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I have a 600D running the latest lua_fix branch release. Currently I'm in front of my camera testing how long I can run clean hdmi out for OBS streaming. It's at an impressive 1 hour and 16 minutes and counting. But I've noticed pink, blue and white dead pixels. I've searched around and all the fixes I've found are a post process for RAW. How do I address this for live video?

Soon I will try a sensor clean, but I'm guessing based on the color - that the focus pixel cleaning doesn't happen on LiveView?

Scripting Corner / Re: Lua Scripting (
« on: March 17, 2021, 07:56:01 AM »
I installed the lua_fix branch because I'm trying to stream on OBS and wanted the 30 minute timer fix for LiveView.

However I can't seem to be able to change ISO and Shutterspeed using my camera buttons or the menu. On the menu it changes, but the hdmi output doesn't change. I set ISO to a number instead of of AUTO. Do I need to turn off auto exposure somewhere else? Are button defaults different on the lua_fix branch? Hmm actually whilst writing this, liveview turned off and I turned it back on, and it would let me do ISO with the button, but I can see ML smooth exposure.

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