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I don't get what you don't get.  A "1920x1080 1x1 RAW"...(explanation) If you still don't get it, I don't know how to make it clear to you.  I am giving up, sorry.

Hi IDA_ML, its not just him, there's more people confused with the terminology used here, this is a canon eos-m thread and people keep using terms like "crop factor" for comparing with full frame sensor and then crop factor for recording video modes where only a croped area is used and people tend to get confused about what is what, i know this is for advanced users but people have to start somewhere.

I think everyone apreciates all the help/dedication/time that developers put on ML and still answer questions here...its priceless all the help given here but i think its normal for people to get confused with terms being used to describe 2 different things.

I know its a thread for advanced usage...just my 2 cents.

Share Your Videos / Re: After the rain - Canon EOS-M
« on: September 23, 2020, 01:07:50 AM »
Try to desaturate your shadows (dark areas). It has too much red color in it

Hi, thanks for the advice, it was an "artistic" decision, but yes its too much red, redone the edit in Premiere but didnt get much sucess with it, tried davinci resolve with cdng source from mlvapp and i managed to get a more pleasing/natural video.

With Prores sources and Premiere

With Cdng source and Davinci Resolve

Share Your Videos / Re: After the rain - Canon EOS-M
« on: September 22, 2020, 09:22:43 PM »
second version...more brighter

Share Your Videos / After the rain - Canon EOS-M
« on: September 20, 2020, 11:53:28 PM »
Hi everyone!

Just a quick test with the Canon EOS-M, 2.5k, 16:9 (2192x1234), 15-45mm ef-m lens, edited in Premiere and exported to 2560x1440

Hi Walter and Danne, thanks for your help, unfortunally it was a long day at work and i'm unable to get the "right english" to explain my situation, bad other way to put it, if any of you has admin rights in the forum please delete my last posts to avoid further confusion to new users, will try to explain it better tomorrow after a good night sleep.

As always...thanks.

ML never had a crop mode in photo mode other than silent pic.

i was "talking" about the video modes, some of the modes have a zoom factor, i remember reading here or on a video on youtube that using that video mode already zoomed in together with 3x times zoom that helps focusing can create good photos but i dont see how to take a pic in video mode, i remember Danne writting about an 8bit option that when selected would enable the user to take a picture while in video mode.

Thanks for your help. 

Hi everyone!
Was trying to get some photos of the neowise comet with the EOS M and its working perfectly, if i zoom on the moon 10x and take a photo i don't get the zoomed version, is there a way/hack for this? i remember people talking here about using one of the croped video modes to take a photo and simulate the zoon effect? i tried but i might be missing something because it doesnt work.

Can anyone help?

Hi everyone!
Got carried away yesterday testing the 15-45 efm lens and got lost in the settings i was using so i ended up with different aspect ratios/resolutions, altough people downplay the 15-45 IS EFM lens i think its better than 22mm efm prime, here's the video with annotations on the resolutions/focal distance, everything was converted to 2560x1440.

Choose "2.5K 2520x1418" mode and select 16:9. That's all.

dah...right in front of me. Thanks

Don+´t touch those settings at all. Should be at max.

Thanks Danne!

There are 2 different 2.5K modes. One brings 1920x1080, the other 2192x1234 for 16:9 ratio.

How do i get the 2192x1234? i must be doing something wrong.

Share Your Videos / Re: Canon EOS M, 2.5k raw with 15-45mm ef-m lens
« on: June 22, 2020, 01:48:37 PM »
Here's the second part...same place...same settings... on a sidenote i'm starting to slowly using more and more Davinci Resolve, i use Premiere Pro and i find it very intuitive and easy to use/colorgrade/edit and been trying to do the same edits with both programs and Resolve can handle the exported prores/cdng way better than Premiere, a lot of playback stutter and previewing effects with Premiere whilst in Resolve everything is alot smoother and its free.

Thanks Danne, i was writting the reply while you posted yours. will try it your suggestion, if i want to record 16:9 on 2.5k mode i need to select 16:9 on movie tab and what in the raw sub video menu? 16:9 as well?

If the maximal size is limited, crop the width.

Hi Masc, thanks for your suggestion, it would crop a lot. In the movie tab on ratio i left it at off and in the raw video submenu i selected 16:9 that resulted in 2520x1080 (2.35 aspect ratio), if i select 2.35 the end resolution is the same, but if i select 16:9 ratio in movie tab and 16:9 on raw video sub menu it will record in 1920x1080 but with a width crop (what you were suggesting), i was hoping i would get a wider field of view like the 2580x1080 FOV... its a crop of a zoomed crop. Will play with these settings and see what i can do. Thanks to everyone keeping Magic Lantern alive.

Hi everyone!
Is there a way to record in 16:9 aspect ratio when using the 2.5k mode, i selected 16:9 and my recordings had a 2.35 aspect ratio (2520x1080).


Share Your Videos / Canon EOS M, 2.5k raw with 15-45mm ef-m lens
« on: June 10, 2020, 01:45:55 AM »
Hi everyone! just trying out my "new" canon 15-45mm ef-m lens, stabilization on the lens helped a lot when using the 2.5k mode (2520x1080), Preset: Tonemaped, Tonemaping: None, Processing gamut: Rec709, sharpness 80 and small changes (highlights..shadows etc), exported to prores 422hq, edited in premiere (no color grading), exported to 4k (3840x1634), video quality could be tweaked further (noise reduction, color) but here it is... video recorded in northern (countryside) Portugal.

Hi again, just figured out what was wrong with the colours...i recorded the videos on a sunny day and used 5600k as whitebalance but i was getting the wrong colour/cast in mlvapp, converting to cdng was giving better results but something was off, after so many tests i decided to play with the WB value in mlvapp and after some tests i found out that using 5600k was the problem, the colours were back to normal if i use 4600k, dont know what happened since i read here and on other forums that 5600k is good for sunny days.

Thanks everyone.

Hi Masc, thanks for your help, Resolve/Premiere/hitfilm/kdenlive/shotcut are not complicated if you only use them to "lightly" edit the footage, for example: cut, stabilize,add title and small color edit, Resolve has indeed a lot of options in the color grading area but apart from that it looks and is used like any other regular NLE.

Will try your suggestions, thanks.

Hi everyone, one of my main dificulties/weaknesses with magic lanterm is color grading the raw videos, mlvapp has received lots of attention in the color grading "section" but for some like me there's to many options, i know its sacrilege to say "to many options", i find that when i export mlv to cdnglossless or use mlvfs and import the dng sequences in Resolve and Premiere they have a more pleasing color to me, i find it easier to finish the colorgrading from that starting point, the problem is that editing cdng sequences brings my pc to a halt, i dont have any problems editing question there a way to export to prores "using the color profiles" that are used when converting to cdng?


Hardware and Accessories / Re: Advice on a wide lens for the EOS-M
« on: June 03, 2020, 04:47:55 PM »
Hi Danne, thanks for the advice, the Samyang 12mm is too expensive here in Europe between 250 and 300 euros new and 2nd hand, the 7artisans is 150 new, the 15-45mm is between 70 and 130 euros 2nd hand, at the moment with the pandemic and lay-offs my budget can only go up to 150 maximum.


Hardware and Accessories / Advice on a wide lens for the EOS-M
« on: June 03, 2020, 04:21:44 PM »
Hi everyone!

I need some advice on some wide lens for my eos-m, i wanted to try the 2.5k mode but a wide lens is needed since it crops the image, i have 2 lens in mind, the CANON EF-M 15-45mm with IS and the 7artisans 12mm EF-M, Zeek has said good things about the 7artisans lens in his videos but i managed to find teh CANON EF-M 15-45mm with image stabilization in 2nd hand for half the price, from what i see online the 7artisans has a sharper image but no stabilization, the 15-45mm has IS although not as smooth as OIS. Whenever i try to use 2.5k mode (even in 1080prewire) i see a lot of micro jitters that warp stabilizer most of times cant handle, it kind of stabilizes it but looks like the video has been split into layers and those some layers kind of move while other parts dont...its hard to explay but those micro jitters are a pain and prevent me to use the EOS-M more often as i get frustrated.

On one hand the 7 artisans looks good but no IS and the 15-45 has IS but the sharpness/image quality is not as good at the 7artisans.

Can anyone give me some advice? Does anyone have the 15-45 efm lens and can comment on its quality?

Share Your Videos / Re: Canon EOS M - 8/5/2020
« on: May 26, 2020, 12:22:28 AM »
i exported both to 1080 @50Mbps and 4k @100Mbps

the one i uploaded is the 1080p version, here's the 4k upscaled version:

some years ago when google bought on2 and developed vp8/vp9 i made some extensive tests but at the time vp8/vp9 where cpu intensive when playing, as far as i can see the youtube vp9 versions use half the video bitrate while maintaining the same quality as the h264 versions.

Share Your Videos / Canon EOS M - 8/5/2020
« on: May 25, 2020, 04:27:39 PM »
Hi everyone, can't remember the settings i used, it was converted to prores with mlvapp and used premiere pro to color correct the clips.

Hardware and Accessories / New battery grip for the EOS-M available
« on: May 14, 2020, 11:47:17 PM »
The website will be updated to list the EOS-M battery grip

:) you're right so much writting variations with lower/uppercase "b", i completely forgot about that, i just saved 40 euros, the DJI Osmo records @100mbps (12.5MBps), i have a 95MBps 64GB on the Osmo when it only needs a 12.5MBps card, from now on that one goes to the EOS-M.

Thanks Walter.

I might have left out a SMALL detail, i have a DJI Osmo Pocket and it records video @100MB/s thats why i was looking for the extreme pro model since it supports those speeds, if i ever stop using the EOS-M i can use the card on the Osmo Pocket.

Thanks for all the advices, will wait for those results when you test uhs2 on uhs1 device.

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