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General Development / Re: Dealing with Focus Pixels in raw video
« on: June 05, 2022, 09:56:10 PM »
Ok so i tested further! SD is not the issue and the uhs speed hack neither. I disabled it and switched card. Still the same BUT: I found out that it likely happens when the ML Histrogram is enabled and it doesn't happen when it is disabled in the menu.  :o

General Development / Re: Dealing with Focus Pixels in raw video
« on: June 05, 2022, 06:30:37 PM »
yes here you go with some files. jpeg looks same. latest build photo mode. It happens only sometimes not always. I tried to find out if there is a setting interfering but his is not the case as i tried all combinations on off and it happened either way and with a fresh build. checked my camera settings too. Nothing too unusual

General Development / Re: Dealing with Focus Pixels in raw video
« on: June 05, 2022, 05:22:57 PM »
Thanks so much ! That fixed it! Seems the h264 8bit won't show up on presets under movie tab only. When selected with tap on screen it shows up as preset 13. Works perfect though. The issue with newest builds is that photos have glitched blocks in the frame when in photo mode. I disabled most major tweaks but it didn't help. This affects the raw file and the jpeg.

General Development / Re: Dealing with Focus Pixels in raw video
« on: June 04, 2022, 11:56:02 PM »
Hey Danne! So i have this issue too but in newer builds there is no h264 8bit preset to select. Is there a workaround or am i stuck with focus pixels in 8bit ? I am using Feb 04 build because it's the only build that wont cause glitches to the photos. Thanks :)

Ah, yes, now I know your issue. Look. My version originally was thought to only inherit raw video capabilities but after some consideration I decided to be able and use h264 mode. But by turning of raw video still won´t shut off crop rec presets so all those regs are still applied. Including focus pixel issues. The workaround is to enable h264 from within the preset menu here which also shuts off crop rec:

Thanks Danne! New build fixed it :) Awesome!

In newest build i am not able to change iso with customized buttons when set to info switch (i want to change aperture or iso quickly). It opens a canon menu instead. Every other option is disabled and only info switch is enabled under gain. Is this a known bug or am i missing something? Thank you :) Newest build is fire though! Thanks Danne!

Is it possible to recenter the 2k frtp mode? It is one of the most useful but i noticed it is not fully centered on some c mount lenses that i use. When i use the 1080 mode with 3x crop the lens is perfectly centered. In 2k some lens vignette on one side.

Thank you for adding the new debayer algorithms you are awesome! :)

A test version is up here:

Might work or might not work better with HDMI out in usage. I added this change according to theBilalFakhouri:

Primarily test hdmi out and see if it gives less corrupted frames in general. If better then go on and test general recordings and check if files are fine as well without hdmi out. Check for focus pixels and other anomalies in the image.

I have used this test build yesterday. I then used the camera to take some pictures in photo mode. I got graphical glitches / pixels in the photos (both jpeg and raw). The Feb04 build seems fine though. I thought i would write it here! Sorry if this has been written / reported before. ;D

Sounds strange. But MLVApp does not care about monitors or screens or color profiles. This is 100% task of the operating system ( --> OSX ) or the monitor itself. OSX system preferences handles screen color calibration and color profiles.

Seems like it's OSX yes, i am still on latest Mojave build but i couldn't figure out the problem yet, display settings seems normal too. Will report back if i find anything further until then i need to disconnect my external monitor while looking at the colors. No problem as i still use the internal monitor for that anyway. Thanks for answering :)

i experience an awkward issue on my macbook pro late 2014. When i connect a monitor over hdmi the image of mlv app displays more red tones / colors change slightly from the result of the export. It happens only to mlvp app and can be reproduced by removing or connecting hdmi monitor. when the monitor is not connected the colors in the preview are the same as export (with prores for example). This change is only visable in mlv app so i thin it's a bug or i did something wrong. Color space on my mac is not the issue here i guess...

edit: the problem i found tends to have affect on the whole mlv app user interface for example color of the ui like the filname markings get more vibrant when hdmi connected

is this a known bug? don't work on colors (on main macbook monitor) with hdmi monitor connected

crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Danne's crop_rec_4k experiments for EOS M
« on: September 16, 2020, 08:22:00 PM »
Amazing stuff. Thanks Danne. Let's hope the bugged out area and the black area can be improved. M will be (is a) beast :)

crop_rec and derived builds / Re: crop_rec_4k derived builds for 700D / T5i
« on: September 01, 2020, 11:52:33 PM »
Hi, did u get these resolutions with the crop mode, or regular mode?
Also, where dis u get the uhs module from?


Regular mode with 3:2 aspect ratio set. Try this build (although an older build worked too for me) and add the uhs module from the second link. Then enabled it and set it to 240mhz (i use sandisk extreme pro 170). Quite amazing stuff, it would be awesome to fix live view now but disabling overlays can help to get your full frame. You could also record the 3:2 resolution and roughly crop to 16:9 in post adding some options for reframing and you get what you see in the 16:9 view in camera :)

First thank you all for making this possible! I have a question for you guys! :) I hope you can help me. I enabled 14bit lossless raw on latest danne build with the new uhs module and set the resolution to 4:3 1440x1080 which gives me an insanely usable recording option in 25fps continues. I installed the mosaic engineering olpf and image quality is lovely in my opinion especially for the 700d some aliasing but very usable. Now to my question: When i enable this resolution and set the preview to realtime there are the magic lantern top and bottom bars covering the full 4:3 image preview on top and bottom in live view. Then i set the screen layout to 16:10 hdmi under display advanced setting. When i press and relase half shutter now i can see the full 4:3 image getting visible behind these bars which would give me the perfect live view except the top and bottom bar covering it but it looks like the camera can at least display it. When i hit record now the preview gets cut behind top and bottom again and the full 4:3 preview is gone again. I would then have to stop and press half shutter again for a second for getting it back. Is there a way to show the full realtime preview while recording and further if possible: also move the top and bottom bar so that it gets more visible? I still want the magic lantern info to be seen so clear overlays isn't helping much. Thank you!

edit: i also found 1600x1160 and 1736x1160 to be working even better with even less aliasing. you have to be a little careful with exposure as it is not perfect stable but it runs very good! Awesome! Now fixing liveview would hit the nail :0

What is the latest build recommended to use for raw recording with the new uhs module? crop_rec_4k from 22. juli 2018? Or is there a better danne build? Can't seem to get access to dannes bitbucket :( Seems like it's down

In terms of writing speed?

Awesome! Thank you! :)

Can the new sd hack bring improvements to our beloved 700d?

Cheers  ;)

Ah no i just called it like that sry using new build :)

Danne you are awesome! I did a deep format (in camera) with that problematic card and now the problem is gone! Maybe something was wrong, it could be that i formatted it with the canon 6d long time ago i can't remember. Running 1800x1012 14 bit raw 25fps in 3x crop or normal mcmrewire continues (most of the time green and no orange indicator until i fiddled with iso or overexposed like you would never do in reality but no crash or stop so far) with 192mhz card setting. Damn awesome :)

Interesting. So i remember doing a deep format with every card in camera but i will test later today and will report back

So i put the sd card with the failure into another camera and now it's randomly crashing there so i think it has to do with that exact sd card although it is exactly the same model as the other ones. I put a new sd card in the camera where the crashes happen the first time and set it to 192 and it works without problems. There is still an orange indicator if i shoot bright or clippead areas (and i may risk a crash if i push it too far) but that happens on every camera so it's normal and has nothing to do with the hard crash problem. Maybe this exact sd card has some sort of failure or damage. I will test further and report back if i make any new discoveries. If i find the time i will also tested the latest build... was there anything changed that has to do with this problem? :)

Ok so i am on the new (not the latest but the one before) sd overclock build and set the sd card hack to 192 and i get random very spontanious aborts on one of my eos m cameras (in mcm1080 with and without 3x crop max resolution with 25fps). All have the exact same build and settings installed (all cameras have the sandisk extrem pro 128gb 170mb card)
The camera setups only differ in lenses. It works perfect on every camera but not on this one. The abort happens very suddenly without the indicator indicating an abort before, so no orange or red sign it crashes while it's green and  immortal and the exposure has no influence i think) I could eliminate the problem by setting the sdcard hack to 160. Anyone had a similar experience or is there anything i can do? I will test another one of the same type of sdcard...

Ah! I understand! No probelm thanks for looking into my question :)

PS: There are also some other debayer algorithms available in raw therapee, for example DCB (looks like it trades details for better false color prevention). Was there any reason not to include them?

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