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Thanks again. (Public holiday yesterday in Japan, which is why my extremely slow reply) I'll try that test tomorrow when I'm home at my machine again.

Thanks for taking that in-depth look. Yeah, battery pull sounds about right.

So, what is my course of action? Is a manual reflash something that can be done on the actual camera, rather than just in the emulator? If so, is it something I can manage myself? (Had a look through the forums for this answer; couldn't find anything. Probably don't know what search terms to use.)

Reproduced the issue in QEMU; looking into it.

Minor issue: main firmware flag is disabled.

Major issue: after enabling it, the ROM starts to boot, but prints a lot of gibberish to the console.

Best guess (unconfirmed): battery removed during the firmware update?!

Hm. My brother said it had hung for 5+ minutes when was doing whatever he was doing (installing 1.1.2 firmware?). I imagine he probably pulled the battery at that point.

So, is there a next step, or am I borked?

PM sent.

The QEMU image contains, out of the box, a small autoexec.bin. Does that work?

No, it doesn't.

BUT, tried the same process with a different card and dumped the ROM! Yay! Have preserved those files in a safe place. But no RESCUE.LOG file to be seen.

Formatting a card (and making it bootable using EOScard) and putting the firmware update on results in a quick message saying that firmware update is loading, and then nothing. See video:!N0AmiSBI!9QOCh2MvJwwTSvclB58wFG1WcVBBOsudxuAdt-ug9PE

Doing the same with current ML firmware, as suggested by @nikfreak, results in a similar error, but in this case, the LED stays lit until the battery is removed:!8gwnkYoa!oYXPUDWNwluCkN7X7H2B2ItKXaQxvR5T9fSD9oU8cYs

Suggestions as to what I'm messing up, or any next steps?

Thanks for your time on this. I'm in the Japan Standard timezone, by the way, which is one of the reasons it takes me so long to reply, so I appreciate your patience. (Both a1ex and nikfreak)

Sure, but didn't my writing of the QEMU image as referenced at  take care of that? Sorry if I've missed a step here...

EDIT: added missing link

Okay, sorted out the card (re-formatted a larger one to a smaller size, as suggested). However, after following the instructions (copying the autoexec.bin over), and popping the battery in I still get the same "update file cannot be found" error, and no dumped ROM files. So possibly a different bricking than you were expecting?

Camera Emergency Department / Re: 70D Bricked "update file cannot be found"
« on: September 30, 2018, 03:14:02 AM »
Thanks for the reply. Was away from the PC for a couple of days. Will need to cast about for a small enough SD card. Will reply when I've found one and done the ROM dumper thing.

Hello friends!

Originally had Magic Lantern Nightly.2016Apr23.70D111A installed. Never bothered upgrading because it worked fine and did everything I needed. Brother thought he would do me a favour and and install the 1.1.2 firmware or something (he's not clear on what he did).

Now, when I try to power on the camera with a non-ML card, freshly formatted card, or no card, it gives me this:

Firmware update program
Update file
cannot be found.
Please check the memory
card and reload
the battery and try again

When I use my original ML card, I get:

Model detection error.
Your camera doesn't look like a 70D 1.1.1

What you can do:
- Make sure you've got the right ML zip for your camera model.

- If in doubt, upgrade (or downgrade) your Canon firmware to 1.1.1 (again).

- To use your camera without Magic Lantern, format this card from your computer.

You may now remove your battery.

Both of these appear when I insert the battery. I tried reinstalling ML, but end up with the same issue. No access to menus, as far as I can tell. If I had the 1.1.1 firmware file, maybe that would work, but since that's the one that came installed on the 70D, there doesn't seem to be a .FIR file for it.

Any further suggestions?

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