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I'd appreciate some advice and info on the latest Magic Lantern installs for my Canon 600D.  I haven't used my Canon for video for quite a while and I did have an early ML version 2.3 installed which worked fine - thanks again to the ML team!  Checking again I'm now seeing references to a 'Nightly Build' for the 600D which I understand has Audio Meters and even an option for headphone output.  The most recent one seems to be dated August 7, 2017.

I'd love to have at least the live Audio Meters but I'm not a risk-taker with audio and don't know exactly what the status of these Nightly Builds is.  If they work fine and are stable why have they not been incorporated into the current version of Magic Lantern, which still seems to be v2.3?

Does anyone have a suggestion as to the most recent and most stable Nightly Build for the 600D which includes Audio Metering?  Maybe the most recent one if fine?  I know that there's an installation guide at the top of this thread, but wondered if there there are any unlisted special precautions that need to be taken when installing compared to the normal ML v2.3?

Thanks in advance.