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Man, I perfectly understand you, but because you told about personal details that are important to you I have to remind, you should remember that this is developer threat. I bet, that the most part of those who use these builds doesn't need in-camera sound recording.
Why do you need audio in 5d2?

Pulling out my red-hot СF card, I can tell that I had a sucsess and got 4896x1828 23.976 video after post processing.

I noticed that it's not a "proper framing", it's proper aspect ratio, because we see only this area in the preview:

In the video with the laptop i saw only the keyboard and the touchpad.

Also i was getting red blinking message through all the adjustment process:
[56]  light measure stack overflow free:0 used:512

And could not enable 180 degree shutter, only 1/45 or 1/50

I think, that the google docs idea would be ok in the case of at least 2 or 3 developers. David now works alone on the developments of 5d2 and 50d. I don't think he would like to read every little thought came to our heads described in a sheet of google docs. Personally me, I wouldn't. It's more like hobby for him.
Quote from: reddeercity on August 19, 2020, 12:21:12 AM
I can only assume by the download number that thinks are Ok . Now I'll have to guess   :-\

Look, you can maybe use some online link trackers. I found this one:
Hi, Reddeercity!
BIG Thanks for your work.
I tested the new Crop_Rec.Mo and did some videos.
Everything is perfect, except that I couldn't get 3k 1:1 mode work the right way.
Mobile phone video:

Other moments:
* Is it possible to add 5k mode here to get all in 1 crop_rec.MO?
* Is it real to unsqueeze the 4k anamorphic preview somehow?
* I keep trying to get unfrozen preview somehow but only can get it in 14 bit... You already answered me on it, but I think it will be a good decision to figure out why there is a live preview in 14 bit mode, but not in 10 bit mode.

PS: sorry, had some unexpected things to do, so i did it only today.
Quote from: reddeercity on July 11, 2020, 05:46:52 AMI'll post a video on how to
fully enable the presets trouble free .  :D   
sounds very good :)

Wow, I will be trying out this today
@maybe your lens is in autofocus mode?
4k picture is insane.
There is definitely something special in the 592-1776 stretching. I don't know how it works but it adds a certain kind of look to the picture:
Processed with MLVP (BDM film profile, ''Lift'' green channels reconstruction mode, MLVPDM debayering method, some basic cc)
Very sharp (keep in mind that it's f/1.7)
And it feels sharper if compare it with 3k:
(1856 mode also feels sharper, but 3k is megacool zoom mode, and it contains a lot of information)

And this is color graded (in Vegas pro) 2:1 version of that 4k anamorphic image:

My dream is unsqueezed preview in 4k mode :)
Understood you, Reddeercity. Wish I could help you, but i'm too old to get into all this... oly can help with testing, checking, filming somthing etc..
Hope you take 50d to a new level :), and even 7D afterwards.
@Reddeercity, look, i was playing with 48 fps today trying make some b roll transitions and noticed some strobing or flickering (i don't know how to say it correctly) effect when i was in the room with fluorescent lamps. So it because 1/125 shutter speed. Is there any way to change it in 48 fps mode?
Another question. How do you think, is it real to push fps even more just cutting edges from the right and the left side? It could become 1376x774 (from 1856x774) but with higher fps.
I'm thinking now of buying 50d  :D :D
Reddeercity. Keep it, please. That looks so crisp
@Reddeercity, i would like to test 1856x680 48fps  :D
Saw some aliasing, but i also think it depends on scene.
Hi, i was doing some things these days and missed a 1x3 preset =) So I think i shouldn't try it now before it becomes part of new build version?

@Reddeercity - what do you think about FHD 48p binned for rich 16x9 aspect ratio? Or just lower the resolution?
For example, now you have 1856 x 774 with 48p working. So 1856x774=1,436,544 (pixels that work stable with 48p, so it's 68,954,112 pixels per second i bet..?)

So there are two options that are close to 1,436,544
1600*900=1,440,000 pixels
1598*898=1,435,004 pixels

16x9 48p I think would be very useful for b-rolls or things like that.

Meanwhile, I did some shot's:

4k 3x1
(aliasing is noticeable)

downgraded to 4k in editing program
(sorry, i forgot to switch off blending when increased video speed, you can notice it on birds, but my PC is too slow to rerender it again)

Reddeercity, understand you about "-25 degrees"  ;D
Hi, Reddeercity, thanks for your amazing work!

My camera is happy every time a new firmware comes out...

It worked for me:
8 fps - it's an ideal decision in my opinion.

Can't wait to test it. Will try to do it tomorrow or the day after, when it's daylight in the same place i shoot 5k panorama  ;)

And i still think it perfect for interior shooting.
Just look at tre first 3 seconds. This is what i'm talking about.
This shot with gimbal, but hope i'll have possibility to shoot a wide-open bright interior with motorized slider and 4k or 5k 16:9 preset

Edit: Did a small 3 sec video in my place instead of going outside  :P:
Hi, @Reddeercity

I did some tests, it's dope...   :)

Centering is perfect, thanks
centering" border="0

Unfortunately, I don't have any cool interiors or good looking landscape and motorized slider as well... so I shoot a 5k panorama with gimbal and downscaled it to 4k because my computer is toooo slow for 5k, or even 2,5k, and my software is unable to render videos that are more than 2880 vertically, so I had to render it with "avi ucompressed" to get 5632 x 3124 it requires a lot of space, so I rendered two videos: 1. only 3 sec of 5k and 2. whole panorama in 4k

5k 3 sec

But there is a problem (for me). Even in 14 bit with global draw allowed in 4k, I got a frozen preview.

Videos from phone:
4k (frozen preview is here)

Also, got lines in shadows (i think it disappears with time)

SHADOWS" border="0

@Reddeercity, what do you think about 4k 16:9 (binned or regular) with small FPS? 

What do you think about 1dx mark iii. I was shocked by 5.5k 60 fps raw internally but it has only 20,1 mp in 2020 is it ok for photographers? We have 21 in 5d2 :)
Quote from: reddeercity on January 05, 2020, 03:46:02 AM
Ok here is a sample from the 5.6k preset (5632x2356 4.22fps)
Shot this yesterday , at sunset (4:30pm mst) , use my ef24-70mm 2.8L canon lens @ 24mm
F8 , ISO 100 , 1/5th second and because it was a sunset I had to use a Variable ND filter and stop it down 4 stops
I processed the 10bit cdng's thought Adobe After Effect CS6 with ACR ,I didn't spend much time on grading , just the basic .
I export the file to apple ProRes 422HQ and uploaded that same file (9.3GB)
I capture 7:00 min's continuously to a 32GB Lexar 1066x CF Card , I saw write speeds pecking around 87MB/s & the average was 79.3MB/s   :)
I set the A.E. project to 24fps and that made the time condensed to about 1:15 seconds from 7:00 min's .
Watch it @ 5K (2880p) for the best viewing , I might have to increase the frame rate to 6.5 to see if it's better film motion .

FYI: I was trying this out on the 50D and I can get 4752x1980 @ 10fps 10bit but only gets around 6-8 seconds , looks like I'm going to have to get
Lossless working on D4/5D2& 50D sooner then later  ;D

just amazing......
Divine...  :D
1 png frame from the video:

It works great. I think it can be useful only with timelapses or interior shootings with motorized sliders with very low-speed movement (when you set A point and B point and it slides extremely slow) and make it 6-8 times faster to get 25 or 30 fps. But for this, i think it should be 16:9. And it records only 15 sec now. Don't know if it's usable mode but it's very very interesting!

@reddeercity, i understand. Thank you for your awesome work... Merry Christmas! Wishing you a magical holiday!
The day after tomorrow i'm coming back to my house and check the new build  :D :D :D

Edit: Everything works just fine in my case except of 3,5k profile. Think i missed something. Will try to do something with it and reply to you later :) 48p is very cool mode... In the meantime, i'm thinking of using mobile phone as a viewfinder for 4k mode..   :-\

Hm... Also, i can connect hdmi monitor to this phone and make right framing there...

Question: What about adding full-resolution 5k with small fps mode? It may be very good for time-lapses or interior shooting using motorized sliders for example.

I got around 13 sec of 14-bit 4k raw with full range (without cropping) 1-2 fps squeezed preview in camera on Lexar 1066x with your previous build.
it,s really dope =)
Is there any way to in camera de-squeeze this preview image (3 times stretch vertically)?
Works well...
In this build in my case HDMI monitor gets the signal only in 1x zoom mode (then after the monitor switches on you need to go to x5 zoom)

And just in case again:
positions" border="0
<a target='_blank' href=''>image host</a>

The whole image is standard h264
Grey zone - is 4k recording zone
Blue zone is what i've seen through the HDMI

Also, I've tried to align recording zone vertically, fixing  hi and lo cmoses but didn't get the result, so i'm not sure i do it the right way

Some videos shot on phone:

@Mask and @2blackbar thanks for the explanations i'll check it all about the pixel binning methods
@Masc Man, I think true 4k is when you have true 4k pixels in a line (?), here we have 4096.
and the rolling shutter if understand right must be less in this mode because there are only 592 vertical lines.