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Thanks for the tips, appreciate it. I'll be trying out these suggestions. I'm familiar with processing raw footage from the C200. This was just feeling a bit more foreign to me.

That slider looks like a really good choice very pleasing to watch footage from it!

I've tuned the stepper motors for better motion in close shots too, now it can do really small scale work smoothly. I love tweaking hardware. I'm doing some soldering today to add a wireless serial-bridge, which will allow full control from desktop software called Dragonframe.

Awesome work on MLV App Ilia3101. You've pulled off a better raw processing/ingest platform than some multi-million dollar companies have managed to  8) Super impressed with all of the dev-work by ML authors and supporting projects. So nice to see people openly sharing information instead of withholding it. I've always believed in working this way whenever possible. Happy to share any info or settings that might be useful to anyone along the way.

Haven't used any of my camera gear lately and when I did bring no rig only a 100IS macro and that result in a pretty shaky image.
I used the 100mm Canon macro on a super cheap tripod for most of that video, it's a great lens for a lot of things. There's tricks for avoiding shakes in various shots. If you have a specific example let me know.

This started as a hobby with a Nikon DSLR + $5 shower curtains, but soon I'll be starting some contract work.

Thanks guys. Some shots aren't that great, but I wanted to work through the test footage and get it uploaded quickly.

I didn't have any problems with live-view, aside from not being used to such a tiny screen. The camera was stationary for almost every shot. With motion control it's easier to bring the subject to the camera than try to move a DSLR around without shaking and worrying about nailing focus. Some focusing was done on the fly, but that's just practice.

Happy to share any workflow info: MLV App for intake -> CDNG -> Raw processing in resolve... now, this is where I ended up with more questions than answers. I'm not really sure what the native color-gamut is coming out of the camera, since no combination of input gamut + color-transform node to rec709 seemed 100% correct for color.

And there was some quirks with gamma curves in CDNG RAW settings too:
  • LOG-C curve results in weird loss of detail, particularly in mid-tones (after bringing it back to gamma 2.2 in a transform node further downstream). I haven't seen this before.
  • Rec.709 gamma seemed to crush blacks hard
  • sRGB gamma felt the most accurate, so rolled with that

Unsure why gamma 2.2 isn't listed specifically. Where is this list generated from? Is it file metadata or something similar? I'd assume RAW footage can be set to any gamma curve.

14bit 1080p on this camera is awesome. I can't believe some of the images coming out of it. Pairing the Mk III with something like the new Shinobi 5" monitor would be a killer setup.

1080p 14bit is definitely my favorite mode so far. It even up-scales to 4K quite nicely! Plenty of detail in there.

3.5K is an amazing tech demo, but I'm more interested in normal aspect ratios. Even cropping in on 3.5K 12bit tends to have more noise so far.

Could someone please clarify if anyone has managed too pull off 3/3.3/3.5K capture with a properly framed (not 5x) HDMI output? I'm assuming not, but wanted to be certain. Any bit-rate. Cheers.

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