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Hi folks!
To install ML on my 5d3 I would need to downgrade the Canon firmware. Before doing so I'd like to find out how FPS override works. I would like to create a digital copy of several 8mm/Super 8mm films that were shot with 18 and 24 fps. I did a trial run yesterday (ISO 400, 1/30, f/2.4) and it was not too bad actually. I ran into the following problems though:

- Some kind of "banding" effect, meaning bars of darker areas that are moving slowly down
- When watching a single frame it occasionally looks like a double exposure, so the 5d3 obviously captured two film frames in one digital clip frame

Both artefacts are the result of the camera and the projector not being in sync. So I wonder if I can adjust the frame rate of the camera in .001-steps to better synchronize playback and recording speeds? To minimize the probability of the mentioned "double exposure" I'd just reduce the exposure time to a minimum - however, that turned out to increase the banding effect which appears quite logical to me.

However, my basic question is: Can I adjust the FPS setting in .001 steps?

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