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Hmm, I've been using mlv-dump (and the dumper batch) a bunch lately and haven't had any issues. Do you have the latest version of mlv_dump.exe? And are you sure you have enough hard disk space?

Wow, the latest build is very stable and much more fool proof! Got 48p 1080 working flawlessly and the full res live view puts up no fuss at all. I really love the total frame count at the end, very useful.

Now I'm trying to decide if I should drive out somewhere this evening and do another test... maybe I'll go to the beach.

Share Your Videos / Re: 5.7k 5DIII with vintage lenses
« on: April 29, 2017, 10:39:48 AM »
Ooooo that zeiss...

Yeah it's my favorite lens. I sold a Sigma Art 35mm after using the Flektogon for a bit, I liked it that much. It's not as sharp or as fast as the Sigma but that got boring fast. At least for me.

Share Your Videos / Re: 5.7k 5DIII with vintage lenses
« on: April 29, 2017, 05:15:13 AM »
I just want to say... This is AMAZING :o watched it a couple of hours ago, looked incredible. Wish I had a 5k display :D
Also reassuring to see old lenses holding up so well to that resolution :)
Edit: what bit depth is that? Or is it lossless?

Thank you. I wish I had a 4 or 5k display too, just 1920x1200 (x3) for now.

I'm very pleased with these older lenses. I love the color, contrast, ease of use. I don't see any reason to get anything different for the time being. It's almost as if using a lens that isn't perfectly sharp at higher resolutions somehow looks nicer... less like video.

Nice to see this mode working! You should be able to reduce the memory workload (and hopefully free some resources to make them available to the card writing task) with some tricks:
- dial down the resolution in crop_rec submenu (target yres); note the FPS will increase
- re-center the image using CMOS[1] hi and lo (trial and error)
- enable FPS override in low light mode and dial it down to 7.5 fps or whatever you need
- try the "Frozen LV" preview mode for a little more writing speed.

Thank you, I'll try all of that this weekend.

Share Your Videos / 5.7k 5DIII with vintage lenses
« on: April 28, 2017, 07:28:12 PM »
Hello all, I've been playing around with the new 3k/4k/5k options a lot and I wanted to see how my older lenses held up. I drove up into the mountains and grabbed a few shots around sunset just testing different things out, trying to push the camera as much as I could. All of it was shot in the new full res liveview mode at 5.7k, 7.5fps, 14bit lossless, 2.35 crop. It was very stable, only had to restart the camera once. I suspect the waveform monitor was using too many resources so after disabling that things were fine.

Lenses used:
Zeiss Jena Flektogon 35mm f2.4
Helios 44-4m 58mm f2
Nikkor 180mm ED Ai-S
Rokinon 14mm T3.1 Cine (not vintage but an inexpensive lens that I like a lot).

I also wanted to see how well this would perform for grabbing b-roll as a 2nd camera on shoots with the A camera is something that shoots 4k natively. So far I'm very pleased.

I'm liking the latest build, full res liveview is getting pretty darn reliable at 7.5fps, 2.35 crop. Almost continuous recording, I had a few shut off after 5 seconds. I drove up into the mountains to see how some of my older lenses handle 4k+ and made a short video.

I did notice that it would shut off right away if I was shooting right into the sun at ISO100 but I kind of expected that after reading through the thread. It's getting damn good though.

Amazing work so far!

I just put together a quick video demonstrating the new options .

Pushed the saturation a bit during the grade because I wanted to see how it holds up. I'm impressed.

Raw Video / Re: What hardware are you guys writing to?
« on: March 28, 2017, 10:28:07 PM »
Yeah when I would shoot on my 6D I would have a few cards all with ML installed. Now with the 5D its a bit easier, leave the SD card in the cam with ML and then swap out the CF cards. I have 4 64gb CF cards and always keep a laptop close by while shooting so I can offload the footage and back up as I go, constantly rotating the cards. 64 gigs fill up in a bit over 15 minutes but I figure this is how it was done with film reels and it's certainly worth the extra effort.

In fact it makes me a better shooter in the same way shooting with film does. Having that limit makes you think about the framing and exposure more versus shooting willy nilly. I don't hit that record button until I'm absolutely ready.

Share Your Videos / Re: 5 Axis Timelapse
« on: February 11, 2017, 12:30:12 AM »
That looks interesting but I think I'm going to fix it in hardware rather than rely on post to take care of me. The less I sit at my computer the happier I am haha.

Share Your Videos / Re: 5 Axis Timelapse
« on: February 09, 2017, 10:38:48 PM »
Very impressed of you customized build! Totally rocking!
How much post is it involved to get it stable as you want it?

Thank you!

And for the stabilization, about as much as I expected, which is to say a moderate amount. Warp stabilizer doesn't like the stars moving so I have to manually add a tracking point in after effects to get it smoother. But when you are doing 30 seconds exposures while moving post stabilization can't fix gross errors. The jib arm doesn't like wind over 10 mph either.

Biggest improvement I need to implement is better ramping in between keyframes for the motion routine. I've got accel/decel working for faster speeds (<30 minutes) but it seems to fall apart for the really slow speeds. Its just a software issue I'm sure I will sort out, but I'm kind of burned out from the coding/testing cycle at the moment.

Share Your Videos / 5 Axis Timelapse
« on: February 08, 2017, 09:49:21 PM »
These were recorded over a 1 week period around the Trona Pinnacles and surrounding areas of Death Valley and the Mojave. It was mostly to test the rig I built but damn if they didn't come out nice. As you may notice it's hard to resist using an oil lantern in each shot.
Most of them were recorded on my IR modified 6D with a 14mm Rokinon T3.1, a few others were done with my 5D and various other lenses. Magic Lantern and LRTimelapse were used for the day/night transitions. First time using LRTimelapse, what a treat. Still need to get better at the holy grail, especially when I'm pointing into the sun.
Music was done by me farting around with LMMS.

And here is a slow boring video showing off how the rig works.

Started making this web series as a way to practice narrative work with a couple of friends in the high desert who had nothing better to do. First time shooting in ML RAW and I must say I can't go back! I think my favorite part is being unable to instantly play back the footage (at least in a satisfying way), helps me focus on paying attention to the scene rather than staring at a screen.

Shot on my 6D with a few different lenses, mainly a Kiron 24mm and a Nikkor 50mm. A few with a Rokinon 14mm. Converted to dng with raw2cdng and then into DNxHD 444 in resolve. Editing in Premiere and graded with Speedgrade (always wanted to try it, has some really handy tools but I probably won't go back. Too buggy)

This was shot over two days and edited in my spare time over the last week.

Vulgar language and incredibly stupid plot.

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