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General Help Q&A / Banding when using Dual-ISO
« on: July 27, 2016, 11:25:51 AM »
First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed to the development of ML – it really is an exceptional tool!

I leave Dual ISO enabled most of the time on my 5D II, with the +2EV Recovery ISO option. Most of the images have vertical and horizontal banding — more or less pronounced, depending on circumstances I haven't been able to identify yet.

The files I have uploaded prove that the amount of banding can vary a lot between two images of approximatively the same scene, taken at the exact same settings, processed in the same way.

This is an example of what it looks like at worst :

Please note the image is not pushed more than +1EV in post. Sharpness and NR are at default LR settings. The data in the squares is still in the midtone overlapping area.

The "problematic" photo (IMG_2241) can be downloaded from here:
The other two photos in the link (IMG_2240 and IMG 2242) are taken before, respectively after the problematic one – and they seem to be much less affected by banding – but still, some horizontal banding is noticeable, especially in lower area of the sky.

The DNG conversion was done using the Dual ISO Converter LR plug-in, 3.0-BETA3 for Mac. I have tried all the possible setting combinations, nothing seems to make it better (except no-fullres, for obvious reasons).

I tend to think there is a problem with the converter, but I might be wrong. If any of you can download the files and convert them, I'd be really grateful :)

Thanks in advance for any input!

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