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@dmilligan, thanks for that explanation, as I started writing about this few days ago to learn  and know what is what, now I have a much more clear concept about ML raw and post processing, thanks   all of you  guys cause now I know exactly what I needed to know and  now I know what to do, thank you very much and thanks Magic Lantern team For developing such an amazing tool  ;D
@extremelypoorfilmaker, it`s not that is so vital to get a flat look. the thing is that when I record with the 5d mark iii and then play, what I record already looks flat  in camera, no matter if I changed  the picture style, no matter if I exagerate saturation, it always looks the same on camera, it looks FLAT ON CAMERA. so why when exporting with the apps  they looks graded, that is something that always bugged me  when I used my previous canon t5i, I mean it makes no sense that on camera looks flat but the file play on my computer looks graded. By the way MLRAWVIEWER doesnt export 16bit , to my knowledge only RAW2CDNG export to 16bit. Another point you make is about davinci resolve. About 2 years ago when i started to use ML on my t5i , I also discover Davinci resolve that when watching videos on youtube on what you can make with the version  of the app at that time , was amazing, but the reality hit me hard when I discover that it was so dumb software that I have to take like 4 steps just to open a sequence, also it was so slow, im talking about 2 years ago version, I dont know  how is today. So at that time I also discover another app, speed grade, this software was perfect PERFECT very fast with my cheap Nvidia 250gt, seriously FAST, not like that davinci crap, but im talking about Davinci resolve because I do know   Davinci opens Raw directly. I havent try with newer versions of Davinci resolve so my question is, can I use Davinci resolve to import the ML RAW file directly without any convertion? Im sure that recently versions of Davinci Resolve are far less complicated and faster. Before switch to sony I ADD(not switch) black magic ursa mini 4.6, I think Sony doesnt produce Raw, you know I will never come back to codec file formats.

@reddeercity, yes im on windows 7, thanks for the advice, already downloading that app and I will try it.

@DeafEyeJedi, cheking your vimeo video for SmartImport2 ACR

Thanks Guys

Hello Alex, I sold my t5i like 2 months ago, but i dont remember to have any  of those issues on the t5i, everytime I recorder raw(that by the way i could only record 12 seconds tops at  20fps and 17xx X 7xx) I always see the card size  updating, never had problems to play raw/mlv  files on camera so   yes, i  didnt had those issues on the t5i, I mean I didnt have any issue at all with the t5i, the only "issue" i had with the t5i is the fact that i only could record RAW/MLV for 12 seconds lowering the fps and not 1080p, that was not good but it`s what I had, I know that is not ML related but camera realted and that is why I purchased the 5d Mark iii. These issues found in the 5d mark iii dont really bother me , I just wanted to pointed them out in case they werent pointed out but as Walter Schulz said with a link, the file manager size card issue was report but 3 years ago.
Walter Schulz, I have been using ML for almost 2 years  with the t5i but  as a new user  of the 5d mark iii with a cf card and 1080p continuous raw and ML 1.2.3 , I say all these little "bugs" are new to me. I didnt have any bug in my older canon , but with my new canon , i just testing and experience this little Bugs, i dont even consider them bugs but little things to fix in future releases. that issue reported in the link you provide talks about the 4GB size files, so let me add to this  and say that this also happens to more than 4GB files with a CF card with exFAT system. and also the other issues I reported in my previous long comment.
Frank7D , yes I know that is the only way to update and know how much space I have left on the CF card, I mentioned it  in my previous post. I just wanted to point it out so it might get  solved  in future releases.
Hello, so to close this topic  let me see if I understood correctly. There is no aplication that export direclty the RAW with a Log applied right? I  mean we have to work around  by  importing the already  "graded" exported sequence from MLRAWVIEWER or RAW2CDNG   to  photoshop and apply a flat  profile in order to have the flat look that then you can graded in premier,resolve or speedgrade , right? Im asking because some guy on youtube claims that his footage is exported with a flat look directly from MLRAWVIEWER. I know for a fact that you can export your RAW/MLV files  with a flat  log  but only in MOV prores format.

Another topic, I recently bought my first CF card lexar 64GB 1066x, amazing now I have 1080p 24fps continously record in Raw/MLV format, truly amazing, I already  format the card  to exFAT(I was scared in the process) but everything turned  right :) , but I discover a bug or 3. When recording I discover the amount of  GB left in the card  it`s not updated, I mean it shows for example 59.6GB and after recording RAW/MLV for example 5 minutes, that number doesnt decrease, so I dont know how much space I have left in the CF Card. Also after formatting to exfat , the file manager shows me wrong file sizes, for example I record 2 files , one in raw and one in MLV till the   card runs out but in file manager it shows me The MLV  size is 2.95GB and the Raw File is 365MB while in reality , on windows, the MLV file is 9GB and the RAW file is 46GB. the first bug, the one that doesnt update how many space  I have left in the card is "solved" by restarting the camera, the Bug  in the file manager  doesnt have a solution. Also, since the card is full I have a huge  text in the screen that says  Card 1 full that never dissapear , not sure if this is Magic Lantern related, But when have the Card    full , I cant play  the Raw/MLV files, I click play and it tells me  there is no image, this is a third BUG. this third Bug doesnt happend when the card is not full, I record some raw/mlv files and i can play then as long the card is not full.  I hope these Bugs can be solved , thanks in advance, by the way im using lates ML version for 5d mark iii 1.2.3. Thanks for Magic Lantern :D
Thanks DeafEyeJedi for the Message showing what cinelog-C can do  :)
hi hyalinejim, thanks for the help. yes i already find the way to convert the DNG sequence to a flat look with ACR so in the end I end up having my flat look DNG sequence that I then can color grade  in  speedgrade or whatever software there is.
This is what I get when exporting with mlrawviewer
and this is the flat image I get now
Sorry that mediafire cant preview DNG images so you will have to download them. See the huge difference , now it`s usable for color grading. Vignetting , by the way, is cause  for the Fotga ND filter I use.
Hi extremelypoorfilmaker, yes I have been reading lots of forums about getting a flat look from RAW and I did realize that the Raw  file is not flat, mlrawviewer even states that they output only sRGB wich is one of the profiles that you can check in this application and is exactly what it looks  when exporting DNGs, but I found this video,  this guy turns his Raw file into flat look using ACR in AE, apart to apply changes to his footage, he uses VisionLOG profile, which is what it gives the final flat look. I read lots of forums about VisionLog profile for ACR and it is suppose to be a free profile, but they dont offer it in their website anymore, Can someone please share it? I think is very important to have flat Raw so we can color grade properly. Thank you extremelypoorfilmaker for taking the time to test my footage, and thanks to the forum in advance for the help. Best.
UPDATE: just check in mlrawviewer  that MOV does export the flat look, but I think MOV cant be color grade as advance as DNGs, I mean I think MOV doesnt  store high dinamic range  like DNGs do. Would it be possible for someone to create an application that allows to export DNGs from RAW/MLV with the selected profile ?
hi DeafEyeJedi, sure but it`s a Raw file  , thanks in advance
Hello,I need HELP please. First let me tell you a little background before  tell my problem.  I have been using Magic Lantern  almost 2 years now, first with the canon t5i/700D, this week I bought the 5D mark iii and everything works perfect , well still testing , not yet having a CF card. So Im experienced using ML. I said about using 2 cameras so you know is not an ML version problem or camera problem. When  I have the MLV or RAW file and I check them in MlRawViewer(dont matter the version) it looks Flat , like it is supposed to look, right?
I like Log C and Log 8 more, but when exporting the DNG sequence looks already graded, the sequence even has vignetting. When I check the DNG files, the thumbail previews look flat too , but when open the sequence with windows photo visualizator, Photoshop and AE, it looks already graded like I said. It`s weird when open a DNG image in the windows photo visualizator cause while is opening it first looks flat for  miliseconds and then go totally graded. I have this issue for almost 2 years, I havent found any solution. What is the purpose to record in Raw in order to get full quality and a flat look , if at the end it throws already graded sequences. I have seen on youtube videos where they show the ungraded footage made with ML and then the grade footage. How can i export the DNG sequence in a flat look? What do I have to do to achieve that? Please Help.
Im on windows by the way, thanks in advance.
ok , I just read that pciture styles doesnt affect raw video  :D, I post this message in case you didnt read  my already removed post  where I ask about raw movie and picture styles
Hi alex, in your main post about 1.13  you said this "no brightness/contrast/saturation adjutments on 1.2.3 or later"  , this week I bought the canon 5d mark III and I downgrade from 1.33 to 1.2.3 and in ML i can adjust everything in picture style, so what do you mean those adjusments cant be done in 1.2.3? thanks by te way to you and all ML team
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 5D Mark IV
October 09, 2016, 11:05:49 PM
Thanks axelcine  :)
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 5D Mark IV
October 09, 2016, 09:57:19 PM
Does this mean ML Team is working on the 5D mark iv?
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 5D Mark IV
October 09, 2016, 07:47:23 PM
Does this mean ML Team is working on the 5D mark iv?
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 700D / T5i
April 18, 2016, 10:13:56 PM
hi dmilligan, thanks for that explanation. I imagine hacking a device  is a work  that only people with studies and experienced can do , i know that my post sounds very simplistic or i made hacking sounds very easy to do . I just thought  that putting a camera at the service of the ML team would be enough, of course it wouldnt be possible to handle the camera  cause  we dont live in the same place, but i thought maybe on skype or other  medium i could be pointed out on what to do  step by step , i dont know maybe extract the API or i dont know, i really have no idea what ML does when hacking a camera, I have zero  knoweledge about it, my intentions were to trying to help with another camera. My desire is not only 4k cause if that was  my desire i would buy  any of the 4k cameras that are already in the market, my desire is raw video.  I understand that no one would give any Canon C camera cause they are expensive, but since I found one very cheap I thought it  would worth the  try. Well i guess i will have to wait for the 5d mark iv to be released, i hope it will be full frame 4k and the great ML team could hack it to have 4k raw, otherwise i will go for the 5d mark iii.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 700D / T5i
April 18, 2016, 01:43:21 PM
hey, im not a troll i just was offering my help to acomplish something
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 700D / T5i
April 18, 2016, 06:18:19 AM
Hi walter, i know i said that and it`s true, but in my post im asking if it would be possible  to work together remotely  to try to hack the C300 , i bet if hacked , it could open 4k raw video, it has 2 cf slots and one sd slot . If  the team agreed , i would buy  the C300 that I found here  at 3500USD complete bundled with monitor and lens , it`s a great deal, but if not, I think i will wait for the 5d mark iv , if it offers something nice and also  ML team  can hack  the mark4 for raw video that i imagine canon wont open. So without hacking the C300, I think it doesnt worth to buy it since the 5d mark iii would be a better deal because of ML 14bit raw hd video. I have watched lot of videos with the title "what camera should i buy" and one thing I agreed is that you have to buy a camera to suit your needs. I make cg and with my T5i/700D 11 seconds 14bit raw video, i can track a very extremely shaky video , to add 3d models and/or animation, I cant do  the same with coded video, it just doesnt work. Of course I shouldnt have extremely shaky video but if i can track something like that thanks to raw i think Raw is something very important for what i do. SO the C300 with the term cinema and being so expensive  , i think to me without raw capabilities, it`s useless, but if it had raw , it would be a tremendous camera  like the 5d mark iii is now thanks to ML. Please give it a try, if you agree , i would buy it and we can work togther to see if we can hack  the camera.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 700D / T5i
April 17, 2016, 11:50:25 PM
Hello, a little off topic, I own also the 700d, but I can only record 11 seconds of raw video. So im tempting to buy  the 5d mark iii, but 2 weeks ago I found in a gallery  a canon C300 (not mark ii) with lens 24-70mm and monitor, a beautiful beast, it`s used and you can tell is used cause there is  the handle ring a little bit  painted scratched and the 24 mm number in the lens is also  a little erased. The cost is not expensive at all for this camera, 3500USD , i test it and it works like a charm, the 98% of the entire body including lens and monitor and viewfinder looks amazing. I already read some ML threads that say that the team wont  touch any Canon C cameras, but im willing to help  to hack this one if you agree, we can do it remotely via skype so you can guide me  step by step on what is needed. I havent bought that camera, but i think for 3500USD with a complete bundle for the C300, i think is  a very good deal and if we can open this camera , that would be  incredible. Of course the one thing i dont like is that is not full frame so im still keeping my eyes on the 5d mark iii although the only reason I dont buy the 5D yet is because there are  strong rumors about the mark iV coming on september. Back to the reason of my post, please let me know if we can open the C300. Give it a thought , thanks in advance
Im interested in buying this camera, apart from being an amazing camera by itself my main reason is because of magic lantern, but i need a confirmation. Can the 5D mark III with magic lantern record/shoot/film at 1080p in raw format continuosly? I mean without stop like it happens with my canon 700D that can only  record 11 seconds videos. I need this confirmation, please if you respond by sending me a link to another thread or t a page of this thread, please also say yes or no. Thanks in advance I really appreciate your help.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 700D / T5i
August 12, 2015, 09:58:43 PM
Walter Schults, thanks bro for the tip, but it was my fault. I let the res at 720 30fps and then in the middle of a mental  breakdown cause im mentally ill :P I change to 1080 30 fps . the 11 secs and 9 secs  for raws  can be done at 1080p 24 fps so it works as  before now. Damn I erased cinestyle profile, i Have to reinstall it again, but is cinestyle profile(or any other flat profile)  make any difference when recording in raw? Thanks again Walter for the quick  help :D
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 700D / T5i
August 12, 2015, 09:39:54 PM
Hi, i dont know what the hell is happening, but some weeks ago i could record  9 seconds of mlv and 11 seconds of raw 1 at 1728x736 using a 32gb kingston card, today i can only record 3-4 damn seconds, what the hell has  happened?, using latets ML latest build for 1.13 firmware, i havent change any settings, i actually restore ml and canon setting but before restore it was worse, only 2 seconds, like when using a fucking  cheap card, help please
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 700D / T5i
July 07, 2015, 04:27:26 PM
Is there any  advantage in using firmware .114 and the latest ML build? i mean is there anything new in comparison to the firmware .113 and the lates ML build for .113 firmware?