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Please delete this I cant see an option. I just realized I'm being an idiot! Its there

So I shot an interview the other day, just looking through the footage and it seems when I load it in MLV app, most of the interview is missing. The card filled and stopped recording during. The card is also full so it should be there. Anybody understand this and have a fix? Cheers

The green tint in the highlights is likely caused by the sun bouncing off the grass and trees to the right, then she's in a dark area.

That was dng and I manually graded. I've tried all the automatic settings to get something uniform I can easily produce but as noted earlier it doesn't work.

Just to show it is possible:

Graded to match but it is via individual color adjustments.

No problem, anything else I can do just let me know! I also have an a7sii if its any help.

So yes when I import as a prores file with any combo of settings to Resolve I can obviously choose rec709 or Blackmagic Design but I doubt its really accurate? When I then use Resolves colour transform tool it's not even close to matching skintones from those settings. Maybe if there was a way to have prores render it as accurate 5d mk iii to rec709 or bmfilm conversion? I did also try just importing the dngs and no cigar. I can actually match it with lots of qualifying nodes but would be great if we could get an accurate prores export so Resolves transform tool could get accurate base colour for conversions :)

How about these Ilia?

I included a colour chart shot on my ursa and another shot on the 5d mk iii. Both under the same Aputure 300d light with no modifiers so should be close to 5500k. p.s the Magic lantern raw is saved as uncompressed dng but I saved the Ursa footage as Blackmagicraw 5:1

I still can't match them exactly :( The issue is telling resolve what colour gammut the mk iii has.

Is there any update yet that will give better color accuracy? Today I tested skintones and honestly it's all over the place :( Can't get them to match my Ursa unfortunately. Sure it's possible with a lot of playing but not in a realistic and reproducible scenario.

Yes im sure for tight shots it's fine. Actually though I really hoped to use the 5d for wides as it's full frame but I see that's not really an option. Maybe as a b cam for interviews, talking head shots... but unfortunately i think I may actually have to get a pocket cam to be the b cam as this isn't really sharp enough. P.s I only got 12 second record time with the crop mode. It was a bit more detailed but not worth it for the big crop in.


I added some sharpness to the 5d and you can see for yourselves... not too bad!

It's actually a lot softer than I had imagined... Bit of a shame. Ok for web viewing but jees, expected a more detailed image.

Hi guys, quick unscientific test. Turned out saving as bmfilm and don't use camera matrix matches the most close to my ursa. Only adjusted wb and exposure once I'd imported to resolve and used the 4.6k to extended video lut.

Cool! I'm happy to do some controlled lighting tests to see how well it matches with the ursa mini pro and a7sii before and after the update if its helpful.

Update... correcting WB in MLV app, selecting arri log c and using camera matrix then saving as prores 444 hq seemed to work better! What an awesome piece of software guys, come along way since the years since I last used it! I'll do some comparisons vs the UMP cam in the next couple weeks when I get time.

Just playing about exporting as dngs and importing as blackmagic design then using the cinema 2.5k to rec lut as suggested and it indeed looks very similar to the color I expect from my ursa! I look forward to the better processing addon mind for when im camera matching. Is this something planned for the near future? If so I may wait rather than trying to compile myself and breaking something!

Wow thanks guys! Excited to try this when my camera arrives! I look forward to proving the other ursa guys wrong who think this is a bad idea! I'll give it a go compiling myself after some more reading after my work.

So we can't say automatically save to prores as canon log or slog for example in a way I can then use the Resolve Transform tool to convert that to match my Ursa? I remember this feature used to be on some older software.

You can load any 1D or 3D .cube LUT into MLVApp. You can export as cDNG, or you can export as ProRes with BMDFilm profile.

Thanks for the answer. The thing is though, what LUT will work for this hack we have ourselves here? I'm wanting to match the camera to my Ursa so I'm hoping to transform to a specific look that will be recognized in Resolve and can be transformed to match. If I export with a bmdfilm profile that will then transform magic lantern raw to bmdfilm or its a generic to bmdfilm lut? The fact its not camera-specific seems a bit broad also!

Hi guys, Ive been away a long time and have an Ursa Mini Pro as my main cam now but just ordered a trusty old 5d mk iii in the hope it will make a nice B cam! So this app looks very promising but I notice it has no inbuilt preset looks? LUTS. What are you guys using to take into resolve and match with other cameras?

Ok so basically a bayer filter could influence poor color in footage no matter how much post? For example could it cause jagged edges if it has bad "Nyquist Frequency"?

Hello guys, it's been a long time! I eventually jumped from the 5d mk iii raw, to a stint with sonys a7sii (vomit), and now I have the Ursa Mini Pro... but now my next project!

I'm looking into building a high speed camera from an existing sensor and custom FPGA. Just as a hobby for studio use but hey if it works well I could possibly produce more! The affordable projects I've seen have been pretty disappointing, awful color, poor resolution, jagged edges you name it. In fact I recommended one of them get in touch with guys here to try and get help with his demosaicing algorithm but he never listened and it just looks rubbish.

So my questions to people who've walked the path of working with canon and getting such great results already.

1) Is the sensor generally responsible for a certain color reproduction or is color science purely down to the software? So for example are canon sensors just awesome or is it cause of the post processing the color is so nice? Did you guys have to somehow hack this when unlocking the raw video?
2) Can I use software such as IMATEST, to shoot My ursa mini pro next to my Frankencamera with color charts and then try to match the color science coming out of it in that fashion?

Thanks, I hope this starts an interesting discussion :)

General Help Q&A / Re: April Fools Gag is Still Not Funny
« on: April 02, 2017, 01:33:09 AM »
Luckily I sold my 5d and moved onto Sony but had I been doing a professional shoot with my old camera today and this happened I'd have been hunting down whoever was responsible! Bad karma for you, fucking with peoples jobs! People have come to trust you and the ML "had" a great reputation for being reliable enough to use on professional gigs. You all lost a lot of respect today from many.

Raw Video / Re: Is 5d MKIII Raw stable enough for professional use?
« on: March 25, 2016, 05:13:12 PM »
Thankyou so much, makes me feel almost like I don't need to invest more with such kind words!

So my equipment for the evening was:

small tripod
zoom h6 mic with a line straight into the camera
100 2.8 IS Canon Macro Lense
50 1.4 sigma art
24 1.4 sigma art

Thats it, travelled small and light! Im starting to do away with jibs, sliders etc in place of nicely composed static shots. Get a lot more done that way!

Raw Video / Re: Is 5d MKIII Raw stable enough for professional use?
« on: March 24, 2016, 09:45:22 AM »
yep, 100%

Raw Video / Re: Is 5d MKIII Raw stable enough for professional use?
« on: March 24, 2016, 09:21:15 AM »

Yeh I get you on the 4k department and agree its not needed but unfortunately competitors even are saying they have it so clients believe their better. In this day and age to stay competitive I think you need it but if I'm going to get it I want it to be proper, not shit sony 8bit codec like everyone else!


Will look into that, cheers for the tips :)


No post processing other than colour but maybe it is rolling shutter but must be the worst case ever and the fact its moving up and down... and rolling shutter is horizontal?


Shutter was at 50th, fps 24. Ive still got more life in this beast yet im sure! When you need something small and powerful, cant be beaten!

Raw Video / Re: Is 5d MKIII Raw stable enough for professional use?
« on: March 23, 2016, 09:29:42 PM »
Well I'll likely keep the mk iii and at the very least use it as a B cam. I'm sure it will cut well with the ursa raw. I just dont wanna invest too much more in it as an age of 4k is coming in, even though we know its not needed, competitors are saying they have it (shit 8 bit sonys) and potential clients are buying it. So I'd rather say I have a 4.6k, 120 frames per second RAW Cinematic BEAST that uses sony a7s's to wipe its ass!

P.s another annoying problem is the index messing up when you delete a file sometimes so then you cant view your files and cant delete in camera! P.s yes that photo was quite beautiful! Makes me want to go and play with mine in the morning!

« on: March 23, 2016, 09:08:39 PM »

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