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I need to record a lot of footage from a CRT screen which may be displaying footage anywhere between 50.nnn Hz and 60.nnn Hz. Currently, you can only adjust in increments of 20 microseconds. Is it possible to allow for increments of 0.001 to shutter speed?

Can I summarise then that Magic Lantern is in fact not a suitable solution to this problem? If it is not possible to precisely set the fps with 0.001 increments, then good results can not be obtained when recording CRT screens.

I have installed the lua_fix build (magiclantern-lua_fix.2020Dec28.700D115). How do I set the FPS to exactly 55.017? With "Video system" set to PAL, when I adjust the "FPS timer A" and "FPS timer B" settings it only affects the "Actual FPS" value when I increase those values (A & B), which reduces the "Actual FPS" to below 50fps. I also tried adjusting the "Image Fine-tuning" options by adjusting the "Shutter fine-tuning" but this can only be adjusted in increments of 20 microseconds. The closest I could get the shutter speed to 1/55.017 was 1/54.824 with the next nearest increment being 1/55.432.

Do I need to uninstall the current version of Magic Lantern or can I just install the lua_fix build over the existing one?

I bought the equipment you recommended (700D + EF 50/1.8 STM) and have installed the latest nightly build of Magic Lantern, However, I am having problems locating information which will allow me to exactly set the shutter speed in movie mode. I have enabled Exposure Override, but in the Movie options I do not see anything to set the shutter speed. I can see FPS override, but I am not able to precisely set the Desired FPS as I need to (e.g. set to 55.017) - it just jumps from 50 to 60.

Thanks for the suggestions so far. What more info do you need to make a better assessment?

Distance will likely not be more than approx. 1m from the screen. Budget, ideally less than $1000, but would consider more if the extra price resulted in significantly better recording quality.

So given the information I have provided are you able to recommend a decent setup? Just knowing what the best Magic Lantern compatible cameras are (and an appropriate lens for my purposes) would be all I need.

The footage is only going to be used for youtube (4K).

I am looking for camera and lens recommendations for a specific purpose - to record footage of a CRT screen. I will need to use Magic Lantern to specify the exact frame rate, and the different sources connected to my CRT will vary anywhere from 1/50.nnn to 1/60.nnn. I am no camera expert, but have read that mirrorless cameras are better for recording video? Eitherway, please help me select some decent kit for this specific purpose that is fully compatible with Magic Lantern.

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