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Is there MLV pixel maps out for the 5kfrtp mode Yet? Just shot some stuff but realized the built in focus pixel removing tool wasn’t having an effect. My resolution is 1120x1890, should I post a framegrab fo you guys?

Heya Danne, is it possible to enable the customized button functions in picture mode? Changing iso without going through touch menus is something I didn’t know I needed!

I’m just checking in if anyone on this board has had success with the 240 SD overclock settings? It seems to function for me but I don’t see the benefit, tho I’m not on the 170Mbs cards, just the 90Mbs ones.

I use a 512GB SD Card and have recorded 100 Minutes (1hr 40min) with Magic Lantern Raw 1080 Mode, and could have recorded way more. So if you're not shooting RAW, you're definitely fine.
Thanks Zeek! Love your work, keep it up!

Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 70D
« on: October 06, 2020, 02:30:08 AM »
Hey guys, I haven’t checked into the 70D world for a while since I got an EOSM, but I have a few questions for you guys. Particularly about event shooting, MLV vs H264, and DPAF.

The long and short of it is a buddy of mine does standup, and he was wondering if I’d be game to help him record a big set he has coming up at a nicer venue. The upcoming show he’s wanting to have recorded would be 2x20-30 minutes sets, and I will be running both the EOSM and 70D to capture it. We did a test run at a smaller venue with just the EOSM, using ML, but sticking to h264. We ran into a few speed bumps, mostly just seeming to hit a file size limit and have the camera restart recording, leaving a small gap in the video every 9-12 minutes.

Does the current build for the 70D in this thread have this particular quirk? Is it only something that affects h264 (assuming you don’t max out the buffer)? Would anyone recommend using MLV as opposed to h264? Further more, assuming we opt to use MLV on the 70D I’m wondering what raw video/crop modes have access to DPAF at this point in time, and if anyone has managed recording continuously to the degree I’m aiming to here on 70D? Any and all tips and pointers would be appreciated greatly. I love the ML community!

You are only shooting 2 hours with 3 EOS M cameras. I would be using raw your case, where as I shoot with 4 cameras for 8 to 10 hours and that is when raw is too much data. In your case all you need is three 256gb SanDisk Extreme Pro cards, which will fill about 204GB on each card give or take, for 1080p Raw at 2 hours. Not bad at all. You are lucky. I wish I could use raw in my case. Run a test in raw and see how long you get until your card runs out, then do the calculations. It should be under 256gb for 2 hours @ 1080p.

I have a question about using the M for event shooting. I have a roommate who does standup, and he has a set later in the month he’s asked if I’d be game to record for him (2x20-30min sets). We did a test run at a smaller venue, but a longer set and I opted to use ML but not RAW. I have a single 256GB card, and it’s speed is adequate, but I was concerned about potentially going over file size limits recording a set of roughly 45 mins. Opting to use h264 ultimately proved to be not the best idea though. Because the files eventually seemed to hit a buffer limit. While the camera continued to record no problem there were small several second gaps every 9-12 minutes. Thankfully we had a second camera that saved our audio, and this was technically only a test run.

I’m looking to do continuous recording, and while on the day of the actual show we will be running external audio, I am worried about running into this video gap again. Would this same scenario occur with MLV as well? It would be nice to be able to have the ability to grade on something more flexible than cinestyle, but I feel like the margin for error may be greater simply because this is bleeding edge MLV stuffs. I have a 70D we will be using as a B cam and I will be posting in their thread for more research as well. But any tips and pointers regarding the EOSM would be super useful.

Love the new 2.8k stuff! Just have a question about the 5k modes. What’s the difference between the two? The FLV mode still seems to cut half of the live view out just like the other one. Am I not using this mode as intended?

Edit: Nevermind. Figured it out!

I'm not experiencing corrupted frames now, Danne.

I uploaded a new build. Could you test for corruption in 16fps in that version?

So toyed around with the 16fps silent mode but i was always getting corrupted purple frames. When I turned off the force 25 fps mode though the fps dropped to 14 and I wasn't getting any purple frames.
I decided to test record time in this 14fps silent mode. My resolution was 1736x3256. I was using the card that I benchmarked on reply #4211 in 192MHz overcloc k- Sandisk256GB 95MB/s. I went through the various bitrate settings (10-14) with two exposure scenarios, one as overexposed as possible, and one only a little overexposed. I also had global draw turned off in the video submenu, and sound was disabled. Once a clip hit a minute I called it continuous and stopped recording.
Here is an imgur album of six screen caps of different examples (3 for overexposed and 3 ETTR)
It seems my card's in the field write speeds taps out at roughly 68-70MB/s. This new build is pretty stellar. Thanks Danne!

I’ve never fiddled around with the anamorphic modes before but I’m wondering what exactly the difference between the rewire and not rewire is.

so, I understand benchmarks are hardly a 1:1 analogue for in the field performance, but I’m confused as to how 24fps recording would bring the write speed back down SO much


192MHz mode. The 240 mode just gave me super slow speeds of 20-22MB/s. Forgot to snag a pick, if you need it tho Danne I'll wait around for it again haha.

Could you clarify what “drop-out” means to be exact?

Indeed, both black 95MBs & 170MBs have been remarkable thus far @Kgncom!

He means what I described earlier, the write speed taking a nose dive during recording and not coming bac to the faster speed. Doesn't seem like you have had the problem tho otherwise you would've complained like me. I got my new 90MB SD ExPro card and will load ML to test.

Use the black ones. 95mb or 170mb.

Done and done. Thanks for the help and the hard work you put into the build! I’ll report back any issues

Not taking shots with adapter mounted:
C.Fn IV 7:

Lexar Pro 1000x is an UHS-II card. This card will run in UHS-I compatibility mode. I can only recommend not to use it.

Lockups: Most likely you took a card which was prepared for ML (= bootable) and wiped autoexec.bin. Cam will lockup and FAQ/Install Guide will tell you not to delete autoexec.bin!

Thanks Walter, ordered a new SD extreme Pro 90MB to test on! Is there a relevant post/topic on remedying my hanging issue? Is it merely go back, install ML and ensure the ML contents do not get tampered with and the card stays constantly in cam?

Hello, I'm fairly new to the forum but I've been using Danne's build for EOSM and I've been having a lot of fun. However I've recently run into some issues (big and small) and am wondering if anyone on the forum can help.

I couldn't get the cam to record and shoot with a EFM to c mount adapter in. I had to make use of the recording delay function in the video tab, this probably has an easy fix i can't find but it was annoying to work around and was wondering what setting i need to change in ML or in camera to get that to work. I was also having issues with the SD overclock. I don't know what causes but eventually the card will refuse to record at higher bitrates, this will happen even while recording. I'll have continuous recording, everything is stable, but suddenly the write speed tanks the buffer fills up and recording stops. After that the card stays at low write Speed, I've been using a legit SanDisk Extreme pro 90MB/s 64GB and a Lexar Pro 1000x 128GB. The write speed tanking happens seemingly at random, and after that I need to clear the frame buffers, and dump the ROM, and occasionally the cards speed come back, only to invariably return to slowpoke mode. Neither of these are the big issue tho. I ran into this problem. Flashing green LED and no boot. Camera would only boot without an SD. Regardless of what is on an SD, any SD card in Camera will make it not boot and perpetually flash the LED. I managed to save my camera by getting the camera to boot with the battery door open (i had to push in a little pin inside the battery compartment) and pushing in the SD card right after turning the camera on. This somehow avoided the flashing LED AND read the card. I used this to reinstall firmware 2.0.2 and wipe all settings and format the card again. I thought nothing of this and reinstalled ML i still had to deal with the funky SD write behaviour but everything seemed good, however after a few days it started doing the same hanging thing again, and I had to repeat the process. I am more than willing to run tests if any of the devs need some research done here as no one should have to deal with this bricked/hanging camera crap.

EDIT: So it appears that this LED hanging behaviour occurs now even when ML hasnt been installed, have to do the card thign just to get the cam to acknowledge the card. Wondering what it could be.

Share Your Videos / Re: doc style protest footage (shot on eos m)
« on: June 06, 2020, 05:19:44 AM »
Looks phenomenal, what resolution did you shoot at? Was CropRec used?

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