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Thank you, masc! Indeed. I need also to try reds and yellows.

Thank you so much for responding to my question about the color, that i asked some time ago! I'm sorry i didn't respond earlier. Happy to see you, guys, have moved forward in finding a better way to process the color!

Here what i see:

MlRAWViewer 1.5 as a kind of a rough reference point of real colors (with increased exposure):

MLV App WB that Danne provided here earlier after i wrote my post:

Original (warm and dark):

Roughly tweaked to match MlRAWViewer 1.5:

MLV App 1.1 that i had problem with before i wrote here for a help:


Tweaked (but couldn't match the green):

MLV App 1.2 from fresh post above:

Original (strange colors):

Tweaked roughly:

Result: MLVApp WB and MLV App 1.2 with tweaking match the reference. WB version was more natural to tweak.

It's only greens and blue. Gotta test different colors next time   ??? facepalm....

WB version (i understand it wasn't even a version, just to try) doesn't export cDNGs.

1.2 export cDNG from what i tweaked, but it looks different:
Screenshot from Lightroom (not touched):

Shifting Temp and Tint brings it back to life.

Just a thought, not for MLVapp, just general for MLVs, maybe someone sometime will do something similar:

You open MLV in app, choose the frame, click, it makes one DNG of this frame and automatically opens it in Lightroom, after making all adjustments the app somehow copies all them from Lightroom into itself and applies to all the video, then you can export to any format. Would be ideal for me...))

I came from photo and just can't handle or even understand editing in video apps, say, Resolve or Premiere, there's too small window of the video in them, and too complicated knobs, also slower than lightroom as i recall.

I can easily adjust what i need precisely in Lightroom on whole screen. Also presets. I tried to make LUTs of them, but they look much worse and imprecise in video apps than original presets in Lightroom.

But i can't process all videos through Lightroom, because it's difficult and slow to export MLV to DNGs, import them all in Lightroom, synching them, exporting, importing in App, exporting as video. Too much hassle. But all these apps that deal with MLVs unfortunately not so strong as Lightroom in adjustments.

thank you for reply,
obviously real means how it looks in life.
This is how Colorcast-2, Footage see it and also a photo - all are about the same and about matching how i see the place in life with my own eyes: In Colorcast and Footage I changed exposure and a bit saturation to match colors to real ones. Maybe i should switch some parameter in MLVapp, but adjusting say saturation doesn;t help, leaving green color as was.

In fact, they are all different, yes, but not THAT much different as MLVapp, and in them i can adjust colors. How can i do it in MLVapp?

This is MLV, i don't know how to shorten MLV, so i picked the shortest one - 110 mb


Please, can someone please tell me why MLV App changes the colors drastically when i open MLV in it? I twisted all knobs and couldn't match the original colors. I updated to version 1.1. The same.

The first screenshot is the real colors and that's how MlRAW Viewer 1.5. sees them (correctly) and the second one is MLVApp:

Thank you!

Another reason why one prefers Lightroom is that Resolve has very small video window so you don't see the changes, terrible layout to work with the image on one monitor.

Hi guys,
may i ask 2 questions, please?
1) Why does MLV App change colors so much? How can I see the original look?
2) Do you know that MOV H.265 is not opening in Quicktime?

This is very close to real look:

And this what MLV App gives:

Thanks, sorry for late reply, i can't reproduce the problem, unfortunately or fortunately.

I have a question. Probably it's stupid. I like the look that MlRaw Viewer 1.5 shows MLV with by default. Do you have any idea how to reproduce this look in Colorcast 0.5 or Footage for Mac? I tried but it looks different.

As a separate quesdtion, how can i just get MOV file with the exact look as i shot it?

And BTW, i couldn't find C-log (like the Viewer uses) in Colorcast, isn't it there?


Danne, i don't know if it's the right thread, but since Switch uses MlRaw Viewer 1.5, does anybody know how can i convert MLV to MOV (or DNGs) with the same look (filter/settings/grading - whatever it's called) as MlRaw Viewer 1.5 shows with it's default c-log? I just like the default look that this app gives.

I have Switch, cr2hdr, Colorcast 0.5 and Footage for Mac (i use these two), also Resolve, Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

I can try to achieve this with Colorcast and Footage for Mac, but i can't get the same results, i feel like i'm doing it worse than MlRaw Viewer 1.5 does and i'd like to do it quickly.


What does MlRaw Viewer 1.5 does with the file besides giving it c-log? So i could repeat it in Colorcast or Footage for Mac?
Thank you!

Hm, i set shutter speed at 60, but on footage it's always 51. When set 30, it's also lower. Is this a familiar problem? 5DM3, 3-3,5k crop

For those of you who would wish to try:,%20Mac%20OS%20X%20build).zip

No ffmpeg inside due to licensing issues, see Danne's instructions above; ffmpeg goes into Contents/MacOS or Contents/MacOS/extlibs - can't figure out why one sometimes works and the other not, or reverse... Just try out with the E key (export to MOV) and you'll quickly find out.

1) MLV opens okay, but Mac gives an error 10813 when i'm changing the Open With (in the Get Info window) to Change All. Just want the app would run automatically when i click any mlv file.

2) So this version of an app cannot convert MLV to any format, like prores and H.264/5? An in order to make it work, i can place ffmpeg file(s) into contents folder of an app? What excactly files from ffmpeg?

Thank you!

Unfortunately Colorcast 0.4 crashes when importing video 3520x1320 2:67:1, 12 bit lossless, 5dM3.

3k works fine. Footage for Mac takes 3.5 fine.

Thanks for your answers!

It's pity we can't extend hi-res possibilities with Ninja-like device. (I'm watching 60 fps videos in youtube, such a smoothness, but i'm dreaming))

Was interesting to know A1ex's answer about normal LV on hi-res.

Well then i'll try uncompressed modes as well, maybe there will be difference for me as well.

Hello again everybody,

I'm sorry for these stupid questions, i hate to interrupt your development and bug fixing process with this, but i've been wanting to know for a while:
In 4k experimental version:

1) When i choose data format between
14-bit lossless
12-bit lossless
11...8-bit lossless

Is "14-bit lossless" worse quality (less data in video) than "10-bit"?
Is "12-bit lossless" worse quality than "12-bit"?

If in 12-bit lossless format my camera is already pushing the limits (close to be automatically stopped), then i should not try anything above this in this list, such as 10-bit, correct?

2) Is 1080p48 a 14 bit or less bit? Should i use this 4k experimental version to shoot 48 fps or 48 fps is available in stable version as well?

3) Is 1080p24/30 14 bit available in stable version?

4) Will buying a faster card than my Komputer bay 64Gb 1000x CF UDMA7 (advertised record speed 130MB/sec) let me achieve better quality? I know there's a limitation in bus.

5) Are there any external devices exist for 5dM3, like those for other cameras, that may help achieve better quality? I don't mind any extra devices on camera, ugliness of camera or extra expenses.

6) Will external monitor via HDMI give normal live view (not framing)?

7 ) I use settings 3k crop x5, 3072x1308, 2.35:1, 12 bit lossless with framing live view from this tutorial

Is this the best what can be squeezed out of 5dM3 and ML, providing that i wouldn't like to go less than 2:35:1 and 3k or about that?

Or i would appreciate any links to some info...

Thank you a lot for your time.

Thank you very much for your replies. Somehow i missed the fact that AS7sII is 8 bit... My favorite time to shoot is twilight, so A7sII is very tempting. But bit depth is more important for me. There are option to use some external Ninja device to be able to shoot in 10 bit, i haven't figured out it yet.

You are obviously more or less pros in comparison with me, but i honestly don't understand why you think 4k is overrated. I have Macbook 13.3-inch (2560 x 1600), and it's not the biggest. I easily see the tremendous difference in resolution when i watch youtube in 1080 or 1440 or vimeo 2k and 4k. More details is better, it's just more natural for eyes to see more details like we do in life. How can you argue with this? Even Iphone videos are 4k, we just got use to them. I shoot all videos in 4k on iphone because they look so much better and more real than 1080p. Worse scenario - when i shoot something from a moving car, i can't even see what i'm shooting in 1080p, iphone has wide lens. 4k is much better.

Besides, downscale from 4k to 2k will be better than originally 2k (they say, i didn't try myself, but quite obvious to me).

It's quite impossible for me to choose between bit depth and resolution, both equally important for me.

If today we still don't mind watching 1080p videos, then in a couple of years or say in 10-20 years it will be the same as with 480p today - unbearable to watch. It's only my amateur opinion. I'm curious why you think otherwise.

BTW, i love to extract frames from videos and use it as photos. Higher resolution obviously makes a huge difference. (there is a video in youtube where a photographer compares Red camera (75 fps 8k video) to Hasselblad (photo) and gets impressed with the variety of moments (75 photos/sec) that he misses on Hasselblad. So i'm not the only one freak who does it:)

So i use ML 12 bit, 3k crop with framing live view and suffer)) I second to the mentioned question - will external monitor via HDMI give normal live view?

Thank you and have a great day!

Thank you very much, this is impressive. I tried MLV to H.264, it was great. (btw, why don't apps export in H.265 yet?) Film emulation works better than my LUTs (that are very inconvenient to choose - you don't see the result immediately like in film emulation).

I still use your old app Footage to convert MLV to MOV, H.264 and CinemaDNG. It crashes often but works). Colorcast seems almost twice slower on my latest highest macbookpro high sierra.

If you'll add cdng, then i will no longer need Footage). Thank you!

Though it doesn't replace Resolve. Even for youtube you edit videos - cut, add sound. Also i think adjustment of highlights and shadows and other things - it looks much harsher than, say, in mentioned Lightroom. I use it for my experimental videos, but i can't see how i can use it for posts.

Anyways, i'm an amateur, i'm still struggling figuring out all these video apps. Resolve is just beyond my understanding even in simple things. Thanks to such apps like yours or Danne's, i at least can convert simple MLV file in couple of clicks.

BTW is there any way to zoom in footage while editing? And i can't play it, as i see.

Hello everybody,

I'm sorry if it's not the right place to ask, but are there any reasons to keep 5DIII with Magic Lantern and not to buy Sony a7SII (or rather upcoming a7SIII) for filming/video 4K, avoiding all the hassle with ML? Obviously a7s doesn't have enough resolution for stills, so i mean video-wise.

Thank you a lot!

I started to watch it as a senseless video, and ended watching as a film.

I can't remember any short film that was worth watching and i wasn't disappointed, including awarded ones. You should get an award for the shortest, cheapest, simplest short film, with no professional actor, that is touching and atmospheric. For the perfect amount of emotional effect per unit of time. Any other short film i've come across with was too lengthy with less amount of effect or didn't have it at all. Anyway, this is the shortest that i've seen.

Just have read the description. You shouldn't have bothered, it's pretty clear.

Love the twilight, her emotions, the window, crowd behind the screen and how you added piano only later. You are so good in this, hope to see your next movie.

What is your camera/lens/grading/resolution?

Thanks for inspiring me.

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: cr2hdr for macOS Sierra
« on: June 20, 2017, 06:48:30 AM »
thank you a lot for your reply and for personal message! I tried what you wrote but can't get the result, obviously i'm doing it wrong((. May i ask you to kindly write exact steps that i need to make in your app in order to turn DNG sequence into MOV Prores4444?

I edit original DNGs in Lightroom and export them in DNGs into another folder. These changed DNGs i need to convert to MOV Prores4444.

Also do i understand you correctly, that i can change only the first DNG in the sequence and the app will apply the same settings to all DNGs in the sequence? Is this what you meant? If yes, how can i do it — what exact steps in the app?

Thank you!

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: cr2hdr for macOS Sierra
« on: June 11, 2017, 08:56:20 AM »
Can i convert DNG sequence (edited in Lightroom) into MOV (say, Prores 4444 and other formats) with your app?

Davinci Resolve doesn't see changes that i made with DNGs in Lightroom.

Adobe Premiere doesn't see DNGs. And i wouldn't like to work with TIFFs, because anyway i need to keep DNGs to be able to change them after.

After Effects correctly sees DNGs with changes, but there are problems with understanding that app - and it's very bulky itself and too slow - 8 min for 10 sec video.

I just need a simple conversion from edited DNGs to MOV.


A1ex, Danne,
I didn't understand what you were writing above, of course, though it wasn't intended for me obviously.

BTW, thank you for such a huge work on making shooting video on Canon a pleasure. All the best to you!

@reddeercity, beautiful edit.

In case anybody would like to download my other 3.5K MLV's of Yosemite, i've uploaded them here:

Waterfalls — 1,3 Gb — 11 sec

Mountain river — 2,2 Gb — 20 sec

Danne, Alex,
Thank you! It's Yosemite National Park in California (rock, called Half Dome) a few days ago, i was lucky with a cloudy weather. It was much more beautiful when i drove to that point (Glacier Point), nothing but clouds around and under you and then they slowly started to disappear, you could see clear spots of the valley down there, of rocks around, and i went to parking for my camera but it was too late when i came back :)

I've just opened this DNG in Photoshop and Lightroom and it looks overexposed (so as google drive shows), but earlier i only looked at all photos in LilyView image viewer on Mac, that shows this photo NOT overexposed, it shows the same how i saw the photo on Live View screen on camera, but the whites are pink:

So as Finder app (native file browser in Mac) shows — pink. So as Footage for Mac app shows it in the app — , and how it converts MLV to MOV video — pink.
So i didn't even think to open DNG in Photoshop and Lightroom because everywhere else whites are pink.

I read somewhere on this forum, A1ex replied to someone on this pinkness, but i didn't understand that, so i figured that this is the temporarily downside of 3.5K. By the way, i suppose pinkness happens only in high-resolution video (crop mode)... As i recall. Also i thought that this Footage for Mac app doesn't remove this pinkness, but i read somewhere that MLV_dump does. Maybe i got it wrong. But wanted to try.

Maybe over-exposition is my fault during shooting, i'm not a professional photographer or videographer, but that's how i saw it on camera screen.

Adjusting in Lightroom shows that this photo is not fatally overexposed, all details are kept. So i don't know what to think about it (what is the reason):

This is the MLV, video is 11 sec of static view, but you can see the clouds are slowly moving:

It was 3.5K according to instructions in this thread above from @HJfilmspeed
so it's 12 bits but the Footage app says it's 14 bits.

Thank you.

Danne, thank you for quick reply! Is the DNG file of the video enough?

I have MLV now of 1,19 Gb.

Gentlemen, I've been searching everywhere but haven't found instruction on usage of MLV_DUMP on Mac. Can you kindly help me?

I'm using Footage for Mac app, it's good, but whites on video are pink there. I suppose it will not be a problem using MLV_DUMP(?)...

Thank you!


Thank you very much for the video, i did everything you said. It works now!! I really appreciate it!

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