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Camera Emergency Department / Re: [UNBRICKED] Bricked 60D Err 70
« on: December 13, 2016, 07:39:54 PM »
Have my bricked 500D (water damaged but it worked fine). Seeing ERROR70 on boot.
I can't have the log files, 'cus I didn't had ML installed (JUST DELETED IT BEFORE THE "DEATH" sadly)
Can I please get some heeeelp?
Using firmware (1.1.1) / Don't have ML (deleted it before death, fu...)
1) Booting up in all modes - no effect
2) Changed battery - brighter sd light :)
3) Changed lenses - no effect
4) Formated SD card - no effect

Can I somehow forceinstall ML without going into menu and have autoexec with disabled assert handler?

It's sad that I can't even see logs or get into menu → settings → reset to factory settings
What should I do? Please somebody help me! :C


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