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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 5D Mark IV
January 22, 2023, 03:33:02 AM
Quote from: names_are_hard on June 19, 2022, 07:20:44 PM
Hi - somehow I missed this message.  If you're still interested, we have a testable build (with very limited features) for 5D4, but it crashes early on.  Probably, you will want to get UART access to your cam (not hard for this model) in order to debug.  No active devs have access to a 5D4 with UART.

It should look like this, under the thumb grip:

Some cams have the socket soldered, some don't.  We have Gerber files for ordering a flexible PCB to connect to the socket.  We know the socket part if yours doesn't have it and you want to add it.  Otherwise, you can use whatever probes work for you to contact the right pin.  You only need one pin connected to get debug output.

I have a 5D4 also and would be interested in helping. What exactly is the issue and what do you need? Would be happy to meet up with a dev if there is one in my area (NC) and they can promise not to brick it  :P

Sad to see how slow development has gotten on ML, I loved this software on my t3i and my 6D.
Anyone gotten the focus check box to work? Loved this feature on my t3i, can't get it to work here.