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hi guys, MLVFS finally worked in my other desktop.

1 question: How do I quickly add ALL clips in 1 folder to Premiere Pro CC, instead of having to select the 1st DNG of EVERY short clip manually?
No I am unable to. localhost = 404 not found.
Raw Video / Re: Canon 6D RAW vs H264
February 27, 2016, 11:02:02 PM
Hi Levas,

Have a few questions:

1. How do I enter crop mode in my 6D? Will there be image degradation (like digital zoom)?
2. To get around 30 seconds of recording max per run, what is the max resolution i can squeeze from the 6d? Which aspect ratio can give me the 'most pixels'?
3. Is there any way for ML to auto-span the video files for continuous recording on high res?

Modules Development / Re: MLV Lite
February 27, 2016, 10:48:51 PM
sorry i got a noob question - other than the early bugs for now, are there other disadvantages to MLV Lite files vs full RAW files?
Hi guys,

I'm on Windows 10 x64 and using the new port with Dokan and mlvfs x86.

Tried mounting my MLV video folder on a random drive letter (X or Z) and there weren't errors, but the drive did not appear in my windows file explorer. any idea how I can get it to show up on my Premiere Pro CC?

Hi guys,

I've been reading tonnes of threads on ML RAW and there are so many different workflows to achieving the same result. I'm looking for the most fuss-free way to get the RAW files on board Premiere Pro for direct editing.

Came across this app called "MediaReactor", but it costs a bomb to buy it (just for editing mlv directly in PP CC). The other way is to mount a virtual drive, but it only seems to work well with Mac OS, not Win 10.

Can anyone advise what is the easiest way? I'd love to be able to edit it using the Lumetri panel in PP CC.
hi guys,

Is there a way to batch import all the MLV clips into PP CC without selecting the first DNG file of every MLV clip? I'm using 6D ML and can only record 6s per clip, hence it would be extremely tedious if I have to import each clip individually.
Any progress on this thing yet? It'd be good to see a 100% working plugin for PP CC.
In addition, is there a way to use 1:1 crop mode without using RAW video? Couldn't find a way to enable crop mode without using MLV.
hi guys,

I understand that the current build can only record up to 120 frame (around 5secs) with RAW video (near 1080p). May I know if there's any stop-gap measure to record for at least 30s, but perhaps in compressed RAW mode? I would love to stick to the near-1080p resolution.