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I installed Qt Creator 4.10.2 (Community), I don't know what to do next. I don't know how to compile and debug it. If someone is wants to tell me what I need to do, I'm willing to compile and debug it.



I finally got a chance to record what is happening
Usually as soon as I import a MLV file it will crash, as shown in the video below. The last Win64 Version i could user was 1.08

I tried using 1.10 Win32 version and to my surprise, works just fine, not sure if there will be any issues using the Win32 version on a Win64 PC?

Thank You,

I thought I would let anyone else having the issue with MLVApp1.10 crashing on Windows 10 64, that I've been using the MLVApp 1.10 Win32 version on my Windows 10 64 PC and its been working flawlessly so far.

I really enjoy this program and appreciate everyone's work!

I will try and set up Qt+Debugger and see what I can find.

Thank You

Hello, The MLV App is best ML Raw app for my work flow. Unfortunately I downloaded the newest version 1.9 and soon as I import a MLV file, it crashes. Version 1.8 runs flawlessly. I'm running Windows 10 64 1903.

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