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crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Danne's crop_rec_4k & ISO experiments
« on: January 22, 2021, 06:01:10 PM »
I do, and I use a Freewell monitor, everything above 1080p will give you a real time cropped x5 preview, 5K will appear flattened.

Thanks for the super fast reply.
X5 crop rt preview is exactly what I also get for example in 3,5k mode. But to be honest it's giving me a hard time to guess how the frame looks then finally. So I usually stay with the cameras built in monitor...
I was still hoping that I am just missing a config that would give just a clone of what is shown on built in monitor.

crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Danne's crop_rec_4k & ISO experiments
« on: January 22, 2021, 05:41:10 PM »
Hopefully someone has an answer for this : Is anyone of you using Danne's build here with an external monitor and is able to get the framing preview over hdmi on to the external monitor? If yes, which one?
Or is it maybe just not possible?

Thanks for A hint in the right direction.

File size / recording duration?
As in "MByte/s"...

Sure, thought there is maybe an option to show it live per card, like the mb/s stats that you get if you kill global draw... Thanks anyway for the hint.


With card spanning on, in UHD mode, write speed is around 120mbs (80 mbs CF +40 mbs SD)

Hopefully not a very dump question - but how did you get the write values per card?

Hopefully it will be useful with some workaround as I pretty much have no time to dig into the code atm.

yes of course - like mentioned, the workaround is easy and fast - just wanted to mention it... since the build looks besides that pretty damn perfect :)
Happy easter days for all of you!

came over from the EOS M and Dannes builds... love those - but now completely blown away by what the 5D3 is capable with this build! Just awesome.

One thing that I stumbled over today was the following behavior: when switching on the camera or going from still mode in movie mode, while having one of the presets "1920 1:1" or "mv1080p_mv720p" active then at first i just get a black screen. If i half push the shutter button to go in zoom mode, liveview appears and stays... behavior is from then on perfectly normal. Same if hit menu button (ore.g.  also trash button) and come back. It`s not happening if the cam goes in standby, and mirror flips back when waking it up again. I can`t remember having this behavior the days before... Is this a known thing?  Only difference I can think of, of doing today is changing frame-rates in canon menu for 60 fps recording. But of course I went back afterwards to 1920/25/All-I.

Already set back everything and did a completely new installation of ML. I am using "crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd_isogain_1x3_presets_2020Feb19.5D3113"
Thanks for any reply if the fault is on my side - if not, maybe a hint for an open ML issue.

Best, Larouso

As long as footage is ok a white flash in beginning is ok. If not using auto iso, works differently?
It`s not a flash - it stays completely white, so you have no preview of what you are capturing.  My assumption was, it is kind of a way overexposed preview / live view.
If auto iso is not enabled I never had the issue.
-> just checked again in a dark environment - it is for sure an overexpose thing - in dark environment you can see slightly the real preview like under a transparent white layer.

What happens when you zoom into x10? I tend to use magic zoom for closer previewing capability.
Yes right... In photo-mode I can use 10x zoom to really nail focus on the subject. In video mode magic zoom is available, true, but with its 3x I found it is not that precise. If you film 1080 and you subject is farer away it`s already pretty hard to determine if you  have the correct focus point. Just was wondering if there is a way to enable that also in video.

I had some time today to test the build from 24th April. Always started with cinema script. Worked all good, the only thing that I encountered on regular basis was a completely white screen when start recording (in various crop modes). Video itsself was recorded ok. To me it strikes that it only happens when I set ISO to auto... don`t kow if this already a known thing.

BTW: Is there any way to you use zooming 10x on half shutter release (or any other button) also in video mode like in photo mode (to align fous)?
Have a nice evening all.

Thanks !

Hi all, hope I did not miss it... I skipped some builds... is it on purpose that SDoverclock.lua script is not included in the latest build?

:) Don't think so. No matter what you do - MLVApp should not crash. Especially on Windows we have the biggest problem. For every smallest bug in MLVApp, on Windows it crashs, on OSX it is more tolerant.

In fact it works under the latest (v1.5) 32bit version of MLV App. I can load the file, edit it, export it, go frame by frame... how ever occasionally also MLV 32 bit crashes if I hit play.

@Larouso: thanks for the file. No problem on OSX here (10.9). Have to wait some days until I can test on a windows system. Have you tried 32bit build? Does it crash too, if you do the same? I tried with one of my files on 32bit windows version yesterday and it worked fine.

Alright, then it seems the problem is on my PC - or in front of the PC :) ... thanks for looking into it anyway!
I will also check out the 32 BIt Version as well and give feedback.

I uploaded short MLV file that does not work on my site as long as I have the map file placed in the same folder as the exe. If I relocate the map file the mlv is opened up just fine.
(hope sharing the mlv in that way is all right) - 12.4 MB

I`m using win 10, MLV 1.5; 64 bit version (
Let me know if I can provide any further info.

Thanks a lot for looking into it.

crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Danne's crop_rec_4k experiments for EOS M
« on: February 28, 2019, 09:37:43 PM »
Not directly. Download 80000331_1872x1190.fpm from dfort's repos and copy it next to executable (.exe on Win, on OSX executable inside app package). MLVApp will recognize this file and use it.

Hi everyone,
just received the eos M last weekend - and spent already countless hours here reading through the stuff :) You are doing such great work. Thanks a hundred times to everybody contributing so far!

My question is:
I downloaded the 80000331_1872x1190.fpm from dforts bitbucked, placed the file next to the exe. Now whenever I open up a 1080p MCM rewire clip, the video in MLV app stays black, as soon as I hit play it crashes.
Other crop modes are not affected - so it seems to me map file is recognized, but something is going wrong then. Am  doing something ovious wrong?  Used Dannes latest build, but it`s the same with the other ones that I already tried.

Thanks for any hints.

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