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New ROM dumper on 6D2 works as intended, got different hashes, but I suppose it's because of change of settings since last dump?
@t3r4n you should consider moving these into ~/.radare2rc and not fiddle with text files and open editors :-)

I'm still figuring my way through radare2, ARM console, and probably something else. Having no IDA complicates it a bit, reading raw undecorated ASM in GDB is too hardcore for now :)
Will try the new dumper tonight

Is it safe to assume that most of these messages are errors?

I think it fails earlier, unless "irregular TotalSheets 0" is a known and insignificant error message.
6D2 seems to wait for startup config to finish, last flag `0x40000` isn't cleared for a couple of minutes

I'm sure we'll need your help for much more than that :-)

Great job Alex, I guess now is the case for us, owners of 6d2 and other DIGIC 7 cameras, to continue the effort :-)

a1ex, here's the CPU info from 6D2.
Maybe it could be easier if it wrote output to SD card, taking these photos was far from easy :-)

I wonder what is the level8 cache it mentions

LED number on 6d2 appears to be 0x5b.
Speaker/beeper is a bit weird, the second least significant bit seems to have some echo which makes it hard to distinguish whether it's 1 or 0, there seem to be 3 clicks per just two edges. It's either 0x40, 0x42, or both.
Maybe that explains why there are 3 clicks, rising edges coincide, while falling edges are spread apart as one of them is longer than the other.

SD LED: 0xD208016C
Speaker 1: 0xD2080100
Speaker 2: 0xD2080108

P.S. 77D looks similar :)


Oh indeed, I forgot this is the firmware update file format.
Thank you!

Battery taken out, can I put it back now? :)

I have found a 2GiB SD card, formatted it via my 6D2 (low-level format), then dd-ed 256 MB filesystem .img over it, and copied 6D2_DUMP.FIR into SD root.
Then put the SD card into camera, turned it on, screen lit up as usual, I let it sit for a minute and then turned camera off, opened SD card bay and after 10 seconds ejected it.
There are no new files on the SD card following this procedure, did I miss something?

So I don't need my STM32 Discovery and phototransistors anymore? :-( :-D

I have a 6D2, is there anything I could help with without taking the camera apart? :-)

Duplicate Questions / Re: Canon 6D mark ii
« on: April 12, 2018, 01:30:06 PM »
So there is no branch where the development for DIGIC7 takes place? Would you suggest where to start?

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