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Quote from: KelvinK on September 16, 2016, 12:03:38 PM
Only ML can save this brick :)
Panasonic answered with G80: 5-Axis in body stab, 4k, 422 internal recording. End of story.

Specs are good, but in real world:
Quote from: Ebrahim Saadawi on October 29, 2016, 01:40:12 AM
Not really. That's a s35 APS-C camera, not a small chip m43s camera (and a speedbooster is not in the equation for this price bracket, and it doesn't save the poor 800+ ISO performance.)

It also has the only working AF system in the world. So will get many shots all around the world the g80 simply cannot.

A lot of us, both experienced filmmakers and hobbyiests alike, that would take good looking 1080p video over 4K video and pull focus manually.

The m5 24mp APS-C chip has a LOT more DR than the m43s 16mp chip. And video at 6400 ISO is equivalent to 1600 on the GH4. So in video you enjoy at least 2 stops of lowlight performance and in still 2 stops of DR, more resolution and better AF.

Plus, Panasonic over-sharpened 4k video will always look like panasonic over-sharpened 4K video, and Canon organic motion and colour will always look like organic motion and colours.

G80 is a GREAT camera. But I'd never use one without a SB as I despise the m43s 2.3x crop that made me sell the GH4, just cannot accept it as a filmmaker in aesthetic, it just lacks that LIFE. A Metabones EF SB with vintage soft M42 glass makes the magic appear, but too much money, too many adapters. G80 is a Great camera but not ULTIMATELY ''better' than an M5 that we still haven't handeled how the damn thing shoots and plays with the photographer/videographer.

I'm a bit confused. As far as I know, you never owned GH4 - link: