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Thank you all for the help!

Indeed I did have the LUA module running and when I disabled it, everything worked fine. I'm learning how to use ML effectively now.

One thing I am trying to figure out is how to use the Magic Zoom with manual focus. I want to be able to manually focus in dark conditions using Magic Zoom-- it may be faster and more accurate this way with some skill. When I switch my lens to manual the Magic Zoom is disabled. I guess if I keep the lens in Single Shot focus mode and not AI servo and use back button focus I should be able to hand focus using the Magic zoom as a guide. Or maybe not-- I seem to remember that Live View wanted to keep focusing even on that setting. Is there a way I can stop Live View from autofocusing as well as keeping Magic Zoom on?

Is there a place where people share settings and techniques for the 70D using ML? I'm really looking to trade techniques for still photography to take full advantage of ML. Both the 70D and ML are new to me so there is a lot I need to learn about how everything works before I am proficient. I don't want to miss any critical shots, either!

I probably did-- I need to check it out when I get home in a bit. I used a youtube video tutorial about how to use ML for a Canon 70D that was probably for the 1.1.1 version. It suggested to load many modules. I didn't realize at first that the 1.1.2 ML program was brand spanking new and therefore possibly undersupported and/or unstable.

Is there a user guide for this new 1.1.2 beta ML, or a least a list of modules I *shouldn't* load?

I hope I haven't done any permanent damage to my camera!  :-X
Hi, Team,

Brand new to Magic Lantern. I have a few introductory questions that I hope you can clear up for me (or help me find resources that already discuss it).

I just updated my Canon 70D to firmware version 1.1.2 and installed the 70D Nightly ML build onto a fresh SD card. I followed the instructions accurately and tried it out on my camera. Since I'm new I didn't understand until just now that the nightly build is virtually brand new and is in stages of development. The videos I've seen on YouTube are actually describing 1.1.1 or another version, which were probably more stable.

I'm almost exclusively a stills photographer and new to ML. Should I uninstall it and wait until more progress has been made on this version?

I'm noticing some issues with the performance and want to know if I'm doing something wrong, if these are known issues, or if I should be reporting these as bugs.

The basic issue is that more often then not when taking the very first exposure, ML will crash and I will have to hard-reboot with a battery removal. I'm sorry that I don't have the camera in front of me to give you more details, but every time it happens it scares me (probably because I'm new to ML and a little gun shy.)

What are best practices for handling a crash?

The other main issue is that the magic zoom window flickers wildly.

A smaller issue is that the readout for aperture size and shutter speed lags behind when I change them on my camera by a good second or two.

Should I start over with a clean download and install? Could that clear up my issues?

A few other questions: Does ML take advantage of the 70D's dual-pixel autofocus currently? I read a few pages back that the AF stuff isn't working for 1.1.2 right now-- did I understand that correctly? For some reason the Live View AF with AL seems not as strong/precise, although that could be my imagination.

Thank you for your time!