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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 760D / T6s
February 06, 2016, 02:40:10 PM
Some projects I am involved with have  pointed me towards dslr film production and based on my level and quality requirements I figured the T6i or T6s was the model of choice. Catchung up to speed on lenses, audio and everything else involved I come to the conclusion that ML would open up doors from day 1.  Seeing as I have a learning curve ahead of me adding ML would be ideal right off the bat. Imagine my ignorant suprise when I learn that ML and T6s  havent even dated yet much less produce their first love child. But regardless Ill be in the nursery waiting. Lol. This may push me to step towards the T5 and wait or it could force me to move towards a better model from the beginning. Im still curious of full frame vs crop sensers so maybe this is where I step back to the drawing board. I have been on several proffessional music video sets as well as 3 movie sets since the big studios started filimg in atlanta. My goals are to get as close to that quality on my meager budget. Oh and hi my name is Micah. Im new here as of 2 hrs ago. Forgive my ignorance. Im excited to be here to see this development and will offer any help that a retarded low skills newb can. Feel free to point me other places to expand my knowledge on lenses, post production,  or topics of interest. I'm open to advice. Thanks much in advance