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Tutorials and Creative Uses / Re: Firmware Update/Downdate?
« on: November 18, 2018, 03:42:20 PM »
Yes, I successfully rolled back from 1.3.5 to 1.2.3 and to and from several other versions...
Excellent! Thanks a lot for confirmation.

Tutorials and Creative Uses / Re: Firmware Update/Downdate?
« on: November 18, 2018, 01:14:18 AM »
I'm considering purchasing 5D mkIII and installing ML. Did anyone successfully roll back firmware v1.3.5 to v1.2.3? Should I stay away from 5DmkIII running on FW 1.3.5?

Thanks for your reply A1ex. Lightroom renders files the way I described above. RawTherapee produces results very similar to yours with no difference.

Is the color shift visible with mlv_dump?

Managed to extract a DNG (download link) with mlv_dump default conversion (mlv_dump --dng myfile.mlv). The color shift is there, and I'd rate its severity between results produced by “batch_mlv_in-out” (best) and “MVL App” (worst). There is also the highest level of blue hue present in clipped blacks with mlv_dump. Hopefully, devs can tackle the color shift issue with 10bit files. I can help so far with feedback only.

If you use the "official" crop_rec_4k mlv_dump you can skip the "-b 14" option because it will save to 14 bit by default:
Code: [Select]
mlv_dump --dng <inputfile>

dfort, thanks for the tip. In my case I had to use the following cmd syntax to extract DNGs:
Code: [Select]
root_path_to\mlv_dump --dng root_path_to\MLVfile.mlv

Not sure what "option 15" is, and the EXIF info in the DNG says Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, so I couldn't tell whether you were using the right version - try the command-line mlv_dump from the Experiments page.

I used batch_mlv_in-out to output 10bit DNG above. I need to read a manual for command-line mlv_dump before I make it output DNGs ::)

Is the color shift visible with mlv_dump?
With mlv_dump (option 15), 10bit DNGs are identical to those produced by MLV App (color shift visible)

If using other converter, is it following this recommendation? (if not, you know where you have to report the issue)
I couldn't check black level with mlv_dump since "-v" is not listed as an option, and it doesn't do any operation. What did the trick to remedy the color shift in 10 bit files is the option 4 (converting image data to 14 bit depth per channel).

Download 10bit DNG interpreted as 14bit

Download 10bit DNG

Feature Requests / Re: Digital Dolly Speed Config
« on: December 27, 2017, 04:24:58 AM »
I'm interested in a digital dolly speed adjustment feature for video shooting as well.

Of course you should also compare 10bit raw against 8bit H.264.

I did. In case of 6D, while detail and dynamic range are noticeably higher in 10 bit RAW, 8bit H.264 file has an edge with a relatively "consistent and accurate" color, whereas 12/10bit file gets polluted with a green & yellow cast in blacks/shadows. This temperature/tint difference is also noticeable between 14 bit (best IQ results) and 12/10 bit files. Has anyone noticed similar temp/tint shifts with other models?

Here is an example clearly demonstrating the difference in quality between 10 & 14 bit recording after raising blacks & shadows in post:

@6D_ML which build are you using and is there a 5D2 build?
Build 33: It looks like 5D2 is not supported yet.

Here is my take on comparing 10bit vs 14bit on 6D*1.1.6 Build 33.

mlv_rec module for recording RAW video (1.00x crop). →  MLV files converted into cinemaDNG (lossless) with MLV App v0.12 alpha. → DNGs to JPGs in LR 6.5. JPG conversion settings should be embedded in DNGs.

Expo settings: 1/30s, iso100, 30fps.
Image Fine-tuning:
ML Digital ISO: 0.0 EV
Black Level: 0
Shutter fine-tuning: +39 units

WB adjusted in ML EXPO tab (Auto adjust Kelvin + G/M) for 14-bit recording and remained fixed for 10bit mode. 
Click on thumb for full size JPG.

14bit / 30fps
Download DNG (

10bit / 30fps
Download DNG (

Is there a flaw in the above workflow or a 10-bit raw footage is not very forgiving for raising blacks and shadows compared to a 14-bit file for such a scene?
I've also shot less contrasty scenes that didn't require much shadows/blacks pushing in post, and 10/14bit footage looks indistinguishable, unless you start pixel peeping at 200%+ zoom level.

Also, I noticed that in Build 33, when I set in Pref tab, “ISO/Kelvin” - ON and “Use Set button” - ON, they do not appear in LV before or during recording. Pressing UP/DOWN/SET buttons does not change anything.

Looks like the 6D is up and running properly. Thanks @6D_ML for the excellent bug reporting and following a1ex's instructions.

I did not expect  A1ex to release those last builds so quickly, and I lagged behind with the testing. Well done A1ex!
So far, great results for 6D video shooters:
Continuous 10-bit RAW recording 1728x724 (1.05x) @ 23.976 fps with sound.
Continuous 10-bit  RAW recording in crop mode 1920x720 (2.85x) @ 23.976 fps with sound.

Live liew during crop mode video recording does not work yet in 10/12-bit mode.

Both RAM dumps were taken under the same conditions, right? (same shutter speed, same video mode etc)

Found another set of addresses, not an exact match (likely because the RAM dumps were not taken at the same shutter speeds), but let's try that one as well (build #33). If that doesn't work, please send me a ROM dump from that build as well.
Build #33 allows for shutter speed changes now! PM with ROM files sent.

Fix pushed (issue confirmed in QEMU, but could not test the actual behavior). Please try build #32.
Tried Build #32. The issue persists, but now the shutter speed value is equal to 360° of the selected FPS. Here's a screenshot for 1920/30FPS:

Can you run the same tests on the latest build (#31) ?
Build# 31 still has the same shutter speed issue. The stuck value is different though:

BTW, I see ISO is set to Auto. Are you in M mode?
Indeed, it was M mode with autoISO, but switching to Av, Tv, P modes does not remedy stuck SS values.

edit: I might remember something; please PM me a RAM dump (Debug -> Dump ROM and RAM, from both #22 and #31).
PM sent with RAM dump.

Read from #1365 - the questions are still valid.

If it's a regression (issue not present in regular nightly), try older builds to narrow down. If that doesn't help, compile from source, running "hg bisect".

Alex, thank you for your reply and providing the link to older builds. Let me answer some questions you asked previously.
Quote from: a1ex
Is it a a display issue, or does the image brightness stay fixed as well?
Replies based on Build #26 (Aug 21, 2017 10:24:50 AM) for 6D1.1.6 with no settings changed or modules loaded.
Image brightness does not change when adjusting shutter speed. It's actually frozen in ML menu, but  top screen and Canon version of the overlay settings show shutter speed value changes properly.
Shutter speed is set to the following values based on FPS set in Canon video recording settings:
1920/30 FPS → 1/32.43(45) - Fixed
1920/24 FPS → 1/25.52(54) - Fixed
1280/60 FPS → 1/70.03(11) - Fixed

I tried Build #24 (Aug 20, 2017 10:36:50 PM), and it has the same shutter speed adjustment  problem as Build #26 (Aug 21, 2017 10:24:50 AM). There is a difference in shutter speed displayed though:



Build #22 (Jul 3, 2017 12:47:09 AM) does not suffer from this shutter speed issue. So something when wrong with Build #24 for 6D model.


Other experimental builds / Re: 12/10-bit RAW Video Shutter Speed Issue
« on: December 17, 2017, 05:42:31 AM »
I'm excited about 10-bit RAW recording option. The footage I was able to record so far looks as good as a 14-bit one.
I noticed that shutter speed can't be adjusted in ML menu, EXPO tab (stuck at 1/25.49), while top panel shows shutter speed changes accordingly. Video exif indicates 1/25.49 speed, when top panel may indicate anything from 1/30 to 1/4000s. - Latest Build (2017-08-21 08:24) is used.
When switching to Nightly Build shutter speed adjustment works fine. What debugging procedures are required to help troubleshoot the shutter speed issue in 10/12-bit RAW video mode?

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