPS override?
Quote from: nanomad on July 29, 2013, 05:03:12 PM
You are correct, FPS override means no audio. This is due to the way canon embeds the WAV track into the MOV container. One possibility (that's not working on the 650D right now) is to record a separate WAV track using ML when FPS override is enabled

BTW, the 104 hit a bit of a halt due to my workload.

Cool.  Thanks for clearing this up!  Those bastards, Canon.  Recording a separate WAV sounds like a legit option.  Do you know why they embed it the way they do?  Or is it just one of those things that, that's how they do it because it's bootleg.
Okay, so I just noticed this today when filming an audition for a friend of mine.  I did some research and I guess it's due to FPS override?

I went to record and it said "Audio disabled."  I also have the FPS override on.  Am I correct in saying that's why?

Why exactly is it like that anyway?
I disappear for a month, come back, and it appears all is well!

Great work to everyone involved!
Quote from: tommix on June 01, 2013, 07:57:01 PM
I agree. raw video on this camera is worthless to invest time in. People who wants good raw-will have to buy 5D.
Now i think developers could spend more time for more useful things in 650D.
Does anyone of you filming something soooo special that needs raw video? Whats the point of raw video when you shoot it with kit lenses :D As we all see 650d have write speed limitation ~ 40MB/s so raw video anyways will be not the best one.
Also i do not know what on earth worth to have 40MB/s frame rate video that i would save it and not convert to smaller size :) I'd rathar go with BBC Planet Earth HDs then mine raw :D
I'm just sayin'

I'll have to agree.  If the RAW is just janky at best, it's probably a waste of time.  I'd rather have all of the full features working just like on the T3i and then start to add improvements.

I wouldn't generalize about "kit lenses."  I don't have a kit lens.  You can do some pretty good looking stuff with a T4i if you take the time to do it.  Granted there's a LOT of mediocre work out there, but I wouldn't generalize.

So does anyone out there have a comparison of the standard T4i HD video, versus the RAW video?

I'm an actor, still learning more about the technical side of the business, going to try and do some of my own shorts at some point, so don't flame me for this question.  I learn better visually instead of reading about luminance values and raw data.

Now that someone has made the very beginning version of it available on the T4i, I am just curious what that looks like.  I get that the idea is that it's the raw data from the sensor, and there is no compression or processing of WB or anything from the camera, but what sort of image will that get vs the standard.

Great work to everyone.  If I was still back in high school years ago cracking away at ansi C, I'd try and pitch in, but I've mostly forgotten.

Except for printf().
So everything looks like it's working for me in general.

It's just that damn FPS override.
There it is, didn't hit the info buttons.

Sorry, I'm a newbie, and I tend not to read instructions because I like to pretend i'm a man's man.
So my GlobalDraw isn't turning that an issue in the prealpha or is that just me?
wait, I'm an idiot.  it's a movie only feature.

with that said, with it on, none of the other options are working.  no zebras, no focus peaking.  it's not drawing anything on the screen.

are these features just not implemented?  There's so many pages of arguing about nothing in this thread, I think I'm missing the important posts.

Here's a crash log:

I turned on FPS override, switched to movie mode, obviously live view not working, turned off FPS in movie mode, and it crashed.  There's the log.
I think at this point people should only respond to anyone that's posting vital testing information, or any of the admins working on the release that are asking vital questions.

There's 52 pages in this thread now, and only about 4 of them are relevant information.  The rest are people asking when it's going to be done, complaining about it, and then people pointing out to them that they're stupid and it's free software, etc. etc.

Can we delete and start over?
Quote from: nanomad on May 06, 2013, 11:37:00 PM
Disable it
Also: what video res and FPS were you using?

Quote from: nanomad on May 06, 2013, 11:37:00 PM
Disable it
Also: what video res and FPS were you using?

Ok, set it up to 24 and said "actual fps: 23.976" then it kept randomly displaying "FPS override: 24fps" on the screen, but yeah, live view doesn't work at ALL, so I wasn't able to really do anything.

I tried to record with it, and literally got like a 3 colored garbled screen, had sound though.
Quote from: nanomad on May 06, 2013, 09:37:34 PM
You need to configure it before turning it on
Press the q button

Got it.  Just reinstalled.
Quote from: nanomad on May 06, 2013, 10:00:30 AM
It's already available but alex disabled it since it can be done with scripts instead (which are not available on the 650D yet).

Btw, known bugs
- [CONFIRMED] MZ not working properly. Got a fix, but it causes lockups.
- [???] FPS Override not working properly. I need a confirmation by more than one guy

When I tried FPS override, it would say 23.94 fps, then just drop to 2.5, and I couldn't select anything else.  Every time I turned it off and then back on, it would say 23.94 for a split second, then just drop to 2.5.

Should it be 23.976?

Seems like development has finally ramped up again!  I'd been checking only once every few days.

Finally gave the prealpha a shot yesterday.  So many random things going on, wish I had my skills from my old programming days.

The one thing I noticed was that the WB meter was always on top of ML menus covering everything up on the bottom of the screen.

I ran some of the tests  but didn't know how to export the logs.  I uninstalled it, but if someone can tell me how to dump the logs, what tests to run, and if they'd actually be contributing, I'd be happy to do it again.

It seems as if there's enough data now though?

Keep it up.
Headed home to Chicago on Friday morning for a few days.  Any chance it'll be available by late late Thursday night so I can test it out over the weekend?  I'm not REALLY asking when it will be done, just if I'll be able to test it over the weekend.  :)
it's all good.  we're all busy.  I've had a ton of auditions and such.  just looking for something to take my mind off of it.  :)

I really want to try this pre-alpha.  I'm curious as to what's left to be tweaked in the public alpha.

So in my curiosity, I'm going to try and give this pre-alpha a compile.
Excellent to hear this.  Have had a pretty ridiculous week, but it's neither here nor there!

I'd stopped checking every day and maybe every 2 days or so, and today I see this.  Beautiful.

Looking forward to getting that Alpha 1 on there.  Great work kids.  Really impressive.

Hopefully I'm playing with it in the next few days.

Maaaaaaan.  Part of me is kiiiiiinda glad I missed out on the pre-alpha so my camera isn't messed up.

However, I'm insanely excited just to get my hands on a working version of ML.

Such a long wait....a long, long wait.
No?  Anyone?  Bueller?