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Hi everybody,

I have shot some RAW ML footage at 25fps 1920x1080 using my 5D Mark III. Is not the first time that I am shooting RAW and I have never had this issue before. I have shot normal RAW video, not MLV RAW (maybe is this the reason?)

Then I converted my footage in DNG and now when I'm playing it back on Premiere / After Effects / Resolve the footage looks 'speed up' (like fast forward) and those softwares are telling me that the frame rate of the footage is 50fps. I swear I shot it at 25fps.

How can I solve this? Anybody as experienced it before?

Thank you!

Duplicate Questions / RAW (MLV) vs RAW ?
« on: December 17, 2016, 02:25:46 AM »
Hi guys,

I've just started using ML on my 5D Mark III and I noticed that in the Movie menu you can either choose to activate the RAW video (MLV) mode and a RAW video mode.

What are the differences? Which one is better to use? Can they be both on?

Thank you very much!

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