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Quote from: dfort on May 17, 2019, 12:32:51 AM
I made a new build that supports 10bit/12bit raw video and posted it on my downloads page. This works with both mlv_rec and mlv_lite and seems to be more stable than previous builds. In order to use mlv_play with reduced bit files you'll also need to load the raw_twk module.

Note that development is continuing on the 2.0.3 firmware. I also have an experimental 2.0.6 branch going on but I couldn't figure out how to get the Master processor to give up its secrets so it is only a partial firmware update. Any help with dumping the firmware for the Master would be greatly appreciated. Note that this would also help with other dual processor cameras like the 5DS, 5DS R, 5D4 and of course the 7D2.

Thanks! I've loaded it and will let you know if I find issues, but initial testing was very smooth and uneventful.

best regards
Quote from: dfort on May 13, 2019, 08:21:50 AM
You are using one of my experimental builds for the 7D. Isn't that proof that there is still some development going on for this camera? Also note that when any branch gets updated, the 7D will probably also be updated.

Thanks so much for sharing your 7D builds! In the FWIW dept. here are some testing findings (...2019Mar22.7D203 build, global draw off):

I can't get a clean "stop record" (in crop rec mode, any res). The record icon stays on the screen and I have to exit live view, reboot camera. But the files are good. 2496x1198 @24fps 10 bit no problem.

In non-crop mode press record locks camera. Have to R&R battery to clear.

Cannot get mlv_play to load at boot time. (granted it is so slow playing back files this size, but it has use in verifying framing in crop rec mode)

In debug I noticed that two memory patches appear when in live view. From what I read on other camera model threads this appears to be normal?

For now I'll spend more time with the Mar02, will report anything I find, but it seemed pretty stable the last couple of days.

best regards
QuoteI've actually considered the idea. Maybe I'm wrong, but... to my knowledge, the interesting stuff happens in Japan; look at jobs available at Canon Europe, for example.

Yes, I've visited Japan and liked it a lot, but I'm not sure I'm prepared to raise my family there. I'd rather accept a position at Google (which also requires relocation, but at least it would be in Europe).

I'd say don't be shy about reaching out to upper management of various companies to see if they are interested in doing a creative deal with you. Chances are they will know who you are (even if not by name but as "the ML guy") since knowing the mkt place is a big part of their job description. It could literally look like anything, including doing your thing right where you are and tele-collaborating with them and taking some road trips when necessary. Of course no such deal is available through their jobs boards, but that doesn't mean that a company's upper mgmt wouldn't do it, it just means the mid-ling managers can't offer it. In fact upper mgmt would expect someone with your success to ask for such things (including the folks at Google). What you don't want to do imo is sell your self short. Not with what you've accomplished with ML. Just be prepared for a bunch of "it looked promising, but it didn't work out", remembering the goal is exactly one deal accomplished.  best regards

QuoteHowever, a full time job means I'll have to step down from ML and let someone else do the ground work.

Well, yes and no IMO. To me what would make the most sense is to direct the project as opposed to hanging in as the lead dev. Much less time requirement, plus given the number of people who have already stepped up doing dev work, it's something that needs to happen IMO. LOL, I know it can be tough to let go, but a stint directing ML is just going to make you that much more attractive to the corporations.
Quote from: a1ex on April 01, 2019, 11:28:06 PM
However, my (mostly part-time) job became increasingly demanding, to the point I've started to have major trouble getting things done for both ML and Apertus (even after putting in pretty much all the extra time not claimed by job and family). I feel like I'm solving about 10% of what I want to achieve, and everything else goes to the backburner. And, both being spare-time projects, I've started to question why I'm even doing this.

Yes, it's addictive, it's great to see you guys finding it useful, but... it's also draining my energy. Especially when a large part of the comments suggest what I'm doing is not enough. Yes, I know I can do a lot better, but... not during breaks / evenings / holidays. I need to change something.

FWIW, I put in the kind of hrs you describe trying to get a commercial energy software off the ground. 22,000 hrs of my time in an insanely short calendar span while also working a full time job for 1/2 of those yrs. LOL, I've been the tech project addict with a young family, so I know first hand about dealing with what you want to achieve vs time available vs living a life with family. JMO of course, but my advice is to not let anything dominate your time unless it provides for your family either right now or imminently thru contract. And even then, put family first. Life is short and you can't go backwards when you miss a bunch of it for an addictive tech project. As for monetizing your time investment in ML, maybe reach out to Canon upper management and tell them you'd like to work for them? (provided you'd want to) Or their competitors for that matter. ML features as official native firmware would be quite attractive for some company's latest release cameras imo.

best regards and thank you for sharing your fine work.
I can confirm that both H.264 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 rendered as MP4 (using input resolution = output resolution), do indeed work in v3370 and the files import into Adobe CS6 with no issues!

additional testing info:

I noticed when changing the output res larger, this only works when rendering to H.264 AVI (both MOV and MP4 don't work, not a problem for me).

I believe ffmpeg doesn't like doing H.264 4:4:4 as MP4 since trying to convert from AVI to MP4 using the conversion mentioned earlier didn't work. In MLVP trying to render H.264 4:4:4 as MP4 creates a tmp video file in the target folder and then deletes it at the end of rendering (which is fine imo if this is invalid in ffmpeg).

I tried to say thank you with your PayPal Donate button but it says "This recipient is currently unable to receive money." Let me know when it works and I'll be happy to donate!  :)

best regards
Does anyone know of an output format from MLVP that can be imported to Premier Pro CS6? I realize the problem is with CS6 (old) since the H.264 outputs work fine in everything else but what I want to use them in....

I found an older post here mentioning H.264 420 but no luck.


I found this thread in the Adobe forums and per the "answer" post created a .bat file with:

ffmpeg.exe -i "" -vcodec copy -acodec copy "M09-1518.mp4"

...and the resulting MP4 loads in to CS6 just fine. So I believe MLVP could add an output option to tell ffmpeg to create MP4 and it would work?

At least I have a workaround, but I am willing to test as much as needed if you can add it!  :)

best regards
Thanks AWPStar, both worked perfectly!

I also found a minor issue with Edit>Save Preset:

The "Enter preset Name" and "Overwrite?" dialogs get hidden behind the main preset dialog (where each desired option is checked) upon clicking the Save button, unless the main dialog is first moved off-center of workspace. Easy enough to work around, but wanted to report what I found.

Best regards.
First post here, congrats on a wonderful piece of software!

I did find an issue with build 3369. When attempting to render output to common H.264 I get an error dialog "Run-time error'53': File not found: mlvpctl.dll". Note that closing the dialog will close the software UI but ffmpeg.exe continues to run in background and must be manually terminated before MLVProducer.exe can be restarted.

The render function works fine in builds 3200 and 3261 (and "mlvpctl.dll" is not in those builds).

I also noticed the screen behavior changed between 3200 and 3261. In 3200 the X/Y proportion is maintained when stretching the UI. If the UI is too small to accommodate the image, it truncates. In 3261 and up, the X/Y proportion is not maintained when the UI is stretched and the image stretches with the UI frame. Is there a way to set it to maintain the X/Y proportion and resize the image to fit the available area when stretching the frame? (If not, no big deal)

best regards