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@ArcziPL thank you for your valuable work !

@zootrope - Not sure what problem you are pointing out. Are you able to record video files with that build and are the MLV files valid? Something you might try is the build that is posted on the experiments downloads page.
Maybe i'm doing wrong...
my previous post was a reply to this request :

Just wanted to help  :-X

Maybe some screenshots are useless, i don't know...
(i've used this ML version from dfort : crop_rec_4k.57614b3.2018Mar14.70D112)

Raw Rec @10bit @1080p (1824x1026)

Raw Rec @10bit @720p

Raw Rec @12bit @1080p (1824x1026)

Raw Rec @12bit @720p

Raw Rec @10bit 3x3 @1080p (1824x1026)

Raw Rec @10bit 3x3 @720p

Raw Rec @12bit 3x3 @1080p (1824x1026)

Raw Rec @12bit 3x3 @720p

Raw Rec @10bit x5 @1080p

Raw Rec @10bit x5 @720p

Raw Rec @12bit x5 @1080p

Raw Rec @12bit x5 @720p

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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 70D
« on: May 10, 2018, 05:43:19 PM »
Ok i've made a mistake ! with the right version is better (iso-research.2018Mar13.70D112) !!!
But i've to mentionned that at the beginning ADTG2[800c] didn't appear, so i've recorded a short H.264 clip as dfort said... but still ADTG2[800c] didn't appear, because the sound recording was not active, when i enabled it and recorded a new H.264 clip everything was fine !
I hope I did the test well :

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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 70D
« on: May 10, 2018, 04:36:39 PM »
70D users should be aware that your camera is almost working on the crop_rec_4k branch which means reduced bit depth and lossless compression which allows for greater resolution when recording raw video.

There are several pieces to the crop_rec_4k puzzle. One that we haven't even started on is the crop_rec module. I recently got it working on the EOSM2 so this is still fresh in my mind. This post explains what we need to find:

You will need the adtg_gui module. The current one on the downloads page doesn't support the 70D so I made a special build of the iso-research branch. You can find it on my downloads page.
  • Activate the adtg_gui module (leave all other modules off)
  • Set the Canon movie menu to 1280x720/60
  • Go int the Debug menu and in the ADTG Registers look for ADTG2[800c] - if you don't see it record a short H.264 clip and look again.
  • Override the ADTG2[800c] register from 0x4 to 0x2 -- the left/right buttons on most cameras will do this, search the forum if you need more information on how to work with the adtg_gui module.
  • In the Debug menu check the memory patches and do a screen shot of the two memory patches, adtg_log and cmos_log.
I've tried to do your test, but it failed=>adtg_gui module failed to load=>Err
i've tried to record a short H.264 clip but it didn't help...
(with your ML version : crop_rec_module_test.2018Mar13.70D112)

Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 70D
« on: October 07, 2017, 12:49:51 PM »
Hi !
Could you explain what magiclantern-lua_fix.2017Sep11.70D112 version is ?
What's the difference between that version and nightly build version or 10/12 bit raw video version ?
Thanks !

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