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Thanks guys for the tips on resolving dual iso.  It appears having Canon Movie mode set to Auto, the camera is going to adjust shutter speed, f-stop, AND ISO automatically.  If you want to use the ML dual iso feature, you must be in Manual mode, and then every exposure / fstop / ISO setting is fixed by you and stays that way.  I was thinking I could have the camera handle the shutter/fstop and just fix the two ISO settings on my own.

Thanks for the detailed procedure to set up the camera and how to use a second "unfreeze" firmware SD card version to fix that.  Fortunately, I haven't had that issue yet but if I do then now I'll know how to get out of it.

So no problem then with the red "buttons" next to the memory patches? 
I was using your last build from Feb 8th.  The timestamp after opening the zip file on windows was 5:59pm, not sure what time zone that is after opening on my system.

On the iso, it just seems it's stuck in auto when I select 1080p.  Neither the ML menu or Canon menus allow me to change it from Auto IF I'm in movie mode on the camera's top 3-position selector.  The steps I posted seem long, but it seems logical.  Clear any previous settings, load the firmware, select 1080p, set 24fps using the Canon Menu, then try to change the ISO from Auto, which is not possible.  When I enable Dual Iso, only the recovery ISO I think it's called is changeable. The ability to see the dynamic range improvement in the Dual Iso menu isn't there, and the "tool tip" says it can't calculate it because it's in Auto ISO.
Hello - Trying Dual ISO for the first time with latest Feb8 build and can't seem to set the ISO base when using 1080p.  I'm showing red "buttons" next to Memory Patches debug with this build, and also the Jan13 build as well, which I wonder is expected or is indicates is a real problem?  I also don't seem to be able to get it out of Auto ISO mode in any of the presets I've tried (when the top rotary switch is set to the Movie icon).

Dual ISO does seem to work, MLVAPP gets rid of horizontal lines when enabling dual ISO.  Some of the frames are corrupted after exporting from MLV app though, but only tried 1 recording.  My SD card is a Sandisk Extreme Pro 200 MB/s 128 GB and it records 1080p OK with a green boxed counter as the recording progresses IF I don't go higher than 24 fps.  I've only been following this thread for a few weeks, and it's difficult to be sure I've followed the proper protocol folks are using since the info is scattered throughout the thread.  I started from scratch with a new install of ML with a freshly reset camera and my steps are listed below.  If you see something I'm missing that would enable me to set both the base/recovery ISO's properly or some other step I've done wrong I'd appreciate some help.  Nice work with this in any case, very cool what I've managed to get working so far!

1 Uninstall ML
2 Clear camera settings (Canon)
3 Erase ML autoexec, ml-setup.fir, ML directories
4 Copy ML firmware from 2/8/2023 build to card (Sandisk 200MB/s 128 gig)
5 Power on EOSM, select AV mode, update firmware, reboot after update
6 Press down button on rotary dial, Select 1080p in ML Movie menu
7 Exit ML menu and set Movie Rec. Size to 1920x1080[24
8 Memory Patches debug screen shows 5 red circles, 2 green circles, 1 red circle from top to bottom8
9 Canon ISO speed menu is unchangeable from Auto
10 ML Expo ISO setting is unchangeable from Auto
11 Dual ISO Recovery ISO shows 100, can be changed, set to 800 and back to Expo menu, Dual ISO shows 0/800
12 Recent menu shows ISO Auto, Dual ISO 0/800, Dual ISO - Recovery ISO 800, presets HD 1080p, startup presets none selected

Thanks, Wayne