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THANK YOU, sdeming!
Finally some one made what really helps! and on Windows!! :o

But I can't figure out your second post and this thread;all    at all))
Could you at least tell me why do I need anything besides your first instruction? Something with files/folders automation?

and is Vertical Bandind handling and Chroma Smoothing implemented and enabled somehow in mlv_dump or I really should use that unspeakable "%*~\--" something? :)
... which I think I'm too dumb and busy to study and use it flexibly and fluently :-[ 

thanx again for nice and simple tutorial!

Can ANYONE point where is a precise step by step instruction of using mlv_dump?

Yes, I know - noob! how da hell ... and so

But I'm using ML almost since it's first build, but thankfully chmee wrote his tool very soon...
I was always using RAW2CDNG, but now I have to deal with this rocket science - command line stuff ((
And there's no clear and simple TUTORIAL here on forum or youtube video tutorial. Everything I've found is either outdated or people being sarcastic (not helping) and in most cases for MAC (why mlv_dump discussions are always mac oriented?)

A1ex is so helping and responsive. I don't get it why didn't he created a normal software with UI ...or clear and simple tutorial or list of commands for us to just copy/paste?
Why not implement at least base and commonly used commands into mlv_dump somehow? Or enable drag'n'drop functionality? anything simple

who can help - what should I do with mlv_dump on PC to simply convert MLV to DNG?

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: ML Samplefiles
« on: January 20, 2017, 02:04:09 PM »
Hi, Chmee!
I'm that guy who asked you 3 and then another 3 questions)) About "why your tool stays stable neutral". and you've said - put footage into the ml samples thread.
So, here I am.

Problem description:
ML menu MOVIE -> Image Fine-tuning
about this menu - subtle image enhancements via DIGIC register tweaks
So, any changes I make in this menu make zero impact on my footage via RAW2CDNG tool.

I've made a cheesy blockbuster for everyone to enjoy))
starring: ML menus, CDNG, my thumb and why-meme in the final scene  :o

All Image Fine-tuning settings are OFF
Black level +100 (reddish shadows)
ML digital ISO -2
ML digital ISO +1

Lowering ISO below CANON's 100 is a very useful feature!
Making shadows reddish is also nice :D
Shutter fine-tuning - it is hard to overestimate the benefit of this option! (didn't put it into test since it's hard to tell the difference via my youtube blockbuster).

Using magiclantern-crop3x.2017Jan13.5D3113

PLEASE, Chmee, figure it out.

Sorry, may be I missed something, but why I don't see crop_rec module in the Jan13 nightly build?
I've tried to copie-paste it from Apr02 nightly build but it didn't work((
So why there's no crop_rec in Jan13?

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