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Quote from: Danne on September 20, 2022, 08:18:46 AM
New build:
Missed a few pixels on the right. Fixed now!

Isn't the new build referencing the 5D Mk.3? It could still be the right one, but I'm not that into the project to know what boot check determines on what camera I'm trying to run this.

Edit: I'm assuming this is related to build options? I'm not seeing anything in the commits which would change the behaviour to be incompatible with EOS M
Quote from: Walter Schulz on September 15, 2022, 02:37:35 PM
Samsung prints a string on card's contact side. Something like MB-MC128G. We need this string to tell which generation is in use because it can make a big difference!

Ehm ... do you mean "I tested this card with 240 MHz overclocking and it works"?

Right then, sorry. The Samsung Evo Plus MicroSD manufacturer code is MB-MC128H.

And yes, you are correct. I did test 240MHz with that result.
It seems stable for the moment. For a rather cheap card I had lying around, it's doing well at 14bit 1080p and slightly below 2.3K 12bit. Anything above that is pretty much impossible, but still. Impressive nonetheless.
Quote from: Danne on September 15, 2022, 01:25:02 PM
Ok, might be confusing with all builds here but here is one which replaced older 240Mhz string with bilals latest. If you could test it that would be good. At 240Mhz and 192Mhz:

When benchmarking you could switch to photo mode and just before benchmarks start push play button for maximum readings.

Now only this is present in patch when in 240Mhz:
static uint32_t sdr_240MHz[]     = {        0x3,        0x3,                             0x1, 0x1D000001,        0x0,      0x100,      0x100,      0x100,        0x1 };

static void WriteClock(uint32_t* regs, uint32_t* stack, uint32_t pc)
    memcpy(uhs_vals, sdr_240MHz, sizeof(uhs_vals));

Color me impressed. The new sd_uhs module managed to squeeze 55.2MB/s out of a Samsung Evo Plus MicroSD. It's quite impressive. We should also note that 240Hz works at all.
New to the forum guys, but just a bit of quick info from me.

The new changes do in fact stabilize 192MHz quite a bit. Running a Samsung Evo Plus 128GB MicroSD at 192MHz now results in around 52-54MB/s versus the 48-52MB/s I used to get at 160MHz and 192 previously resulted in a sudden drop of around 20MB/s.
I have yet to test video recording though. I'll probably do a test with a SanDisk Extreme Pro next month, but I'll probably take the forum's word for it.