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dfort, great reply, thank you for all the information, much appreciated.

I just can't have the worry of what not being on the latest Canon firmware could do, so I'll hang fire for ML 135.

Would it be possible for ML to enable 4:2:2 10 bit hdmi out, do you think?  That would be so awesome.


for an upcoming project I need to record some footage to a monitor

Which means I have to install 1.2.3. ??(from 1.1.3.)

clean HDMI out
dual monitor support (internal+external)
AF at f/8 with teleconverters

the 5d3 does clean out 4:2:2 8 bit hdmi as standard without ML.
dual monitor support is fine, too.
I have no experience with a teleconverter

What I like about ML for the 5D3 is the 3.5K 10 bit mode which allows continuous shooting (the only time limit is the card space).  As it's RAW the dynamic range can be improved, and, as dfort says, it is a lot better to work with in post.

My dream would be 10 bit hdmi output to my Nimja 2 for it's 10 but Prores HQ (Prores RAW one say soon, maybe).  Recording to an external hard drive for me makes 3.5K+ a lot more usable.  It also would get rid of the MLV conversion hassle in the workflow.

Prores RAW looks very interesting indeed.  If it turns Canon are delaying their 4K DSLR offerings because Prores RAW is just around the corner I will be extremely happy.

No schedule but this is an open source community project so anyone can pick it up and give it go:

I ran a test downgrading the 5D3 to firmware 1.2.3 and installing ML 1.2.3.

Unusually, the menus were not as seen on ML/5D3 demonstrations I've seen on Youtube.   I expect because they were for a previous version of ML.

I was able to enable the RAW module, but the only resolution available was 1920x1080.

My conclusion is that as I am primarily a stills shooter I would want to be using the latest version of the 5D3 firmware and it would be a frustrating routine having to run this install the old firmware and ML and configure all of the setting from scratch every time I need to shoot video.

I do have a Ninja 2 with Pro Res HQ, so I think I'll stick with that until a 1.3.5 version of ML is available.

I'd be interested in your views on a comparison between ML RAW and Pro Res HQ?

Thanks for all your help :)

The camera boot flag needs to be set. That's the holdup at the moment.

Now that 1.3.5 is out it makes more sense to put the effort into getting that working rather than continuing with 1.3.4. Just need to find the time to do it.

That would be awesome. 

I realise that you do this out of the kindness of your own heard, so naturally I don't want to appear pushy, but have you got any idea on timescale for a ML 135, please?  And would it require camera settings to be reset?

many thanks!

Ok thank you, this is good to know....

I'm confused about why the 134 version of ML doesn't run on the 134 version to avoid needing to downgrade the firmware?  (and hopefully avoid clearing all of my custom settings?)

I've got a test build for 5D3.134 on my downloads page but if you are new to ML it probably won't do you any good because you need to downgrade your firmware in order to set your camera's boot flag.

I'd suggest following these instructions and downgrade to 1.1.3 for the best experience with your 5D3.

Thanks for replying!

I thought I read that Canon have made it impossible to downgrade?

Sorry if questions are noob, I just don't want a bricked camera.


I'm very new to using ML.  I would like to use it on my 5D3 which is on 1.3.4 of the firmware.

If there is a version of ML which will work with 1.3.4, which is it please?

Many thanks in advance!

How to configure ML to record with 5D MK2 and ninja 2

Hello, what settings should I leave in ML to be able to record via HDMI to NINJA 2. I can not match the FPS. I also can not change the recording speed, ISO, and image style. I need to record something important tomorrow. But I can not configure it correctly. Thank you very much.

Its only possible to record at 24p trough hdmi 3:2 to NINJA2?

The best thing to do in this situation is realise you wasted your money on the Ninja 2 if you only plan to use it with the 5D Mark II.

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