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Hello to all!

First of all I want to let you know that I am not sure if this is a problem that was caused by Magic Lantern, because my camera (7D) was rented at the moment but I delivered ML cards with the camera.

I have a weird problem, I am attaching pictures. The image that is displayed on the LCD looks all distorted. Colors are wrong, it looks like a filter like Solarize. I dont know why I think it looks kinda like one of magic lantern's image effects. Anyway, I consulted about the problem and peolpe told me to take out the tiny battery, card and normal battery for 15 minutes, and so I did, reset the camera settings, so I did. Nothing. I want to say that the cards have no ML installed, they were delivered like that the cards. I installed magic lantern again and reseted factory settings too, nothing. There are no filters on whatsoever. This error happens with any of my 3 cards, regardless of magic lantern being inside, and also happens with No Card.

Now here comes something interesting. It all seems to be an LCD problem, but no. When I connect my HDMI monitor, the image looks the same on the monitor, all funky. And, this is the weird part. When I tried to take a screenshot with the Magic Lantern function, the screenshot looks completely fine!!!

I read here sometimes that cameras get fixed with magic lantern. Now my problem I know now it's not some broken cable con the lcd connection, it's something more serios.

I am attaching pictures below.
Does anyone have any sort of idea of what might be going on here? Did this ever happen to someone? Could it be ML related?

Thanks SO much to everyone in advance!!!! Any help is so greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!

Raw Video / Using HDMI Monitors: Overlays unaligned.
« on: April 21, 2014, 02:57:41 AM »

I know this is a known problem, and I've had it forever. Stopped using monitors for a while and now back again, and I hoped there would be improvements in this. Thing is, in RAW mode, they white rectangle and their black borders are completely unaligned. What is the cause of this? Is there a way to fix it? Also, important, they Play mode is completely unusable over HDMI, the misalignment is huge! It's a pity, because if you wanna use your dslr professionaly, or less even, you will use a monitor! Or 2! or 3! So I think it's essential that we can copy the LCD screen as it is over HDMI. I have no idea why this could be, but I know it's an old problem with ML.

A workaround I've found is to use cropmarks. But weirdly enough, I have to activate them and them deactivate them. In the first try the white rectangle remains, after I turn them off the white rectangle dissapears but the cropmark remains. Cons of this: We have to make cropmarks for each aspect ratio. And also, the white rectangle comes back every now and then and we have to repeat the process.

BTW, using 7D, Lilliput monitor 5", one of the latests builds of TL.

Anyway what do you think guys? Is it an easy fix? Do you consider it important? I kinda do...
Cheers and thanks!!!

Raw Video Postprocessing / [WINDOWS] MLV to DNG Batch Converter v1.9
« on: January 27, 2014, 05:08:15 PM »
MLV Converter 1.9.2 for WINDOWS

Hello to all!  :D

I've been making this simple program in Visual Basic for the last few days. It is, like the title says, the first MLV to DNG batch converter for windows, which basically converts all your MLVs into different DNG folders. It has a lot of features, it is very simple and efficient. It runs from mlv_dump.

I am NOT a programmer! But when I was a kid I used to mess around with it, and Visual Basic is very easy,  so I managed to get it going! :) I aim this to be filmmaker-user-friendly. I only tested it on Windows 7.

List of features:

- Batch convert MLV files.
- Separate them into different DNG folders.
- Support for multi-folder if you have your footage organized in different folders. (Day, Card, Camera for example)
- Unique name system.
- Adobe DNG compression to Lossless or Lossy.
- Open listed MLV files with mlrawviewer.
- Select an XMP file to load automatically with Adobe Camera Raw. (just drop it into the Acr folder)
- WAV file renaming. This way you can grab all your folders in your root DNG folder and throw them into after effects. You will be prompted with ACR for each sequence. Time saver.
- Stop button.
- Check items to convert, move then up and down.
- Save settings and load them.
- Windos taskbar progress.
- Updater (will tell you when there's an update but you have to download yourself) NOT WORKING RIGHT NOW.
- Unique clip number for every comvertion you make. (the program remembers your last clip number, that way you will NEVER have duplicates. It goes up to 99999 and then goes back to 1)
- Card number increments on folder change.
- Support for small screens
- Info and warnings on disk space.
- Pause button
- Proxy creation (prores for now only) (can queue 2 proxies)
- Read MLV metadata. (resolution, fps, frames)
- THUMBNAILS, and more camera information.
- Individual progress.
- Dual ISO support.

Make sure you install Adobe DNG Converter, or it won't work! Download it here:

Also, you have to install mlrawviewer to open files. Download here:

And for thumbnails, you'll have to download IrfanView, maybe download the plugins too (for now, will try to fix it):

Everything is supposed to run smoothly, without any ugly terminals and windows coming up, with a nice progress bar, informing the user the progress all the way through. I aim it to be a professional solution for the ML RAW workflow, as this feature is SO great that it needs a proper and easy workflow!!!

Future features include:

- Optional LUT for proxies.
- Add reelname metadata. Useful for offline/online editing.
- Full MLV output, including compression to save disk space.
- Dual Iso support.
- Cinema DNG support.
- Drag n Drop.
- Display FULL metadata.
- Proper installer, with configuration saved in appdata.

For now the program is fully functional (and I hope bug free!) (don't worry, it won't erase anything..). I aim to continue it more, yes. When I started I only wanted the batch thing, but I got so excited that I had to keep going! I aim to do the queue function in a near future, but will see about the others! As some of them I have no idea how to make them... but if everyone's interested I can make the effort of course! :D

Version 1.9.2: DOWNLOAD

Hope you find it useful! My pleasure to make a contribution to the ML project... thanks SO much to the developers for making it possible! I await for your feedback if it has any bugs or if you have ideas on how to make it better!

Share Your Videos / Music video made with 5D3 RAW !!!
« on: September 28, 2013, 07:14:48 PM »
Hi all!

I just wanted to post this music video that me and my partners made for college using the 5D3 RAW feature. You can really see a big difference.. first we converted everything to cineform raw and started editing from there, but we realized that cineform had AWFUL quality.. so we ended up reconnecting to all the DNGs with dynamic link in after effects.

During the shoot, it was very unconfortable to use the RAW feature, also it was the first time we seriously did. Using a monitor it was complicated, the framing rectangle was messed up and couldn't show the right way to frame, so we ended up using "clear overlays" and using gaffer tape to crop to 2.35:1 by EYE.. luckily everything ended up fine! And then the interface was very glitchy also.. reviewing material is a pain! Is a pain cause you can't skip forward OR stop the recording, so you gotta wait until it's finished! Also, as we rented 2 5Ds in different places for 2 different days.. we had trouble installing the ML to the 5D.. so we did eventually but with 2 different builds.. that way we ended up with duplicate files in our ingestion.. also, one of the builds did not name the files sequencially, I read around here that it used the time MM:SS right? Why?! We couldn't keep track of our shots for post..

Also, we used 2 128gb 1050x Komputerbay cards.. which benchmarked in 70-80 mbps.. that isn't right, right? So we shot all at 50fps 2.35:1.. and according to the estimated write speeds of ML, we *should* get continuous shooting that way.. we did for most of the time, but sometimes it skipped frames.. we ended up shooting at lower resolutions from time to time.. and I didnt know that the camera would crop the frame.. too bad!

Right now I don't remember much more trouble, it was like a month ago the shoot.. but trouble or not, the quality is AWESOME! The dynamic range literally saved some of our shots.. the underwater ones! There were several way overexposed. So, simply MAGIC.

Thanks to all the comunity, and the devs for developing this! I will use it in a big shoot when it is more stable or I have a Magic RAW camera myself to play with!

Here's the video:


Shoot Preparation / Picture Quality: Raw vs L
« on: September 07, 2013, 05:58:30 PM »
Hello!! I'm sorry if this has been discussed before.. I read it several times on the 7D thread and I never got a clean answer.. this is the thing:

I'm recording on a 5D3 in 50fps, everything is great!! Now, if I select image quality to RAW, I get 1600x??? continuous OK (i don't know the vertical height). BUT, if I select picture quality to L I can get almost 1080p, or 1080p sometimes continuous... what's the catch here? I downloaded the footage and the quality is still amazing.. of course it's the first time I use the 5D3.. we're shooting a music video.. and I need to go back in a few hours.. we rented the 5D so I almost didn't have any time to play with it..

Can someone please orientate me in this one?? What am I loosing? Is it MUCH big a difference??

If I shoot at 1600px horizontal I get a crop factor that I don't want really!!!

Thanks so much in advance!!!!


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