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@johanj: yes i did twice.
No problems here with lcd sensor on my dev camera which is 100D.100B

that's the reason of dealing with the 3 firmware revisions. we got no official firmware release from Canon.
I see... So whar are the two rom.bin filed saved in /log directory for? Is it possible to use those to recover something? I am quite sure i never had this issue with previews revision. And i am quite sure it happened after changing deep settings...

Hi my friends, hi tried with success the latest revision of ML in my eos 100d rev.B, but i realized that, after changing various settings,  the proximity sensor of lcd is not working correclty anymore. I tried  to restore settings (all of them, camera, cf and magic lantern). Nothing helped. Tried even to reinstall old version of ML but without success. Does anybody else had this issue. The problem is that if i enable auto lcd off, the sensor seems now not sensible enough and it turn off the lcd imediately, even if i don't put the eye on the camera. It is very annoying. I would like to try to reinstall the original firmware of the camera, but i don't know if it is possible, and i can't find any file for that. Thank you in advance.

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