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Hi how to fix this when exporting in magiclantern software ,hi ,i am using a 5d2 ,and my issue is when i want to exporting my footage it will show could not save that file ,and my export setting is mlv raw to dng uncompressed ,how to fix this pls help!!!

Hi, guys , when i setting all my setting for shooting raw video in my 5d2,after a day ,I did not move or change anything but the setting would changed ,directly shooting mov ,why ? How could I fix this .

But how my live view cant work ?

Do u meant after setting in my cam and I copy the whole ml file to my computer?
If yes ,yes I do

Hi,  friends in this forum, I have a problem now, my 5d2 mirror cant lock up after using magic lantern firmware, started yesterday, I don't know why, first is my camera cant shooting raw file and I try many times to reinstall reboot firmware to my cam, after this, now is the problem I can't even open my live view mode (lock up my mirror). Can anyone fix this

Hi, everyone, I am just nearly falling apart of using this 5d2 nightly builds, IN this build I can't shoot raw video file, the camera directly shooting MOV file for me, i try nearly reboot,reinstall magic lantern firmware about 15 times,everytime  i have already open the modules for raw video,,but it just shooting normal video file, how can I fix this ,or maybe you guys can  give me your firmware .

But premirere cannot edit the raw file isn't ?

I want to ask,I shoot in Canon5d2 raw, if I select profile Alexa log c in mlv app camera profile and I transcode in to dng file after transcoding again through aftereffects to premiere pro, In premiere pro do I need to use the lut of Alexa log c to restitute the footage ??

General Help Q&A / Re: Why i cant preview the mlv video on my 5d2
« on: July 29, 2020, 10:49:42 AM »
Hello ,Zeek do u have any your some like preset to use it ?

General Help Q&A / Re: Why i cant preview the mlv video on my 5d2
« on: July 29, 2020, 09:38:05 AM »
hi Walter, when my mlv_play it will show all the other included mlv play module not gonna work

General Help Q&A / Why i cant preview the mlv video on my 5d2
« on: July 29, 2020, 08:30:34 AM »
When i after recorded the footage ,why I cant preview the footage on my 5d2 instantly . how can I fix that

I want to ask if i transcode my mlv raw video file to any file type like proress code,will it be a normal raw video file like I can adjust the white balance like normal raw file .Or will it be a video file

Hi, I am  new in magic lantern ,i want to ask for how to shoot raw in 5d2,Is it can shoot 2k in this cam,Last ,how to convert mlv  raw to normal raw

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