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CF card and ML were under suspicion, but... 5dm2 does 3 broken photo raws once a day in 1000 photos now, with different cards and ML versions. I'm waiting for repair service answer about this.
Hello all.

I want to find an answer — who deside where to put data in compact flash?

5D Mark II, 128Gb SanDisk Extreme Pro (SDCFXPS-128G-X46) formatted in camera, ML Nightly (last week, I'll add version later) with "restart recording ON" and sharper screen only.

I used to shoot one video in a month, 2 hours long (broken by 12-15 mins movs), with an old and buggy Transcend 64 400x and old ML. Everything was fine for years. This week I moved to SanDisk, put a new ML. Did 3 raw photos, and 1,5 hour of 1920@25 videos. Almost default settings, ML only to sharper screen and restart recording.

And the result was awful. First 3 videos are broken. Deeper research shows: one mov file missing a FAT starting sector at all. The other one size is 96kb, it's starting sector begins right before previous raw photo. (I can show any shots form WinHex by demand.)

So, who to blame? Who desides "I'll write a video into this 96 kb of free space and drop the file"? Canon firmware, flash internal controler, ML driver?

Don't know is it a ML or CF or 5D bug. Don't know which answer is "better". Some people say "Don't use ML at all", I had something to say before this accident.