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Hi Walter, thanks for the question.  As far as I know and was loaded as it had been playing back RAW files (albeit, slowly) prior to this sudden refusal to recognise them.  However, I have found Alpha 6 a bit unstable in comparison to Alpha 5b and so I have uninstalled ML for the moment in order to check out the camera.
I don't know if this has already been experienced, but I was trying some RAW video recording yesterday and when trying to check the footage, the camera didn't recognise the files.  In fact it said there was nothing there, however, when the sd card was put into the PC they showed up as being there.  I'm hoping the camera hasn't thrown a 'wobbly' but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet.
Installed ML Alpha 6 the other day.  I noticed that the internal temperature isn't being shown as it was with Alpha 5b, although this isn't a big issue but the other problem I have found, is the exposure simulation won't turn off in the movie mode, although it turns off in photo mode OK.  Is there something I need to do?
I installed ML version A on my 70d the other day.  I haven't tried everything as yet but most of it seems to work.  The only thing I find missing are the audio level meters, may be this has already been mentioned but I couldn't find anyone referring to them.  I have only just joined this forum so forgive me if I'm going over 'old ground'.  Will they be included in future up-dates or are they hidden and I can't find them ?