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sweet thanks man!
love the build, there is one thing i love about this build is sticky zoom feature, how ever i experience a weird behavior, my AE lock button now also sticky zoom
is this a bug? or intentional

video test in photo shooting mode

thank you Danne

oh with the dng sequences, i could play it realtime in davinci right away, so i dont keep the mlv files
Feature request: 5D3 1x3 5.7k  raw card spanning files mlv+mxx playback

Hi, i usually dont keep mlv file. On set, i open mlv file with mlv app, setting to uncompresss cinema dng and just export to a new location on my external ssd, it looks like a non processing export, very fast, just like unzip something. And afterward, i delete the mlv file and be able to play the cinema DNG realtime in davinci resolve

I recently got a 5D3 and loving the card spanning feature. and the problem is i cant load both mlv and the mxx onto mlv app to export or drop frame playback. I first had to copy the mlv and mxx from both cards into the same location first before i be able to load the whole thing on to mlv app

Is there any solution for this?

nice shots, can it auto focus during recording? thanks
beautiful may i ask what type of sd card did u use? thanks
great build is there a way to get rid of canon's black letterbox while recording? im an avid fan of 3:2 aspect ratio, i shoot everything in 3:2 and i love to have the live view to be 3:2


hi i use the experimental 10bit 12bit use for 5d3 113

lenses used:

canon ef 35 1.4L
canon ef 24 1.4L II
canon ef 50 1.2L
canon ef 85 1.2L

soviet mir1v 37 2.8
soviet helios 44-2 f2
soviet mir 47 20mm f2.5

thánks for watching
We shot this entire music video in 10bit , 3:2 aspect ratio
Love to hear some opinions

I actually dont grade it much, basicly:
I export MLV to CinemaDNG sequence
Then I go to after effect and import those sequences into after effect and just do simple Temp/tin thing
Export all clips

and put them together in davinci

thanks for watching
Really exited

The video shot 14bit @ 3:2 full sensor