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Wow, I'm in holiday but f&$& it I have the EOS M with me and will load this straight away.
Jut press the menu twice to go in the Canon menu and you can find both.
Yes it is, use MCM Rewire 14bit and you have sound.
@Zeek yup, just did 4 1 minute long clips right now testing it out and no pinky frames. We're all good to go! Just bought another EOS M.
Hey guys, just wanted to point out that the last video Zeek did on FPS Override fixed the dropped pink frames.

Here's the video:

FPS Override: 24 FPS
Optimize for: Exact FPS
Shutter fine tune -1,26ms

BOOM, perfect 180 degree shutter, no pink frames. NOW LET'S SHOOT some cinematic 14bit RAW goodness with this beast.
Quote from: ricardopt on October 12, 2019, 08:53:05 PM
Were the histogram and focus peaking from the magic lantern or the inbuilt monitor functions? Did you try with 12 or 10 bit?
Thanks for the tests.

From the display menu. Yes I did, same results. 14/12/10 doesnt affect too much. I still get dropped frames using a external monitor most of the times.
Hey guys, did some more tests. It seems that when recording in 14bit RAW using MCM Rewire preset, with histogram turned off & lv peaking off & external monitor I still get dropped frames. HOWEVER, if I'm recording let's say a 30-60sec clip before and start recording after it seems to work. I mostly seem to get dropped frames on cold starts. Any other suggestion we can try?
Didn't tried that yet, will do tomorrow. 5K Anamorphic MCM Rewire or which mode?
Look guys, I'm not here to argue. Not that you provided any useful information @Luther.
I don't have time for that, neither I know who is what or care for the drama. I have removed the video above so there is no conflict.

Anyway, at this point this is the easiest workflow I found (for my use) using ML latest build from Danne.

MLVApp is really a great tool and it works great for conversion and grading, I was just complaining about the long export times to ProRes.
Exporting 1:45 to ProRes 422 takes more or less around 3 hours.
Exporting 1:45 to DNG (with small adjustments done to the raw) takes 4 minutes.

ISO 100 - it seems there might be something going on here, I did record around 30 secs without any drop frames at ISO 100 but we can't always do that. So, not a viable option.
At the moment only workaround I found as a conclusion is if I want 100% clean frames just turn off the monitor and it should be fine. Otherwise it's a game of luck.

I'm going to continue testing ignoring the above. My goal is to shoot continuous MCM Rewire 14bit with a external monitor and a fully build out cinema rig.

@masc I'm sorry if you feel offended in any way. That was not my intention.

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. Greatly appreciate it!

So far it seems that even with the Histogram & Peaking turned off I still get some shorter dropped frames. Best bet is just use ML without a monitor.
Also thx @Zeek for the DNG thing, it's much faster for me now to edit and I don't feel like I'm getting old while doing the export.

For this video I just color corrected and converted to Rec709, exported to DNG and cut into FCPX and that's it.

I ordered a Sigma 18-35 because I think that lens will put a lot of value into this little thing with 14bit raw it will just smash everything in it's way.

Would be great to find a way to use the external monitor though. Any other suggestions?
Quote from: masc on October 04, 2019, 08:47:29 PM
What are you doing? Do you use DualIso or is your PC running on extremely low power? For >450GB MLV (90min, 350 clips) my 8 years old computer needed 12h for rendering to ProRes via MLVApp... can't believe that your computer needs so long for that few seconds clips. I also never got a crash or freeze with that. If you get crashes/freezes, please post into MLVApp thread how to reproduce. Without such information it won't become better.

I would not really grade in FCPX, because quality is sooo bad in comparison.

This is what I do:
1. Copy MLVs from SD to iMac (40GB RAM, i5, SSD)
2. Drop into MLV
3. Apply basic R709 correction and white balance
4. Export into ProRes 422 LT or ProRes
5. Take around 8 min for 10 seconds and what I already wrote for longer

It seems that the workflow Zeek shared provides the quickest export. DNG Fast Pass is the fastest takes 1 minute for 4 minutes clips, while DNG Uncompressed is a bit longer with 4 ninutes.

Davinci Resolve just flies exporting takes like nothing.

Grading in FCPX is just much faster compared to using MLVApp because after you apply a grade it is much slower.

@Danne will try that too
Hi Zeek, thx for your feedback. Ok, will check it out and report back. Unfortunately all I have is the EOS M and wanna makw the most of it. Yeah I do have a SSD that I'm using, will try 4444 too.

Later edit:
DNG to ProRes using DaVinci is so much faster. A clip of 1:45 takes around 3 minutes to export from MLV App and 1:10 from Davinci, much better! Thanks man!

After doing some tests, I can report that it's still dropping frames. I did set the display to 16:8 t/b in advanced settings but still I'm getting dropped frames when using external monitor. It was already on 1080i 60hz.

I'm using a Sandisk Extreme Pro 170MB/s V30 version.
Here are my settings:

how to upload an image to the internet

Both 14bit / 10bit had dropped frames like this:

how to upload an image to the internet

Yeah so here's what I discovered after recording 3 videos in RAW for my channel. This are more like workflow but also some small bugs that would be nice if fixed.

Exporting RAW to ProRes
It seems that when converting from RAW to ProRes makes no difference either from SD card to SSD or copying files and converting after, so don't know if this is good for SD card's life but it saves me from copying the files over the computer and just convert to ProRes. Export time seems to be the same. This might not be the best idea though and probably would be best to copy to SSD before.

Using a External Monitor (1080p feed)
Pink dropped frames are inconsistent and can't be controlled, it seems that sometimes I get NO DROP FRAMES using 14bit, but I get dropped frames using 10bit WITH external monitor.
What I do at the moment to work around this is just set the framing and exposure and turn it off while using the Canon IR Remote to do the cuts in camera. This wouldn't work in a Run & Gun scenario though so probably would be better off using a magnetic EVF.

I did get some clean 45 seconds takes using MCM Rewire 14bit 16:9 with Kill Global Draw ON, but sometimes I can't get more than 5 sec without pink dropped frames, so still better option to be safe just turn it of. In case of headshot / interview type videos, it might be ok because you could just put broll on top and fix it in post. But I hate that!

Working with MLV App
MLVApp works better for scanning the RAW video BEFORE applying corrections / processing so I can scan a video and see if it's good, if not delete it and AFTER process it for export.
I love the results coming out of this app, basically just using the Rec709 conversion and white balance picker & some sharpen. After that I pull the video in FCPX and grade it there, as FCPX is much more responsive with MOV.

Sometimes MLV App just froze when exporting clips, so better to just export 5 clips at a time if longer and quit the app and come back. Yeah, not the best experience but it is what it is.

Recording videos for YouTube
Recording videos for long format (1-3 minutes) in 14bit / 10bit is better split between cuts - using the basic Canon IR Remote works like a wonder, it also makes your job easier in editing. Even though I would prefer to have 1 long 10 minutes video and chop it up, converting a 10min RAW video in MLVApp takes like 6 hours, which is totally not doable.

I did get a 1:35 min clip using 10bit, monitor OFF without any dropframes, looking great. Exporting RAW to ProRes for this takes 45 minutes though. That would not be a problem, however sometimes after this long export times MLVApp just stops responding and you basically loose the export too. So that's why I think it's better to do the cuts in camera if possible, or at least as close as you can & keep everything short.
Using a external monitor for either framing or recording yourself is crucial. Also it helps to know if a recording stopped so uou can just start over.
Thank you Danne! Been testing out and putting content with your latest builds on my channel.

AWESOME WORK! Danne, give me the link to donations, I wanna return the favor for your work.

Here are a few things I noticed:
1. When recording MCM Rewire 10bit after I start recording I get some green lines on the screen.
2. Sometimes I get dropped frames (pink overlays) when recording with a external monitor - I have a FEELWORLD MA5 (which is 1080p and can't be switched to 480) - is there a way around it to reduce the amount of CPU usage so I can still use the external monitor?
3. It seems that I get dropped frames with both 14 / 10 bit MCM Rewire. That's a pity as I can't use this monitor when recording, just check framing/focus and turn it off.
4. I usually use Histogram with Exposure to the right and Kill GlobalDraw OFF (as you told Zeek) and Turn GlobalDraw OFF after 30 secs

Been pushing this little thing to create YouTube content and I have to say, the quality is better then my A6400.

Another thing that I would improve to be easier for new users (even though the presets are just amazing and makes life so much easier) would be to have a better workflow for converting RAW to ProRess directly.

Keep it up and looking forward to it!
Thanks for the clarifications masc, so pretty much this is the workflow at the moment. Appreciate it!
Hey guys, I just registered to congratulate Danne & Zeek (and others) for pushing this little beast.

I'm also starting my channel which will be mostly using the EOS M for everything video.

I have a few questions and I think it would be great to have answers on this:
1. What is the most stable and lower file size preset we can use right now? I've been currently using MCM Rewire preset but I'm getting some dropframes here and there when using a Feelworld MA5 monitor (probably because I can't switch the feed to 480p) - so for that I think when recording it's just better to turn off the monitor, right? At least for the moment.
2. Is there a faster way to convert ML RAW to ProRes 422 LT? MLVApp seems to be taking around 10 minutes for 30 seconds of video. I'm shooting long format 5-10 minutes videos for my YouTube channel and converting 10 minutes of RAW to ProRes is taking 2 days.
3. I noticed that it's a very big difference in file size between ProRes 422 & 422 LT with not that much disadvantages. Also it seems that MLVApp doesn't care if you export 4K or 1080p, the export time for a 30 second clip is usually the same. Also MLVApp seems to freeze sometimes, a few times I exported 3 minute RAW clip and it just froze after 1.5 hours.
4. The preamps in this camera doesn't seem to be that great neither, so probably would be better off recording externally. Any suggestions on that?

Overall I am blown away at the difference between H264 and ML RAW and definitely will continue using it, I'm just trying to find a workflow that's worth it so that I'm not waiting 5-8 hours to export videos.