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Thanks guys. I’m not a develop, but I have now 6D2 and after 2 weeks I will return my EOS R. I can run your works if it helps you…? I just try to help. Hello from Russia ❤️

 :o Please! Somebody check a link for downloading ML for 5D1 because Bitbucket no longer supports!  :-[

I'm looking for a ROM dump for QEMU experiments (mine is incomplete). You may get one from the Debug menu; please send it to me by PM.

If there is still interest, I can try to fix compilation on the latest codebase, then let you continue the port.

Side note: there is a small chance to get LiveView with the full-res silent pic backend, but the front-end functions are not present, so it will require some low-level research along these lines. But my gut feeling says it's doable.

But since this camera has a simpler codebase, this effort might pay off for more recent models as well.

@wigyori: the implicit declaration on this platform uses 32-bit integers for all parameters. So, in this case, you may get away with: void unknown_gui_function(int, int).

Hey, Alex! Whether correctly i undrestood that it is necessary to send a dump for your further development? I can help you in any matters. But will you be support in future 5D? Thanks!

Hello! Is there any new news? No one is currently engaged in processing? I can help in test ML...

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